خرد 1

1:1 Love justice, you who judge the land. Think of the Lord in goodness and seek him in simplicity of heart.
1:2 For he is found by those who do not test him, yet he reveals himself to those who have faith in him.
1:3 For perverse thoughts separate from God. But his virtue, when it is tested, corrects the foolish.
1:4 For wisdom will not enter into a malicious soul, nor dwell in a body subdued by sin.
1:5 For the holy spirit of instruction will flee from falsehood, and he will withdraw himself from thoughts that are without understanding, and he will not be reached when iniquity overcomes.
1:6 For the spirit of wisdom is benevolent, and will not release the evil speaker from his talk, because God is a witness of his temperament, and a true examiner of his heart, and an auditor of his words.
1:7 For the spirit of the Lord has filled the world, and he who contains all things, retains knowledge of every voice.
1:8 بنابراین, he who speaks unjust things cannot escape notice, nor will the chastising judgment pass him by.
1:9 For inquiry will be made into the thoughts of the impious, his conversation also will reach the hearing of God, to the chastising of his iniquities.
1:10 For the zealous ear hears all things, and the disturbance of complaining will not be hidden.
1:11 بنابراین, keep yourselves from complaining, which benefits nothing, and refrain your tongue from slander, because secret conversation will not pass into nothingness, and the mouth that lies kills the soul.
1:12 Do not court death by the error of your life, nor procure your destruction by the works of your hands,
1:13 because God did not make death, nor does he rejoice in the loss of the living.
1:14 For he created all things that they might exist, and he made the nations of the world curable, and there is no medicine of extermination in them, nor a kingdom of hell upon the earth.
1:15 For justice is perpetual and immortal.
1:16 But the impious, with hands and words, have called death to them, و, esteeming it a friend, they have fallen away and have made a covenant with death, because they deserved to take part in it.

خرد 2

2:1 برای آنها گفته اند, باخود استدلال و نادرست: "مادام العمر ما کوتاه و خسته کننده است, و هیچ تسکین در محدوده انسان وجود دارد, و هیچ کس اذعان شده است که از مرگ بازگشته.
2:2 For we are born from nothing, and after this we will be as if we had not been, because the breath in our nostrils is like smoke, and conversation sends out sparks from the stirring of our heart;
2:3 از این رو, when it is extinguished, our body will be ashes, and our spirit will be diffused like a soft breeze, and our life will pass away like the wisp of a cloud, just as a mist is dissolved when it is driven away by the rays of the sun and overpowered by its heat.
2:4 And in time our name will surrender to oblivion, and no one will have remembrance of our works.
2:5 For our time is like the passing of a shadow, and nothing can reverse our end, for it is signed and sealed, and cannot be returned.
2:6 بنابراین, hurry, let us enjoy the good things of the present time, and let us quickly use up passing things, just as in youth.
2:7 Let us indulge ourselves with costly wine and ointments, and let no flower of youth pass us by.
2:8 Let us surround ourselves with rosebuds before they wither; let no meadow be left untouched by our indulgence.
2:9 Let no one among us be exempt from our indulgence. Let us leave behind tokens of enjoyment everywhere, for this is our portion, and this is fate.
2:10 Let us oppress the poor just man, and not spare the widow, nor respect the aged grey hairs of elders.
2:11 But let our strength be the law of justice, for what is weak is found to be useless.
2:12 بنابراین, اجازه دهید ما محاصره فقط, چرا که او بی فایده است به ما, و او در برابر آثار ما است, و او به ما سرکوفت میزند با جرایم حقوقی ما, و باعث می شود برای ما شناخته شده گناهان راه ما از زندگی.
2:13 او وعده داده است که او تا به معرفت خدا و او خود را پسر خدا می نامد.
2:14 او در میان ما به افشای بسیار افکار ما ساخته شده بود.
2:15 او سخت است برای ما حتی به صورت چاپگر, برای زندگی خود است که بر خلاف زندگی مردان دیگر, و تغییرناپذیر روش او،.
2:16 آن را به عنوان اگر ما توسط او نظر گرفته می شود ناچیز, و او را از راه خود خودداری از کثافت; او ترجیح تازه توجیه, و او افتخاراتی که او خدا است برای پدرش.
2:17 بگذار ببینیم, سپس, اگر کلمات خود را درست می, و اجازه دهید ما تست چه خواهد شد به او اتفاق می افتد, و سپس ما می دانید چه پایان خود خواهد بود.
2:18 اگر او پسر واقعی خدا است, او او را دریافت و از دست دشمنان خود را تحویل او.
2:19 اجازه دهید ما او را با توهین و شکنجه بررسی, که ممکن است ما حرمت او مطمئن شوید و صبر و شکیبایی خود را امتحان کنید.
2:20 اجازه دهید ما او را به مرگ محکوم شرم آور ترین, برای, با توجه به کلمات خود او, خدا او مراقبت کند. "
2:21 این چیزها فکر می کردند, و آنها اشتباه کردند, برای کینه توزی خود آنها را کور.
2:22 و آنها نادان از اسرار خدا بود; آنها نه امیدوار برای پاداش عدالت, و نه قضاوت ارزش روح مقدس.
2:23 برای خدا انسان ایجاد می شود جاودانه, و او را در این عکس از شباهت خود ساخته شده.
2:24 اما حسادت از شیطان, مرگ وارد جهان,
2:25 در عین حال آنها او را تقلید, که از سمت خود هستند.

