Zechariah 1

1:1 In the eighth month, Dario erregearen bigarren urtean, the word of the Lord came to Zechariah the son of Berechiah, Ido, semea, prophetá, esanez:
1:2 The Lord has become angry over the resentful anger of your fathers.
1:3 Eta esaten dietenean duzu: Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: niri Piztu, dio armadetako Jaunak, and I will turn to you, dio armadetako Jaunak.
1:4 Do not be like your fathers, to whom the former prophets cried out, esanez: Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: Turn from your evil ways and from your wicked thoughts. But they did not heed, and neither did they pay attention to me, Jaunak dio.
1:5 Your fathers, where are they? And will the prophets live unceasingly?
1:6 Yet truly my words and my lawfulness, which I entrusted to my servants the prophets, were indeed comprehended by your fathers, and so they were converted, eta esan dute: Just as the Lord of hosts decided to do to us, according to our ways and according to our inventions, so has he done to us.
1:7 On the twenty-fourth day of the eleventh month, which is called Shevat, in the second year of Darius, the word of the Lord came to Zechariah the son of Berechiah, Ido, semea, prophetá, esanez:
1:8 I saw by night, eta huná, a man riding on a red horse, and he stood among the myrtle trees, which were in the chasm. And behind him were horses: red, speckled, and white.
1:9 Eta esan nion, “What are these, Nire jauna?” And the angel, who was speaking with me, esan zidan, “I will reveal to you what these are.”
1:10 And the man that stood among the myrtle trees answered and said, “These are they, whom the Lord has sent in order to walk through the earth.”
1:11 And those who stood among the myrtle trees answered the angel of the Lord, eta esan dute, “We have walked through the earth, eta huná, all the earth is inhabited and is at rest.”
1:12 And the angel of the Lord answered and said, “Lord of hosts, how long will you not have mercy on Jerusalem and on the cities of Judah, with which you have been angry? This is now the seventieth year.”
1:13 And the Lord answered the angel, nor izan dira nirekin hitz egiten ari, good words, consoling words.
1:14 And the angel, who was speaking with me, esan zidan: Negar egin, esanez: Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: I have been zealous for Jerusalem and for Zion with a great zeal.
1:15 Eta, with a great anger, I am angry with the wealthy nations. Though I had been angry a little, truly they advanced further in evil.
1:16 Hori dela eta, Honela dio Jaunak: I will be turned back, towards Jerusalem, with mercies; and my house will be built upon this, dio armadetako Jaunak. And the building line will be extended over Jerusalem.
1:17 Until then, cry out saying: Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: Until then, my cities will flow with good things, eta, until then, the Lord will comfort Zion, eta, until then, he will single out Jerusalem.
1:18 Eta jaso nituen nere begiak, eta ikusi nuen. Eta hará: four horns.
1:19 And I said to the angel, who was speaking with me, “What are these?"Eta esan zidan, “These are the horns that have winnowed Judah and Israel and Jerusalem.”
1:20 And the Lord showed me four workmen.
1:21 Eta esan nion, “What have these come to do?” He spoke, esanez, “These are the horns that have winnowed Judah, through every single man, and none of them lifted up his head. And these have come to frighten them away, so as to cast down the horns of the Gentiles, which have lifted up a horn over the land of Judah, so as to scatter it.”

