juliol 6, 2019

Gènesi 27: 1- 5, 15- 29

27:1Now Isaac was old, and his eyes were cloudy, and so he was not able to see. And he called his elder son Esau, i li va dir:, "El meu fill?"I ell va respondre, "Aqui estic."
27:2His father said to him: “You see that I am old, and I do not know the day of my death.
27:3Take your weapons, the quiver and the bow, and go out. And when you have taken something by hunting,
27:4make from it a small meal for me, just as you know I like, and bring it, so that I may eat and my soul may bless you before I die.”
27:5And when Rebekah had heard this, and he had gone out into the field to fulfill his father’s order,
27:15And she clothed him with the very fine garments of Esau, which she had at home with her.
27:16And she encircled his hands with little pelts from the young goats, and she covered his bare neck.
27:17And she gave him the small meal, and she handed him the bread that she had baked.
27:18When he had carried these in, Ell va dir, “My father?” And he answered, “I’m listening. Who are you, el meu fill?"
27:19And Jacob said: “I am Esau, your firstborn. I have done as you instructed me. Aixeca't; sit and eat from my hunting, so that your soul may bless me.”
27:20And again Isaac said to his son, “How were you able to find it so quickly, el meu fill?” He answered, “It was the will of God, so that what I sought met with me quickly.”
27:21And Isaac said, “Come here, so that I may touch you, el meu fill, and may prove whether you are my son Esau, or not.”
27:22He approached his father, and when he had felt him, Isaac said: “The voice indeed is the voice of Jacob. But the hands are the hands of Esau.”
27:23And he did not recognize him, because his hairy hands made him seem similar to the elder one. Per tant, blessing him,
27:24Ell va dir, “Are you my son Esau?” He answered, “I am.”
27:25Després va dir:, “Bring me the foods from your hunting, el meu fill, so that my soul may bless you.” And when he had eaten what was offered, he also brought forth wine for him. And after he finished it,
27:26ell li va dir:, “Come to me and give me a kiss, my son.”
27:27He approached and kissed him. And immediately he perceived the fragrance of his garments. I així,, blessing him, Ell va dir: "Heus aquí, the smell of my son is like the smell of a plentiful field, which the Lord has blessed.
27:28May God give to you, from the dew of heaven and from the fatness of the earth, an abundance of grain and wine.
27:29And may the peoples serve you, and may the tribes reverence you. May you be the lord of your brothers, and may your mother’s sons bow down before you. Whoever curses you, may he be cursed, and whoever blesses you, may he be filled with blessings.”

Mateo 9: 14- 17

9:14Llavors els deixebles de Joan es van apropar a ell, dir, "Per què nosaltres i els fariseus fem molts dejunis amb freqüència, i els teus deixebles no dejunen?"
9:15I Jesús els digué:: "Com poden els fills del nuvi plorar, mentre que l'espòs és amb ells? Però els dies arribaran quan es prendrà el nuvi lluny d'ells. I llavors ells seran dejunar.
9:16Per a ningú es cus un pedaç de drap nou en vestit vell;. Perquè tira de la seva plenitud lluny de la peça, i el trencament es fa pitjor.
9:17Tampoc es posa vi nou en bots vells;. Altrament, la ruptura bots, i el vi es vessa, i els bots es destrueixen. En canvi, que es posa vi nou en bots nous. I així,, tots dos es conserven ".