خرد 3

3:1 اما روح از در دست خدا هستند و هیچ عذاب مرگ آنها را لمس خواهد.
3:2 در چشم احمقانه, به نظر می رسید به مرگ, و از خروج آنها رنج در نظر گرفته شد,
3:3 و دور شدن آنها از ما, تبعید. با این حال آنها در صلح و آرامش هستند.
3:4 و هر چند, در نزد مردان, آنها به رنج و عذاب دچار, امید خود را پر از جاودانگی است.
3:5 مشکل در چند چیز, در بسیاری از چیزهایی را که خواهد شد به خوبی جبران, چرا که خداوند آنها را آزمایش کرده است و آنها از خود ارزش.
3:6 مانند طلا در کوره, او آنها را ثابت کرده است, و به عنوان یک قربانی هولوکاست, او آنها را دریافت کرده است, و در زمان ملاقات خود
3:7 آنها خواهد درخشید, و آنها را در مورد مانند جرقه در میان کاه فاصله.
3:8 آنها را از کشورهای قضاوت و آنها را بر مردم حکومت, و پروردگار خود برای همیشه حکمفرما خواهد شد.
3:9 کسانی که به او اعتماد, خواهد حقیقت را درک, و کسانی که در عشق وفادار هستند در او را به استراحت خواهد, چون گریس و صلح است برای منتخب خود.
3:10 But the impious will be chastised according to their thoughts, for they have neglected the just and have retreated from the Lord.
3:11 For whoever abandons wisdom and instruction is unhappy, and their hope is empty, and their labors without fruit, and their works useless.
3:12 Their wives are foolish and their sons are wicked; the things that serve them are accursed.
3:13 بنابراین, fertile is the barren and undefiled, who has not known transgressions in bed; she will bear fruit by caring for holy souls.
3:14 And fertile is the celibate, who has not wrought iniquity with his hands, nor thought wickedness against God; for to him will be given a special gift of faith and a very welcome place in the temple of the Lord.
3:15 For the fruit of good labors is glorious and the root of wisdom shall never perish.
3:16 But the sons of adulterers will not reach completion, and the offspring of a sinful bed will be banished.
3:17 And if they live long, they will be counted as nothing, and their last years of old-age will be without honor.
3:18 And if they die quickly, they will have no hope, nor words of comfort on the day of reckoning.
3:19 For the iniquities of the people have a dreadful result.

خرد 4

4:1 O how beautiful is the chaste fruit of purity! For its remembrance is immortal, because it is observed both with God and with men.
4:2 When it is present, they imitate it, and they desire it when it has withdrawn itself, and it triumphs crowned forever, winning the reward of undefiled conflicts.
4:3 But the great number of the many different kinds of the impious will not be to their advantage, and spurious seedlings will not be given deep roots, nor will they establish any firm foundation.
4:4 And if they spring forth with branches for a time, yet, being set infirmly, they will be shaken by the wind, و, by the superabundance of the winds, they will be eradicated.
4:5 For the incomplete branches will be broken, and their fruits will be useless, and bitter to eat, and fit for nothing.
4:6 For all the sons born from iniquity are witnesses of wickedness against their parents at their interrogation.
4:7 But the just, if death seizes him beforehand, will be refreshed.
4:8 For old age is made venerable, neither by lasting long, nor by counting the number of years; yet understanding is the gray hair of wisdom for men,
4:9 and an immaculate life is a generation of sages.
4:10 Pleasing to God, having been made beloved, and living among sinners, he was transformed.
4:11 He was quickly taken away, for malice could not alter his understanding, nor could deceit beguile his soul.
4:12 For fascination with entertainment obscures good things, and the unfaithfulness of desire subverts the mind without malice.
4:13 Completed in a short time, he fulfilled many times.
4:14 Truly his soul was pleasing to God. از آنجا که این, he hastened to bring him out of the midst of iniquities, but the people see this and do not understand, nor do they place such things in their hearts:
4:15 that the grace and mercy of God is with his holy ones, and he watches over his elect.
4:16 But the just dead will condemn the impious living, and youth hastily completed results in a long unjust life.
4:17 For they will see the end of the wise, and will neither understand, nor imagine, that he is of God, and that therefore the Lord has safeguarded him.
4:18 For they will see and despise him, but the Lord will ridicule them.
4:19 و بعد از این, they will fall without honor and with contempt among the dead forever. Seeing that they are puffed up and speechless, he will shatter them and will shake them from the foundations all the way to the top, to their utter desolation, and they will grieve and their remembrance will perish.
4:20 They will hurry with fear at the understanding of their sins, and their iniquities will bear witness against them.