Zechariah 2

2:1 Eta jaso nituen nere begiak, eta ikusi nuen, eta huná, Gizon bat, eta eskuan neurketa-lerro bat izan zen.
2:2 Eta esan nion, "Nora zoaz?"Eta esan zidan, "Jerusalem neurtzeko, beraz, nola handia bere zabalera eta nola handia bere luzera izango ikusi ahal izango dut ".
2:3 Eta hará, aingeruaren, nor izan dira nirekin hitz egiten ari, irtenda, eta beste aingeru bat atera zitzaion bidera.
2:4 Eta esan eutsan: Presarik, gazte hau hitz egiten, esanez: Jerusalem izango hormak gabe bizi beharko, delako gizon eta piztia zama bere baitan ostea.
2:5 Eta hura izango naiz, Jaunak dio, su-horma bat du inguruan,. Eta gloria, Bere erdian egingo dut.
2:6 The, O North lurraldera ihes egin behar, Jaunak dio, Ba nuen sakabanatuta duzu zeruko lau haizeetara sartu, Jaunak dio.
2:7 Sion, ihes egin, you Babiloniako alaba batera bizi direnak.
2:8 Honela dio armadetako Jaunak: Aintza ondoren, he bidali nau Jentilen, duten despoiled duzu. Ecen ukitzen duzu, Nire begi ikasle ukitzen.
2:9 Hara, Gora altxatu nuen nire eskua haien gainean, eta nor izan zerbitzatzen dutenei harrapari bat izan beharko dute. Eta ejerzituen Jaunak bidali nauela jakingo duzu.
2:10 Laudorio abestu eta poztu, Zion alaba. Hara, I hurbiltzeko, eta izango da zure erdian bizi naiz, Jaunak dio.
2:11 Eta nazio asko egon Jaunarekin elkartzen izango da egun horretan, eta nire herri izango dute, eta izango da zure erdian bizi naiz. Eta ejerzituen Jaunak bidali nauela duzun jakin ahal izango duzu.
2:12 Eta Jaunak haren partea jabetuko, Juda, sanctificatu lur, eta oraindik out single egingo zuen Jerusalem.
2:13 Let aragi guztia isildu Jaunaren aitzinean: zeren bere santua toki batetik sortu ditu.

Zechariah 3

3:1 And the Lord revealed to me: Jesus the high priest, standing in the sight of the angel of the Lord. And Satan stood before his right hand, so as to be his adversary.
3:2 And the Lord said to Satan, “May the Lord rebuke you, Satan! And may the Lord, who chose Jerusalem, rebuke you! Are you not a firebrand plucked from the fire?"
3:3 And Jesus was clothed with filthy garments. And he stood before the face of an angel.
3:4 He answered and spoke to those who stood before him, esanez, “Take away the filthy garments from him.” And he said to him, «Begira, I have taken away from you your iniquity, and I have clothed you with a change of clothing.”
3:5 Eta esan zuen, “Place a clean diadem on his head.” And they placed a clean diadem on his head, and they clothed him with garments. And the angel of the Lord remained standing.
3:6 And the angel of the Lord contested with Jesus, esanez:
3:7 Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: If you will walk in my ways and keep my charge, you likewise will judge my house and will keep my courts, and I will give you some of those who now attend here to walk with you.
3:8 Entzun, Jesus the high priest, you and your friends, who dwell before you, who have been portending to men. Hara, I will lead my servant to the East.
3:9 Hara, the stone that I have bestowed before Jesus. Upon one stone, there are seven eyes. Ona emen, I will carve its engraving, dio armadetako Jaunak. And I will take away the iniquity of that land in one day.
3:10 Egun hartan, dio armadetako Jaunak, every man will call his friend from under the vine and from under the fig tree.

Zechariah 4

4:1 And the angel who had been speaking with me returned, and he awakened me, like a man who is awakened from his sleep.
4:2 Eta esan zidan:, “What do you see?"Eta esan nuen, “I looked, eta huná, a candlestick entirely in gold, and its lamp was at its top, and seven oil lamps of it were upon it, and there were seven funnels for the oil lamps that were at its top.
4:3 And there were two olive trees upon it: one to the right of the lamp, and one to its left.”
4:4 And I answered and spoke to the angel who was speaking with me, esanez, “What are these, Nire jauna?"
4:5 And the angel who was speaking with me answered, eta esan zidan, “Do you not know what these are?"Eta esan nuen, "No, Nire jauna."
4:6 And he answered and spoke to me, esanez: This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, esanez: Not by an army, nor by might, but in my spirit, dio armadetako Jaunak.
4:7 What are you, great mountain, in the sight of Zerubbabel? You are among the plains. And he will lead out the primary stone, and he will give equal grace to its grace.
4:8 Eta Jaunaren hitza etorri zitzaidan, esanez:
4:9 The hand of Zerubbabel has founded this house, and his hands will complete it. Eta ejerzituen Jaunak bidali nauela duzun jakin ahal izango duzu.
4:10 For who has despised the little days? And they will rejoice and will see the silver and lead stone in the hand of Zerubbabel. These are the seven eyes of the Lord, which roam quickly through all the earth.
4:11 And I responded and said to him, “What are these two olive trees to the right of the candlestick, and to its left?"
4:12 And I responded a second time and said to him, “What are the two olive branches, which are next to the two golden ridges, in which are the pouring spouts of gold?"
4:13 And he spoke to me, esanez, “Do you not know what these are?"Eta esan nuen, "No, Nire jauna."
4:14 Eta esan zuen, “These are the two sons of oil, who attend before the Sovereign of all the earth.”

