aŭgusto 9, 2019

Readmono 4: 32- 40

4:32Inquire concerning the days of antiquity, which were before you, from the day when God created man upon the earth, from one end of heaven to another, if anything similar has ever occurred, or whether any such thing has ever been known,
4:33that a people would hear the voice of God, speaking from the midst of fire, just as you have heard it, and live,
4:34whether God has acted so as to enter and take for himself a nation from the midst of the nations, by means of tests, signs, and wonders, by means of fighting, and a strong hand, and an outstretched arm, and terrible visions, in accord with all the things which the Lord your God has accomplished for you in Egypt, in the sight of your eyes.
4:35So may you know that the Lord himself is God, kaj ne ekzistas alia krom Li.
4:36He has caused you to hear his voice from heaven, so that he might teach you. And he showed you his exceedingly great fire on earth, and you heard his words from the midst of the fire.
4:37For he loved your fathers, and he chose their offspring after them. And he led you away from Egypt, advancing before you with his great power,
4:38so as to wipe away, upon your arrival, nacioj, very great and stronger than you, and so as to lead you in, and to present to you their land as a possession, just as you discern in the present day.
4:39Tial, know on this day and consider in your heart, that the Lord himself is God in heaven above, and on earth below, kaj ne ekzistas alia.
4:40Keep his precepts and commandments, which I am teaching to you, so that it may be well with you, and with your sons after you, and so that you may remain for a long time upon the land, which the Lord your God will give to you.”


Matthew 16: 24-28

16:24 Tiam Jesuo diris al siaj disĉiploj: "Se iu volas veni post mi, li abnegaciu sin, kaj levu sian krucon, sekvu min.

16:25 CXar kiu volos savi sian animon, perdos ŝin. Sed kiu volas esti perdinta sian animon pro mi,, gxin trovos.

16:26 Cxar kiel profitus homo,, se li gajnus la tutan mondon, tamen vere suferas damaĝon al sia animo? Aux kion homo donu intersxangxe por sia animo?

16:27 CXar la Filo de homo alvenos en la gloro de sia Patro, kun lia Anĝeloj. Kaj tiam li redonos al cxiu laux liaj faroj.

16:28 Amen mi diras al vi, Estas kelkaj inter tiuj staris tie, kiuj neniel gustumos morton, ol ili vidos la Filon de homo alvenante en lia reĝado. "