خرد 5

5:1 Then the just will stand with great steadfastness against those who have oppressed them and have taken away their labors.
5:2 Seeing this, they will be troubled with terrible fear, and they will be amazed at the suddenness of unexpected salvation.
5:3 Driven toward regret, and through the anguish of their groaning spirit, they will say within themselves: “These are the ones whom we held for some time in derision and in mocking reproach.
5:4 We foolish considered their life to be madness, and their end to be without honor.
5:5 How is it that they are counted among the sons of God, and their place is among the holy?
5:6 بنابراین, we have strayed from the way of truth, and the light of justice has not shined on us, and the sun of understanding has not risen on us.
5:7 We exhausted ourselves in the way of iniquity and perdition, and have walked a difficult way, while ignoring the way of the Lord.
5:8 How has arrogance benefited us? Or what has exalting in riches brought us?
5:9 All those things have passed away like a shadow, and like a messenger traveling quickly by;
5:10 and like a ship passing over the waves of water, when it has gone by, its trace cannot be found, nor can the pathway of its keel in the waves;
5:11 یا, like a bird flying through the air, there is no evidence of her journey to be found, but there is hardly a sound as the beating of her wings lifts up the air and, by the force of her journey, divides the air she has flown across, which was disturbed by her wings, and afterwards there is no sign of her journey to be found;
5:12 یا, like an arrow shot at a selected mark, the air continues to be divided and to be brought together again, so that its passing is unknown.
5:13 And in like manner we, having been born, continuously cease to exist, and indeed, we depart with no sign of virtue to show, but we are consumed in our malice.”
5:14 Such things those who sinned said in hell.
5:15 For the hope of the impious is like feathers, which are blown away by the wind, and like a thin foam, which is dispersed by a storm, and like smoke, which is scattered by the wind, and like the memory of a guest who passes by one day.
5:16 But the just will live forever, and their reward is with the Lord, and the thought of them is with the Most High.
5:17 بنابراین, they will receive a beautiful kingdom and a crown of splendor from the hand of the Lord, for with his right hand he will cover them, and with his holy arm he will defend them.
5:18 And his zeal will take up arms, and he will equip his servants for retribution on their enemies.
5:19 He will put on justice as a breastplate, and he will grasp sure judgment as a helmet.
5:20 He will select fairness as an invincible shield.
5:21 Yet he will sharpen his severe wrath into a spear, and he will fight with those of the world against the irrational.
5:22 Shafts of lightning will hurl forth accurately, و, as if from a well-curved bow of clouds, they will be expelled and will fly to the determined mark.
5:23 And hail will be cast like stones full of anger, and the water of the sea will rise up against them, and the rivers will charge forth harshly.
5:24 The spirit of virtue will stand firm against them and like a whirlwind will divide them, and he will lead all the world of iniquity into a wasteland, and malice will overthrow the seats of power.

خرد 6

6:1 حکمت بهتر از قدرت است, و یک مرد محتاط بهتر از یکی از قدرتمند است.
6:2 بنابراین, بشنو, پادشاهان O, و درک; یاد بگیر, شما قضات پایان می رسد زمین.
6:3 گوش دادن نزدیک, شما که توجه از جمعیت را نگه دارید, و که خودتان را لطفا اخلال در کشورهای.
6:4 برای قدرت شده است به شما از جانب پروردگار و قدرت از بالا ترین داده, که آثار خود را بررسی و مداقه قرار افکار خود را.
6:5 برای, وقتی که شما وزرای پادشاهی خود شد, شما به درستی قضاوت کرد, و نه حفظ قانون عدالت, و نه با توجه به اراده خدا راه رفتن.
6:6 به طرز وحشیانه و به سرعت او را به شما ظاهر خواهد شد, چرا که او را قضاوت شدید برای کسانی که مسئول هستند را.
6:7 برای, به کمی, رحمت عظیم داده است, اما قدرتمند عذاب قدرتمند تحمل.
6:8 برای خداوند خواهد شخصیت کسی را معاف نمی, و نه او در ترس از عظمت کسی ایستاده, چرا که خود او ساخته شده است که کوچک و بزرگ, و او به همان اندازه برای افراد ذیربط.
6:9 اما یک شکنجه قدرتمند به دنبال قدرتمند.
6:10 بنابراین, پادشاهان O, اینها, کلمات من, برای شما می باشد, به طوری که شما ممکن است خرد یاد می گیرند و نمی هلاک.
6:11 برای کسانی که عادلانه را حفظ کرده اند عدالت خواهد بود قابل توجیه, و کسانی که این چیزها آموخته اند را پیدا خواهد کرد چه می.
6:12 بنابراین, desire my words, love them, and you will have instruction.
6:13 Wisdom is pure and never fades away, and is easily seen by those who love her and found by those who seek her.
6:14 She anticipates those who desire her, so that she first reveals herself to them.
6:15 Whoever awakens early to seek her, will not labor, for he will find her sitting at his door.
6:16 بنابراین, by thinking about her, understanding is perfected, and whoever remains watchful for her, will quickly be secure.
6:17 For she goes about seeking such as are worthy of her, and she reveals herself to them cheerfully in the ways, and meets them with all foresight.
6:18 For the very true beginning of her is the desire for instruction.
6:19 بنابراین, the zeal for instruction is love, and love is the keeping of her laws, and the keeping of her laws is the perfection of incorruptibility,
6:20 while incorruptibility makes us near to God.
6:21 و به همین ترتیب, the desire for wisdom leads to an everlasting kingdom.
6:22 اگر, از این رو, your delight is in thrones and scepters, O kings of the people, love wisdom, so that you may reign forever;
6:23 love the light of wisdom, all you who lead the peoples.
6:24 But what wisdom is, and how she was made, I will report, and I will not hide the mysteries of God from you, but I will investigate her from the beginning of her birth, and I will place the knowledge of her in the light, and will not pass over the truth.
6:25 Neither will I hold to the path that dwindles away with envy, because such a man will not partake in wisdom.
6:26 For the proliferation of the wise is sanity for the world, and a wise king is the mainstay of the people.
6:27 بنابراین, receive instruction by my words, and it will benefit you.