Zechariah 5

5:1 And I turned and lifted up my eyes. Eta ikusi nuen, eta huná, a book flying.
5:2 Eta esan zidan:, “What do you see?"Eta esan nuen, “I see a book flying. Its length is twenty cubits, and its width is ten cubits.”
5:3 Eta esan zidan:, “This is the curse that goes forth over the face of the whole earth. For every thief will be judged, just as it has been written there, and everyone who swears by this, will be judged in like manner.”
5:4 I will bring it forth, dio armadetako Jaunak, and it will approach to the house of the thief, and to the house of him who swears falsely by my name, and it will remain in the midst of his house and will consume it, with its wood and its stones.
5:5 And the angel had departed, who was speaking with me. Eta esan zidan:, "Altxa zure begiak, and see what this is, that goes forth.”
5:6 Eta esan nion, “What, Orduz, is it?"Eta, esan zuen, “This is a container going forth.” And he said, “This is their eye in all the earth.”
5:7 Eta hará, a talent of lead was being carried; eta huná, one woman sitting in the middle of the container.
5:8 Eta esan zuen, “This is impiety.” And he cast her into the middle of the container, and he sent the weight of lead into its mouth.
5:9 And I lifted up my eyes and I saw. Eta hará, two women were departing, and a spirit was in their wings, and they had wings like the wings of a kite, and they lifted up the container between earth and heaven.
5:10 And I said to the angel who was speaking with me, “Where are they taking the container?"
5:11 Eta esan zidan:, “To a house that may be built for it in the land of Shinar, and so that it may be established and set there upon its own base.”

Zechariah 6

6:1 And I turned, and I lifted up my eyes and I saw. Eta hará, four four-horse chariots went out from the middle of two mountains. And the mountains were mountains of brass.
6:2 In the first chariot were red horses, and in the second chariot were black horses,
6:3 and in the third chariot were white horses, and in the fourth chariot were speckled horses, and they were strong.
6:4 And I responded and said to the angel who was speaking with me, “What are these, Nire jauna?"
6:5 And the angel answered and said to me, “These are the four winds of heaven, which go forth to stand in the presence of the Sovereign of all the earth.”
6:6 The one with the black horses was departing into the land of the North, and the white went forth after them, and the speckled went forth towards the land of the South.
6:7 Yet those who were the most strong, went out, and sought to go and to roam quickly through all the earth. Eta esan zuen, "Joan, walk throughout the earth.” And they walked throughout the earth.
6:8 And he called me and spoke with me, esanez, «Begira, those who go forth to the land of the North, have quieted my spirit in the land of the North.”
6:9 Eta Jaunaren hitza etorri zitzaidan, esanez:
6:10 From those of the captivity, take from Heldai, and from Tobijah, and from Jedaiah. You will approach in that day, and you will go into the house of Josiah, the son of Zephaniah, who came from Babylon.
6:11 And you will take gold and silver; and you will make crowns, and you will set them on the head of Jesus the son of Jehozadak, Apaiz Nagusiari,.
6:12 And you will speak to him, esanez: Hau dio armadetako Jaunak, esanez: Ona emen, Gizon bat; the Rising is his name. And under him, he will rise up, and he will build a temple to the Lord.
6:13 And he will raise a temple to the Lord. And he will carry the glory, and he will sit and rule upon his throne. And he will be a priest upon his throne, and a counsel of peace will be between the two of them.
6:14 And the crowns will be to Heldai, and Tobijah, and Jedaiah, as well as to Hem, the son of Zephaniah, as a memorial in the temple of the Lord.
6:15 And those who are far away, will approach, and will build in the temple of the Lord. And you will know that the Lord of hosts sent me to you. Yet this shall be only if, when hearing, you will have heeded the voice of the Lord your God.