خرد 7

7:1 قطعا, I myself am also a mortal man, like everyone, and the offspring of this earth, which was made beforehand; and in my mother’s womb I was fashioned with care,
7:2 within the time of ten months, made of blood, from the seed of man and the delight of sleeping together.
7:3 And when I was born, I drew in the common air, and in similar fashion, I fell upon the earth, and the first voice I uttered, like everyone, was crying.
7:4 I was nursed in swaddling clothes and with great care.
7:5 For none of the kings had any other beginning of birth.
7:6 بنابراین, there is only one entrance for everyone into life, and the same in leaving.
7:7 از آنجا که این, من انتخاب میکنم, و درک به من داده شد; و من دعا, و روح حکمت به من آمد;
7:8 و من او را قبل از پادشاهی و تاج و تخت قرار داده شده, و من ثروت هیچ چیز در مقایسه با او در نظر گرفته.
7:9 نه من به او یک سنگ قیمتی مقایسه, برای تمام طلا در مقایسه با او مانند یک کمی شن و ماسه, و نقره, از نظر او, خواهد بود که اگر خاک ارزش.
7:10 من او را بالا سلامتی و زیبایی را دوست داشت, و من قرار داده او را قبل از داشتن نور, برای نور او تمام نشدنی است.
7:11 با این حال، همه چیز خوب به من با هم با او آمد, و افتخارات بیشمار دست او;
7:12 and I rejoiced in all these, because this wisdom went before me, although I did not know that she is the mother of them all.
7:13 This I have learned without falsehood and communicate without envy, and her integrity I do not hide.
7:14 در واقع, she is an infinite treasure chest for men, and those who make use of it, become partakers in the friendship of God, because they are recommended by the gifts of instruction.
7:15 Yet God has given to me to speak my mind, and to conceive thoughts worthy of those things that are given to me, because he is the leader of wisdom and the repairer of understanding.
7:16 For in his hand are both we, and our words, and all wisdom, and the works of science, and instruction.
7:17 For he has given me true knowledge of these things which exist: so as to know the orderly arrangement of the world, and the powers of the elements,
7:18 the beginning and the end and the midpoint of the seasons, the characteristics of changing things, and the divisions of time,
7:19 the courses of the years, and the orderly arrangement of the stars,
7:20 the natures of animals, and the rage of wild beasts, the force of winds, and the reasonings of men, the diversities of plants, and the benefits of roots,
7:21 and all such things as are hidden and unexpected, I have learned; for wisdom, the artisan of all things, taught me.
7:22 در او از روح درک است: مقدس, مفرد, چند برابر, نامحسوس, درک, زنده, پاکدامن, قابل اعتماد, بخشنده, با محبت, خوب, دانا, که هیچ چیز مفید را ممنوع,
7:23 انسانی, نوع, ثابت قدم, قابل اعتماد, امن, داشتن تمام فضیلت, برای تماشای همه چیز و بتواند همه چیز را با یک درک خالص و ظریف ترین روح.
7:24 برای عقل فعال تر از همه چیز فعال است, در عین حال او در همه جا می رسد آنجا که از خلوص او.
7:25 برای او یک نفس از تقوی الهی و تجلی واقعی از خلوص از خداوند متعال است, و در نتیجه هیچ چیز نجس می توانید او حمله.
7:26 در واقع, او روشنایی نور ابدی است, و آینه لکه از عظمت خدا, و تصویر از خوبی او.
7:27 و هر چند او یکی است, او می تواند همه چیز را انجام; و, تغییر ناپذیر در خودش, او همه چیز تجدید, و در سراسر کشورهای خود منتقل به او روح مقدس, ایجاد آنها را به عنوان دوستان و پیامبران خدا.
7:28 برای خدا را دوست دارد جز کسانی که با عقل ساکن.
7:29 برای او بیشتر دیدنی و جذاب تر از خورشید است, و بالاتر از آرایه ای از تمام ستاره ها; در مقایسه با نور, او در بر داشت به قبل از آن می شود.
7:30 در واقع, بعد از او می آید شب, اما خرد خواهد شد کینه توزی غلبه کند.

خرد 8

8:1 بنابراین, او با شدت و قدرت می رسد از یک پایان تمام راه را به دیگر, و او دستور همه چیز خوش.
8:2 I have loved her and searched for her from my youth, and have asked to take her to me as my spouse, and I became a lover of her form.
8:3 She glorifies her lineage by having companionship with God; yes and of all things, the Lord loves her.
8:4 For she teaches the teaching of God and is the chooser of his works.
8:5 And if riches are longed for in life, what is richer than wisdom, which is being served in all things?
8:6 But if the mind is to be served, که, of all that exists, is a greater artisan than she?
8:7 And if anyone loves justice, her labors hold great virtues; for she teaches temperance and prudence, justice and virtue, and nothing is more useful in human life.
8:8 And if one desires a multitude of knowledge, she knows the past and forecasts the future; she knows the subtleties of conversation and the response to arguments; she understands the signs and portents, before the events take place, events both of the present time and of future ages.
8:9 بنابراین, I resolved to take her to me to live together, knowing that she will be a good counselor and will console my thoughts and my weariness.
8:10 بخاطر او, I have clarity in the midst of confusion, and honor among the elders in my youth;
8:11 and I will be found to be astute in judgment, and will be admired in the sight of the mighty, and the faces of leaders will wonder at me.
8:12 When I am silent, they will wait for me; when I speak, they will respect me; and when I talk for too long, they will put their hands on their mouths.
8:13 بنابراین, by means of her, I will have immortality, and I will bequeath an everlasting memorial to those who come after me.
8:14 I will set the peoples in order, and nations will be subject to me.
8:15 Hearing me, terrible kings will be afraid; to the multitude, I will be seen as good and valiant in war.
8:16 When I go into my house, I will repose myself with her, for her conversation has no bitterness, nor her company any tediousness, but only joy and gladness.
8:17 Thinking these things within myself, and recalling in my heart that immortality is the intention of wisdom,
8:18 and that in her friendship is good enjoyment, and in the works of her hands are honors without flaw, and in debate with her is understanding, and glory in sharing conversation with her; I went about seeking, so that I might take her to myself.
8:19 For I was an ingenious boy and had been dealt a good soul.
8:20 Even more so, being good, I came to have an undefiled body.
8:21 And since I know that it is not possible to be chaste except as a gift from God, and that it is a point of wisdom to know whose gift it is, I approached the Lord, and I besought him, and I said with my whole heart:

خرد 9

9:1 “God of my fathers and Lord of mercy, who has made all things with your word,
9:2 and by your wisdom has established man to have dominion over the creatures which have been made by you,
9:3 so that he would order the world in equity and justice, and execute judgment with an upright heart,
9:4 give me wisdom, the handmaiden at your throne, and be unwilling to reject me from among your children,
9:5 چون من بنده توام, and the son of your handmaid, a weak man, and short-lived, with limited understanding of judgment and laws.
9:6 And if someone were perfect among the sons of men, yet if your wisdom was taken away from him, he would be counted as nothing.
9:7 You have chosen me to be a king of your people, and a judge of your sons and daughters.
9:8 And you called me to construct a temple on your holy mount, و, in the city of your dwelling, an altar in the likeness of your holy tabernacle, which you have prepared from the beginning.
9:9 And with you is wisdom, who is familiar with your works, and who was nearby when you made the world, and who knows what is pleasing to your eyes, and who is guided by your teachings.
9:10 Send her out of your holy heavens and from the throne of your majesty, so that she is with me and labors with me, and I will know what is acceptable with you.
9:11 For she knows and understands all things, and will lead me soberly in my works, and will guard me by her power.
9:12 And my works will be acceptable, and I will govern your people justly, and I will be worthy of the throne of my father.
9:13 For who among men can know the counsel of God? Or who can imagine the will of God?
9:14 For the thoughts of mortals are timid, and our foresight is uncertain.
9:15 For the corruptible body weighs down the soul, and this earthy dwelling presses many thoughts upon the mind.
9:16 And we assess with difficulty the things that are of earth, and we discover with labor the things that are within our view. So who will search out the things that are in heaven?
9:17 علاوه بر این, who will know your mind, unless you give wisdom and send your holy spirit from on high?
9:18 و در این راه, those who are on earth are corrected in their path, and men learn the things that are pleasing to you.
9:19 For by wisdom they are saved, who have pleased you, ای خداوند, from the beginning.”

خرد 10

10:1 This is he, who was formed first by God, the father of the world, who was alone when created; she preserved him,
10:2 and led him out of his offense, and gave him the power to maintain all things.
10:3 بعد از این, when the unjust man withdrew from her in his anger, he perished through anger by the murder of his brother.
10:4 از آنجا که این, when water destroyed the earth, wisdom healed it again, guiding the just by means of contemptible wood.
10:5 علاوه بر این, when the nations had conspired together to consent to wickedness, she knew the just, and preserved him without blame before God, and preserved his strength out of mercy for his sons.
10:6 She freed this just man from the destruction of the impious, fleeing descending fire in the Five Cities,
10:7 که, as a testimony to their wickedness, is a constantly smoking desolate land, and the trees bear fruit at uncertain times, and a figure of salt stands as a monument to an unbelieving soul.
10:8 برای, in disregarding wisdom, they are fallen, not so much in this, that they were ignorant of good, but that they bequeathed to men a memorial of their foolishness, به طوری که, in the things in which they sinned, they were unable to escape notice.
10:9 Yet wisdom has freed from sorrow those who are self-observant.
10:10 She led the just man, this fugitive of his brother’s wrath, by the right ways, and revealed to him the kingdom of God, and gave him the knowledge of holiness, honored him in his labors, and completed his labors.
10:11 In the midst of encircling deceit, she flowed around him and made him honest.
10:12 She guarded him from his enemies, and she defended him from seducers, and she gave him a strong conflict so that he might overcome and might know that the power of all things is wisdom.
10:13 She did not abandon the just man when he was sold, but freed him from sinners; she went down with him into the pit,
10:14 and she did not abandon him in chains, while she brought him the scepter of the kingdom and power against those who oppressed him, and revealed them to be liars who had dishonored him, and gave him everlasting glory.
10:15 She freed this just people and the blameless offspring, from the nations that had oppressed them.
10:16 She entered the soul of the servant of God and stood against dreadful kings in the midst of portents and signs,
10:17 and she rendered to the just the wages of their labors, and led them along a wondrous way; and she was to them, like a cover by day, and like the light of the stars by night.
10:18 She carried them through the Red Sea, and led them across a great water.
10:19 But their enemies, she submerged in the sea, and from the furthest depths, she drew them up. بنابراین, the just carried off the spoils of the impious.
10:20 And they chanted to your holy name, خداوند, and they together praised your victorious hand,
10:21 because wisdom opened the mouth of the mute, and made the speech of infants eloquent.