Zechariah 7

7:1 Eta gertatu zen, in the fourth year of king Darius, that the word of the Lord came to Zechariah, on the fourth day of the ninth month, which is Kislev.
7:2 And Sharezer and Regemmelech, and the men who were with them, sent to the house of God, to entreat the face of the Lord,
7:3 to speak to the priests of the house of the Lord of hosts and to the prophets, esanez: “Must there be weeping with me in the fifth month, and must I sanctify myself, as I have now done for many years?"
7:4 And the word of the Lord of hosts came to me, esanez:
7:5 Speak to all the people of the land, eta apaizak to, esanez: Although you may have fasted and mourned in the fifth and the seventh month for these seventy years, did you indeed keep a fast unto me?
7:6 And when you did eat and drink, did you not eat for yourselves, and drink only for yourselves?
7:7 Are not these the words that the Lord has spoken by the hand of the former prophets, when Jerusalem was still inhabited, so that it would prosper, itself and the cities around it, and those inhabitants towards the South and in the plains?
7:8 And the word of the Lord came to Zechariah, esanez:
7:9 Hau dio armadetako Jaunak, esanez: Judge with true judgment, and act with mercy and compassion, each and every one with his brother.
7:10 And do not find fault with the widow, and the orphan, and the newcomer, and the poor. And let not a man consider evil in his heart towards his brother.
7:11 But they were not willing to pay attention, and they turned aside their shoulder to depart, and they pressed upon their ears, so that they would not hear.
7:12 And they set their heart like the hardest stone, so that they would not hear the law and the words that the Lord of hosts has sent with his Spirit by the hand of the former prophets. And so a great indignation came from Lord of hosts.
7:13 Eta gertatu zen, just as he had spoken, and they did not pay attention. Beraz, ondoren,, they shall cry out, and I will not heed, dio armadetako Jaunak.
7:14 And I dispersed them throughout all the kingdoms that they did not know. And the land was left desolate behind them, so that no one was passing through or returning. And they made the desirable land into a deserted place.