خرد 11

11:1 She directed their works in the hands of the holy prophet.
11:2 They made a path through desolate areas, which were uninhabited, and set up their homes in remote places.
11:3 They stood firm against the enemy, and vindicated themselves from their adversaries.
11:4 They thirsted, and they called upon you, and water was given them out of the deepest rock, and respite from thirst out of the hard stone.
11:5 For through water, their enemies had been punished, by the corruption of their drinking water; و به همین ترتیب, among them, when the sons of Israel lacked the abundance they would have had, their enemies rejoiced;
11:6 yet though water, when they were in need, it turned out well for them.
11:7 For instead of a fountain, even everlasting in flow, you gave human blood to the unjust,
11:8 and while they would be crushed into disgrace because of the murdering of infants, you unexpectedly gave your own abundant water,
11:9 revealing through the thirst, which occurred at that time, how you would exalt your own and would kill their adversaries.
11:10 For when they were being tested, and even when receiving merciful correction, they knew in what way, when your wrath judged the impious, they would suffer torments.
11:11 برای اینها, advising like a father, you approved; but the others, interrogating like a severe king, you condemned.
11:12 For whether absent or present, they were tortured alike.
11:13 For they had received double: weariness and groaning in the remembrance of things past.
11:14 For when they paid attention to their punishments, to attend to their own benefit, they called to mind the Lord, admiring the end result.
11:15 For though they showed scorn by throwing out distorted statements, in the end they were amazed at the result, but this is not the same as thirsting for justice.
11:16 For according to the thinking of their irrational iniquity, because some, going astray, were worshiping mute serpents and worthless beasts, you sent upon them a multitude of mute beasts for vengeance,
11:17 so that they might know that by whatever things a man sins, by the same also is he tormented.
11:18 For it was not impossible for your all-powerful hand, which created the world from unknown material, to send forth upon them a multitude of bears, or fierce lions,
11:19 یا, in anger, beasts of a new kind, massive and strange, either breathing out a fiery vapor, or sending forth an odorous smoke, or shooting horrible sparks from their eyes;
11:20 whereby, not only wounds would be able to destroy them, but also the very sight would kill them through fear.
11:21 در عین حال, even without these, they could have been killed with one breath, suffering persecution of their own making and being scattered by your spirit of virtue; but you have ordered all things in size and number and weight.
11:22 اگرچه بسیاری از قوی هستند, شما به تنهایی همیشه غلبه بر. و خواهد شد که قدرت بازوی خود را مقاومت در برابر?
11:23 برای, مثل یک دانه کوچک در مقیاس, فقط تا جهان قبل از شما است, و مانند یک شبنم قطره قبل از طلوع آفتاب, که فرود بر زمین.
11:24 اما شما مهربان به همه, زیرا شما می توانید تمام انجام, و شما از گناهان انسان به دلیل توبه اخراج.
11:25 برای شما دوست دارم همه چیز که, و از شما نفرت هیچ چیز از همه چیز شما را ساخته اند; برای شما نمی ایجاد کرده اند و یا هر چیزی که شما متنفر تاسیس.
11:26 چگونه می تواند هر چیزی را تحمل, جز با اراده خود را? یا چی, داشتن شما شده است به نام به وجود است, حفظ می شود?
11:27 در عین حال شما همه چیز یدکی, چرا که آنها به شما می باشد, ای خداوند, که دوست دارد روح.

خرد 12

12:1 O چقدر خوب و مهربان, خداوند, روح خود را در همه چیز است!
12:2 بنابراین, کسانی که در صحرا سرگردان, شما درست, و, به عنوان کسانی که گناه, شما آنها را وکیل و اندرز آنها, به طوری که, داشتن کینه توزی رها, آنها ممکن است شما را باور, ای خداوند.
12:3 For those ancient inhabitants of your holy land, who you abhorred,
12:4 because they were doing works hateful to you, through unjust medicines and sacrifices,
12:5 and the merciless murderers of their own sons, and the eaters of human entrails, and the devourers of blood apart from your community sacrament,
12:6 and the sellers performing the ceremonies of helpless souls, you willed to destroy by the hands of our parents,
12:7 so that they might worthily secure the sojourn of the children of God, in the land which is most beloved by you.
12:8 در عین حال, so that you were lenient even to these men, you sent wasps, forerunners of your army, so that you might destroy them little by little,
12:9 not because you were unable to subdue the impious under the just by war or by cruel beasts, or with a harsh word to exterminate them at once,
12:10 اما, in judging by degrees, you were giving them a place of repentance, not unaware that their nation is wicked, and their malice is inherent, and that their thinking could never be changed.
12:11 For this offspring was accursed from the beginning. Neither did you, fearing anyone, give favor to their sins.
12:12 For who will say to you, "چه شما انجام داده اند?” Or who will stand against your judgment? Or who will come before you as a defender of unfair men? Or who will accuse you, if the nations perish, که شما را ساخته اند?
12:13 For neither is there any other God but you, who has care of all, to whom you would show that you did not give judgment unjustly.
12:14 Neither will king or tyrant inquire before you about those whom you destroyed.
12:15 بنابراین, since you are just, you order all things justly, considering it foreign to your virtue to condemn him who does not deserve to be punished.
12:16 For your power is the beginning of justice, و, because you are Lord of all, you make yourself to be lenient to all.
12:17 For you reveal power to those who do not believe you to be perfect in power, and you expose the arrogance of those who do not know you.
12:18 در عین حال, you are the master of power, since you judge with tranquility, and since you administer us with great reverence; for it is close to you to be used whenever you will.
12:19 But you have taught your people, through such works, that they must be just and humane, and you have made your sons to be of good hope, because in judging you provide a place for repentance from sins.
12:20 For even if the enemies of your servants were deserving of death, you afflicted them with great attentiveness, providing a time and a place whereby they would be able to be changed from malice;
12:21 with what diligence, سپس, have you judged your sons, whose parents you have given oaths and covenants in good faith!
12:22 بنابراین, while you give us discipline, you give our enemies a multiplicity of scourges, so that in judging we may think on your goodness, and when we are judged, we may hope for mercy.
12:23 بنابراین, also to these, who have lived their lived their life irrationally and unjustly, through these things that they worshiped, you gave the greatest torments.
12:24 و, در واقع, they wandered for a long time in the way of error, valuing those things as gods, which are worthless even among animals, living in foolish irrational behavior.
12:25 از آنجا که این, you have given a judgment in derision, as if from foolish children.
12:26 But those who have not been corrected by mockery and chiding, have experienced a judgment worthy of God.
12:27 For among those who were indignant at their sufferings, which came through those things that they reputed to be gods, when they saw that they would be destroyed by these same things, those who formerly refused knowledge of him, now acknowledged the true God, و, به همين خاطر, the end of their condemnation came upon them.