Zechariah 8

8:1 Eta Ostalarien Jaunaren hitza eguin, esanez:
8:2 Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: Kontu handia izan dut Zion grina handia duen, eta haserrea handi batez bere, kontu handia dut.
8:3 Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: Ditut, bizkarra ematen dira Zion bidean, eta egingo Jerusalem erdian egoten nintzen. Eta Jerusalem deitu egingo: "Herriaren Egiaren The,"Eta" Ostalarien Jaunaren mendia, sanctificatu Mendialdeko. "
8:4 Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: Ondoren adineko gizon eta adineko emakume izango Jerusalemgo kaleetan bizi diran, eta gizon bakoitza izango da bere oinez eskuan makila batekin izan, baita egun ostea.
8:5 Eta hiriko kaleetan izango toddlers eta haurrak beteko dira, kaleetan jolasten.
8:6 Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: Zaila dirudi pertsona horren aztarna ziren egun horietan begietan bada, zitekeen, hain zuzen ere, izango da nire begietan zaila, dio armadetako Jaunak?
8:7 Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: Ona emen, Nire herria salbatu dizut Ekialde lurretik, eta eguzkiaren ezarpena lurretik.
8:8 Eta horiek eramango dut, eta egingo Jerusalem erdian bizi diran dute. Eta nire herri izango dute, eta beraien Jainko izango naiz, egian eta justizian.
8:9 Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: Let your hands be strengthened, you who, egun horietan, are listening to these words by the mouth of the prophets, in the day that the house of the Lord of hosts has been founded, so that the temple may be built.
8:10 Hain zuzen ere, before those days, there was no pay for men, nor was there pay for beasts of burden, and neither was there peace for those entering, nor for those exiting, because of the tribulation. And I had dismissed all men, each one against his neighbor.
8:11 Baina orain, I will not act towards the remnant of this people according to the former days, dio armadetako Jaunak.
8:12 But there will be a seed of peace: the vine will give her fruit, and the earth will give her seedlings, and the heavens will give their dew. And I will cause the remnant of this people to possess all these things.
8:13 Eta hau izanen da: just as you were a curse among the Gentiles, O house of Judah and house of Israel, so will I save you, and you will be a blessing. Ez izan beldurrik. Let your hands be strengthened.
8:14 Honela dio armadetako Jaunak: Just as I intended to afflict you, when your fathers had provoked me to wrath, Jaunak dio,
8:15 and I did not show mercy, so have I turned back, thinking in these days to do good to the house of Judah and to Jerusalem. Ez izan beldurrik.
8:16 Hori dela eta, these are the words that you shall do: Speak the truth, bakoitzak bere bizilaguna. With truth and a judgment of peace, judge at your gates.
8:17 And let not anyone think up evil against his friend in your hearts. And do not choose to swear falsely. For all these are things that I hate, Jaunak dio.
8:18 And the word of the Lord of hosts came to me, esanez:
8:19 Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: The fast of the fourth, and the fast of the fifth, and the fast of the seventh, and the fast of the tenth will be for the house of Judah in joy and gladness and with bright solemnities. Beraz, ondoren,, love truth and peace.
8:20 Hau dio armadetako Jaunak, ondoren, pertsona iritsi daiteke, eta hiri askotan dwell,
8:21 eta biztanle presarik daiteke, elkarri esanez: "Goazen, eta Jaunaren aurpegia erregutzen, eta utzi ostalarien Jauna bilatzen gurekin. Era berean, joan beharko dut ".
8:22 Eta herri askotan eta indartsu nazio hurbilduko dira, Ostalarien Jauna Jerusalemen bila, eta Jaunaren aurpegia erregutzen to.
8:23 Hau dio armadetako Jaunak: Egun horietan, Orduz, Jentilen hizkuntza guztietatik hamar gizonek eusten du, eta Judeako gizon baten hem cling, esanez: "Zurekin joango gara. For entzun dugu Jainkoaren zurekin da. "

Zechariah 9

9:1 The burden of the word of the Lord in the land of Hadrach and its respite in Damascus. For the eye of man and of all the tribes of Israel is of the Lord.
9:2 Hamath also is at its limits, eta Tiro eta Sidon. For, Ikasturtean, they have assumed themselves to be exceedingly wise.
9:3 And Tyre has built herself a fortress, and she has piled together silver, as if it were soil, eta urrea, as if it were the mud of the streets.
9:4 Ona emen, the Lord will possess her, and he will strike her strength in the sea, and she will be devoured by fire.
9:5 Ashkelon will see and be afraid. Both Gaza and he will be very sorrowful, as well as Ekron, because her hope has been confounded. And the king will pass away from Gaza, and Ashkelon will not be inhabited.
9:6 And the divider will sit in Ashdod, and I will scatter the arrogance of the Philistines.
9:7 And I will take away his blood from his mouth, and his abominations from between his teeth, and yet he will be left for our God, and he will be like a governor in Judah, and Ekron will be like a Jebusite.
9:8 And I will encircle my house with those who serve me in war, going and returning, and the exactor will no longer pass over them. For now I have seen with my eyes.
9:9 Rejoice well, Zion alaba, shout for joy, Jerusalem alaba. Ona emen, your King will come to you: Just One, the Savior. He is poor and riding upon a donkey, and upon a colt, the son of a donkey.
9:10 And I will scatter the four-horse chariot out of Ephraim and the horse from Jerusalem, and the bow of war will be destroyed. And he will speak peace to the Gentiles, and his power will be from sea to sea, and from the rivers even to the end of the earth.
9:11 You, orobat, by the blood of your testimony, have sent forth your prisoners from the pit, in which there is no water.
9:12 Turn back to the fortress, prisoners of hope. Gaur, I also announce that I will repay you double,
9:13 because I have stretched out Judah for myself, like a bow; I have filled Ephraim. And I will raise up your sons, Zion, above your sons, Greece. And I will set you as the sword of the strength.
9:14 And the Lord God will be seen over them, and his arrow will go forth like lightning. And the Lord God will sound the trumpet, and he will go forth into the whirlwind of the South.
9:15 The Lord of hosts will protect them. And they will devour and subdue with the stones of the sling. Eta, when drinking, they will become inebriated, as if with wine, and they will be filled like bowls and like the horns of the altar.
9:16 Eta egun hartan, the Lord their God will save them as the flock of his people. For holy stones will be lifted up over his land.
9:17 For what is his goodness and what is his beauty, other than grain among the elect and wine springing forth virgins?