خرد 13

13:1 اما همه مردان بیهوده است, که تحت معرفت خدا نیست, و چه کسی, از این چیزهای خوبی که دیده می شود, قادر به درک او کسی نیست, و نه, با توجه به آثار, آنها اذعان او بود که صنعتگر بود.
13:2 بجای, آنها یا آتش در نظر گرفته بود, و یا هوا, و یا جو, و یا دایره ستاره, و یا دریای بزرگ, و یا خورشید و ماه, به خدایان که حکومت بر جهان.
13:3 اگر آنها, توسط چنین مناظر خوشحال, آنها تصور می شود خدایان, به آنها بگویید چگونه بزرگ خداوند از آنها در شکوه و جلال است. برای او که همه چیز را آفریده نویسنده از زیبایی است.
13:4 یا, در صورتی که در قدرت خود و اثرات آنها فکر, اجازه دهید آنها را با این چیزها را درک, که او که آنها را ایجاد تواناتر است از آنها.
13:5 برای, عظمت خلقت و زیبایی آن, خالق این خواهد بود قادر به discernibly دیده می شود.
13:6 در عین حال, تا این نقطه, شکایت در مورد این کمتر است. برای شاید آنها یک اشتباه در این ساخته شده, در حالی که تمایل و به دنبال برای پیدا کردن خدا.
13:7 و, در واقع, داشتن برخی از آشنایی با او را از طریق آثار او, آنها جستجو, و آنها را متقاعد می, چون چیزهایی که می بینند خوب.
13:8 اما, پس از آن دوباره, نه می تواند بدهی های خود را نادیده گرفته شود.
13:9 برای, اگر آنها قادر به اندازه کافی مطمئن شوید به طوری که آنها می تواند جهان ارزش بودند, چگونه آن را به راحتی آنها نمی پروردگار آن را کشف?
13:10 Yet they are unhappy, and their hope is among the dead, for they have called ‘gods’ the works of the hands of men, gold and silver, the inventions of skill, and the likeness of animals, or a useless stone, the work of an ancient hand.
13:11 یا, it is as if a craftsman, a workman of the forest, had cut straight wood, و, with his expertise, shaved off all of its bark, و, with his skill, diligently fashioned a vessel, practical for use in life,
13:12 and even the remains of his work were exhausted in the preparation of food;
13:13 و, from the remainder of this, which has become useful for nothing, a curved piece of wood and full of knots, he diligently carves it in his spare time, و, through the knowledge of his art, forms it and makes it in the image of a man,
13:14 or something comparable to an animal, thoroughly rubbing it with red ochre, to make it red with the color of the pigment, and to cover every imperfection which is in it;
13:15 and it is as if he made a fitting resting place for it, even setting it in a wall and fastening it with iron,
13:16 ارائه برای آن, lest it should fall, knowing that it is unable to help itself, for it is an image and it is in need of help.
13:17 و بعد, making an offering, he inquires about his wealth, and about his sons, and about marriage. And he is not ashamed to talk to that which has no soul.
13:18 And for health, در واقع, something unhealthy is being prayed to, and for life, he petitions what is dead, and for help, he calls upon something helpless,
13:19 and for a good journey, he entreats that which is unable to walk, and for acquiring, and for working, and for success in all things, he entreats that which is useless in all things.

خرد 14

14:1 از نو, another, thinking to sail, and beginning to make his voyage through the raging waves, calls upon a piece of wood more fragile than the wood that carries him.
14:2 For this is what desire has contrived to be acquired, and the craftsman has formed its understanding.
14:3 But your providence, O Father, governs, because you have provided for both a way in the sea and a very reliable path among the waves,
14:4 revealing that you are able to save out of all things, even if someone were to go to sea without skill.
14:5 اما, so that the works of your wisdom might not be empty, از این رو, men trust their souls even to a little piece of wood, و, crossing over the sea by raft, they are set free.
14:6 اما, از آغاز, when the proud giants were perishing, the hope of the world, fleeing by boat, gave back to future ages a seed of birth, which was governed by your hand.
14:7 For blessed is the wood through which justice is made.
14:8 اما, through the hand that makes the idol, both it, and he who made it, is accursed: او, در واقع, because it has been served by him, and it, زیرا, though it is fragile, it is called ‘god.’
14:9 But the impious and his impiety are similarly offensive to God.
14:10 For that which is made, together with him who made it, will suffer torments.
14:11 از آنجا که این, and according to the idolatries of the nations, there will be no refuge, for the things created by God have been made into hatred, and into a temptation to the souls of men, and into a snare for the feet of the foolish.
14:12 For the beginning of fornication is the search for idols, and from their invention comes corruption of life.
14:13 For they neither existed from the beginning, nor will they exist forever.
14:14 For by the great emptiness of men they came into the world, and therefore their end is soon discovered.
14:15 For a father, embittered with the suffering of grief, made an image of his son, who had been suddenly taken away from him, و بعد, he who had died as a man, now begins to be worshiped as if a god, and so rites and sacrifices are established among his servants.
14:16 پس از آن, in the course of time, iniquity gains strength within this erroneous custom, so that this error has been observed as if it were a law, and this figment has been worshiped at the command of tyrants.
14:17 And those, whom men could not openly honor because they were far off, a likeness of them was carried from far off, and from it they made a similar image of the king that they wanted to honor, به طوری که, by their solicitude, they might worship he who was absent, just as if he were present.
14:18 در عین حال, it passes into their care, and those whom they did not know, they love because of the excellence of the artist.
14:19 برای او, wishing to please the one who hired him, embellished his art, so as to fashion a better likeness.
14:20 But the multitude of men, brought together by the beauty of the work, now considered him to be a god, whom they had formerly honored as a man.
14:21 And this was the deception of human life: that men, serving either their own inclination or their kings, assigned the unutterable name to stones and wood.
14:22 And it was not enough for them to go astray concerning the knowledge of God, بلکه, while living in a great war of ignorance, they call so many and such great evils ‘peace.’
14:23 For either they sacrifice their own sons, or they make dark sacrifices, or they hold vigils full of madness,
14:24 so that now they neither protect life, nor preserve a clean marriage, but one kills another through envy, or grieves him by adultery.
14:25 And all things are mixed together: blood, آدم کشی, theft and fraud, corruption and infidelity, disturbances and perjury, disorder within good things,
14:26 forgetfulness of God, pollution of souls, alteration of procreation, inconstancy of marriage, unnatural adultery and homosexuality.
14:27 For the worship of unspeakable idols is the cause, and the beginning and the end, of all evil.
14:28 For they either act with madness while happy, or they insistently speak wild lies, or they live unjustly, or they are quick to commit perjury.
14:29 برای, while they trust in idols, which are without a soul, vowing evil, they hope not to be harmed themselves.
14:30 بنابراین, from both sides it will fittingly happen, because they have thought evil of God, paying attention to idols, and because they have sworn unjustly, in guile despising justice.
14:31 For swearing is not virtue, but sinning always comes around to a punishment according to the transgression of the unjust.