Zechariah 10

10:1 Petition before the Lord for rain in the latter time, and the Lord will produce snows and will give showers of rain to them, to each blade in the field.
10:2 For the images have been speaking what is useless, and the diviners have seen a lie, and the dreamers have been speaking false hope: they have comforted in vain. Hori dela-eta, they have been led away like a flock; they will be afflicted, because they have no shepherd.
10:3 My fury has been kindled over the shepherds, and I will visit upon the he-goats. For the Lord of hosts has visited his flock, the house of Judah, and he has set them like the horse of his glory in the war.
10:4 From him will go forth the angle, from him the wooden peg, from him the bow of battle, from him every exactor at the same time.
10:5 And they will be like the strong, trampling the mud of the ways in battle. And they will fight, for the Lord is with them. And the riders of the horses will be confounded.
10:6 And I will strengthen the house of Judah, and I will save the house of Joseph, and I will convert them, because I will have mercy on them. And they will be as they were when I had not cast them away. For I am the Lord their God, and I will hear them.
10:7 And they will be like the strong of Ephraim, and their heart will rejoice as if by wine, and their sons will see and will rejoice, and their heart will exult in the Lord.
10:8 I will whistle for them, and I will gather them together, because I have redeemed them. Eta horiek biderkatu egingo dut, as they had been multiplied before.
10:9 And I will sow them among the peoples, and from far away they will remember me. And they will live with their sons, and they will return.
10:10 And I will lead them back from the land of Egypt, and I will gather them from among the Assyrians, and I will lead them to the land of Gilead and Lebanon, and no place will be left that has not been found by them.
10:11 And he will pass over the narrow passage of the sea, and he will strike the waves of the sea, and all the depths of the river will be confounded, and the arrogance of Assyria will be brought low, and the scepter of Egypt will withdraw.
10:12 I will strengthen them in the Lord, and they will walk in his name, Jaunak dio.

Zechariah 11

11:1 Open your gates, Lebanon, and let fire consume your cedars.
11:2 Howl, you fir tree, for the cedar has fallen, because the magnificent have been devastated. Howl, you oaks of Bashan, because the secure forest passage has been cut down.
11:3 The voice of the howling of the shepherds: for their magnificence has been devastated. The voice of the roaring of the lions: because the arrogance of the Jordan has been devastated.
11:4 Thus says the Lord my God: Feed the flock of the slaughter,
11:5 which those who possessed them cut down, and they did not feel sorrow, and they sold them, esanez: "Bedeinkatua Jauna; we have become wealthy. Even their shepherds did not spare them.”
11:6 Eta beraz,, I will no longer spare the inhabitants upon the earth, Jaunak dio. Ona emen, I will deliver men, each one into the hand of his neighbor and into the hand of his king. And they will cut down the land, and I will not rescue it from their hand.
11:7 And I will pasture the flock of the slaughter, honegatik, O poor of the flock. And I took to myself two staffs: the one I called Handsome, and the other I called Rope, and I pastured the flock.
11:8 And I cut down three shepherds in one month. And my soul became contracted concerning them, just as their soul also varied concerning me.
11:9 Eta esan nion: I will not pasture you. Whatever dies, let it die. And whatever is cut down, let it be cut down. And let the rest of them devour, each one the flesh of his neighbor.
11:10 And I took my staff, which was called Handsome, and I tore it apart, so as to invalidate my pact, which I had struck with all of the people.
11:11 And it became invalid in that day. And so they understood, just like the poor of the flock who stay close to me, that this is the word of the Lord.
11:12 And I said to them: If it is good in your eyes, bring me my wages. And if not, remain still. And they weighed for my wages thirty silver coins.
11:13 Eta Jaunak esan zidan:: Cast it towards the statuary, the handsome price at which I have been valued by them. And I took the thirty silver coins, and I cast them into the house of the Lord, towards the statuary.
11:14 And I cut short my second staff, which was called Rope, so that I might dissolve the brotherhood between Judah and Israel.
11:15 Eta Jaunak esan zidan:: Still they are to you the equipment of a foolish shepherd.
11:16 Hara, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, who will not visit what is forsaken, nor seek what is scattered, nor heal what is broken, nor nourish what remains standing, and he will consume the flesh of the fatted ones and break their hoofs.
11:17 O shepherd and idol, abandoning the flock, with a sword upon his arm and over his right eye: his arm will be withered by drought, and his right eye will be obscured by darkness.

Zechariah 12

12:1 The burden of the word of the Lord upon Israel. Jauna, stretching forth the heavens and founding the earth and forming the spirit of man within him, dio:
12:2 Ona emen, I will set Jerusalem as a lintel of the effects of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, yet even Judah will be in the blockade against Jerusalem.
12:3 Eta hau izanen da: Egun hartan,, I will set Jerusalem as a burdensome stone to every people. All who will lift it up will be torn to pieces. And all the kingdoms of the earth will be gathered together against her.
12:4 Egun hartan,, Jaunak dio, I will strike every horse with stupor and his rider with madness. And I will open my eyes upon the house of Judah, and I will strike every horse of the people with blindness.
12:5 And the governors of Judah will say in their heart, “Let the inhabitants of Jerusalem be strengthened for me, in the Lord of hosts, their God.”
12:6 Egun hartan,, I will set the governors of Judah like a flaming furnace among wood, and like a flaming torch among hay. And they will devour, to the right and to the left, all the surrounding peoples. And Jerusalem will be inhabited again, in her own place, Jerusalemen.
12:7 And the Lord will save the tabernacles of Judah, just as in the beginning, so that the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem may not glorify themselves boastfully against Judah.
12:8 Egun hartan,, the Lord will protect the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and even he who will have offended from them, Egun horretan, will be like David, and the house of David will be like that of God, just like an angel of the Lord in their sight.
12:9 And this shall be in that day: I will seek to crush all the Gentiles that come against Jerusalem.
12:10 And I will pour out upon the house of David and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of prayers. And they will look upon me, whom they have pierced, and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only son, and they will feel sorrow over him, as one would be sorrowful at the death of a firstborn.
12:11 Egun hartan,, there will be a great lamentation in Jerusalem, like the lamentation of Hadadrimmon in the plain of Megiddo.
12:12 And the earth will mourn: families and families separately; the families of the house of David separately, and their women separately;
12:13 the families of the house of Nathan separately, and their women separately; the families of the house of Levi separately, and their women separately; the families of Shimei separately, and their women separately;
12:14 all the rest of the families, families and families separately, and their women separately.

Zechariah 13

13:1 Egun hartan,, there will be a fountain open to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, for the washing of the transgressor and of the defiled woman.
13:2 And this shall be in that day, dio armadetako Jaunak: I will disperse the names of the idols from the earth, and they will not be remembered any longer. And I will take away the false prophets and the unclean spirit from the earth.
13:3 Eta hau izanen da: when any devotee will continue to prophesy, his father and his mother, who conceived him, will say to him, “You shall not live, because you have been speaking a lie in the name of the Lord.” And his father and his mother, his own parents, will pierce him, when he will prophesy.
13:4 Eta hau izanen da: Egun hartan,, the prophets will be confounded, each one by his own vision, when he will prophesy. Neither will they be covered with a garment of sackcloth in order to deceive.
13:5 But he will say, "Ni ez naiz profeta bat; I am a man of agriculture. For Adam has been my example from my youth.”
13:6 And they will say to him, “What are these wounds in the middle of your hands?” And he will say, “I was wounded with these in the house of those who love me.”
13:7 Awake, O spear, against my shepherd and against the man that clings to me, dio armadetako Jaunak. Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered. And I will turn my hand to the little ones.
13:8 And there will be in all the earth, Jaunak dio, two parts in it will be scattered and will pass away, and the third part will be left behind.
13:9 And I will lead the third part through fire, and I will burn them just as silver is burned, and I will test them just as gold is tested. They will call on my name, and I will heed them. Esan egingo dut, “You are my people.” And they will say, “The Lord is my God.”

Zechariah 14

14:1 Ona emen, the days of the Lord will arrive, and your spoils will be divided in your midst.
14:2 And I will gather all the Gentiles in battle against Jerusalem, and the city will be captured, and the houses will be ravaged, and the women will be violated. And the central part of the city will go forth into captivity, and the remainder of the people will not be taken away from the city.
14:3 Then the Lord will go forth, and he will fight against those Gentiles, just as when he fought in the day of conflict.
14:4 And his feet will stand firm, Egun horretan, upon the Mount of Olives, which is opposite Jerusalem towards the East. And the mount of Olives will be divided down its center part, towards the East and towards the West, with a very great rupture, and the center of the mountain will be separated towards the North, and its center towards the Meridian.
14:5 And you will flee to the valley of those mountains, because the valley of the mountains will be joined all the way to the next. And you will flee, just as you fled from the face of the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah. And the Lord my God will arrive, and all the saints with him.
14:6 And this shall be in that day: there will not be light, only cold and frost.
14:7 And there will be one day, which is known to the Lord, not day and not night. And in the time of the evening, there will be light.
14:8 And this shall be in that day: the living waters will go out from Jerusalem, half of them towards the East sea, and half of them towards the furthest sea. They will be in summer and in winter.
14:9 And the Lord will be King over all the earth. Egun hartan,, there will be one Lord, and his name will be one.
14:10 And all the land will return even to the desert, from the hill of Rimmon to the South of Jerusalem. And she will be exalted, and she will dwell in her own place, from the gate of Benjamin even to the place of the former gate, and even to the gate of the corners, and from the tower of Hananel even to the pressing room of the king.
14:11 And they will dwell in it, and there will be no further anathema, but Jerusalem shall sit securely.
14:12 And this will be the plague by which the Lord will strike all the Gentiles that have fought against Jerusalem. The flesh of each one will waste away while they are standing on their feet, and their eyes will be consumed in their sockets, and their tongue will be consumed in their mouth.
14:13 Egun hartan,, there will be a great tumult from the Lord among them. And a man will take the hand of his neighbor, and his hand will be clasped upon the hand of his neighbor.
14:14 And even Judah will fight against Jerusalem. And the riches of all the Gentiles will be gathered together around them: urrea, eta zilarrezko, and more than enough garments.
14:15 Eta, like the ruin of the horse, and the mule, and the camel, and the donkey, and all the beasts of burden, which will have been in those encampments, so will be this ruination.
14:16 And all those who will be the remnant of all the Gentiles that came against Jerusalem, will go up, urte batetik, to adore the King, armadetako Jaunak, and to celebrate the feast of tabernacles.
14:17 Eta hau izanen da: whoever will not go up, from the families of the earth to Jerusalem, so as to adore the King, armadetako Jaunak, there will be no showers upon them.
14:18 But if even the family of Egypt will go not up, nor approach, neither will it be upon them, but there will be ruin, by which the Lord will strike all the Gentiles, who will not go up to celebrate the feast of tabernacles.
14:19 This will be the sin of Egypt, and this will be the sin of all the Gentiles, who will not go up to celebrate the feast of tabernacles.
14:20 Egun hartan,, that which is on the bridle of the horse will be holy to the Lord. And even the cooking pots in the house of the Lord will be like holy vessels before the altar.
14:21 And every cooking pot in Jerusalem and Judah will be sanctified to the Lord of hosts. And all those who make sacrifices will come and take from them, and will cook with them. And the merchant will no longer be in the house of the Lord of hosts, Egun horretan.