خرد 15

15:1 اما شما, خدای ما, are gracious and true, patient, and in mercy ordering all things.
15:2 و, در واقع, if we sin, we are yours, knowing your greatness; و, if we do not sin, we know that we are counted with you.
15:3 For to have known you is perfect justice, and to know justice and your virtue is the root of immortality.
15:4 For the skillful planning of evil men has not led us into error, nor the shadow of a picture, a fruitless labor, an image having been sculpted through the use of diverse colors,
15:5 the sight of which gives desire to the foolish, and he loves the likeness of a lifeless image without a soul.
15:6 Deserving are the lovers of evil, those who hope in such things, and those who make them, and those who love them, and those who promote them.
15:7 But even the potter, pressing laboriously, molds the soft earth into vessels, each one for our use. And from the same clay he molds vessels, those which are for clean use, و به همین ترتیب, those which are for the opposite. اما, as to what is the use of a vessel, the potter is the judge.
15:8 And with effort he molds an empty god of the same clay, he who a little before had been made from the earth, و, after brief time, he himself returns from whence he came, to be claimed by he who holds the debt of his soul.
15:9 Yet his concern is, not what his work will be, nor that his life is short, but that he is being contested by those who work with gold and silver, yet he also does the same to those who work with copper, and he glories that he makes worthless things.
15:10 For his heart is ashes, and his hope is worthless dirt, and his life is more common than clay,
15:11 because he ignores the One who molded him, and who instilled in him a working soul, and who breathed into him a living spirit.
15:12 Yet they even considered our life to be a plaything, and the usefulness of life to be the accumulation of wealth, and that we must be acquiring things in every possible way, even from evil.
15:13 برای, above all else, he knows himself to be lacking, که, from fragile material of the earth forms vessels and graven images.
15:14 For all the foolish and unhappy, in charge of the way of the arrogant soul, are enemies of your people and rule over them,
15:15 because they have esteemed all the idols of the nations as gods, which neither have the use of eyes to see, nor noses to draw breath, nor ears to hear, nor the fingers of hands to grasp, and even their feet are slow to walk.
15:16 For man made them, and he who borrowed his own breath, formed them. For no man will be able to form God in the likeness of himself.
15:17 برای, being mortal, he forms a dead thing with his unjust hands. در عین حال, he is better than those things that he worships, because he indeed has lived, though he is mortal, but they never have.
15:18 علاوه بر این, they worship the most miserable animals, برای, to make a foolish comparison, these others are worse.
15:19 But not even from their appearance can anyone discern anything good in these animals. Yet they have fled from the praise of God, and from his blessing.

خرد 16

16:1 از آنجا که این, and by means of things similar to these, they were allowed to endure fitting torments, and they were exterminated by a multitude of beasts.
16:2 Instead of these torments, you administered your people kindly, giving them a desire for a new taste from your delights, and preparing quails for their food,
16:3 به طوری که, even those desiring food, because of those things which were sent and revealed to them, were now turned away from a necessary desire. Yet these, after a brief time, having become weak, tasted a new food.
16:4 For it was necessary, though they are without excuse, for them to unexpectedly come upon the ruin of exercising tyranny, yet this was as if to show them how their enemies were being exterminated.
16:5 و به همین ترتیب, when fierce beasts overcame them in anger, they were exterminated by the bites of perverse snakes.
16:6 But your anger did not continue forever, though they were troubled for a short time for their correction, they have a sign of salvation as a remembrance of the commandment of your law.
16:7 For he who turned to it was not healed by what he saw, but by you, the Savior of all.
16:8 Yet in this you revealed to our enemies that you are he who delivers from all evil.
16:9 For they were killed by the biting of locusts and flies, and there was found no remedy for their life, because they deserved to be destroyed by such things.
16:10 But not even the teeth of venomous serpents conquered your sons, for your mercy came to them and healed them.
16:11 برای, in remembrance of your words, they were examined and were quickly saved, for forgetfulness is not engraved into your altar so that they would be unable to obtain your help.
16:12 و, در واقع, neither an herb, nor a poultice, healed them, but your word, ای خداوند, which heals all.
16:13 For it is you, ای خداوند, who holds the power of life and death; you both lead to the threshold of death and you restore.
16:14 Yet man, در واقع, kills his own soul through malice, and when his spirit goes forth, it will not be returned, nor will he call back his soul when it has been received.
16:15 But it is impossible to escape your hand.
16:16 For the impious, having refused to know you, have been scourged by the strength of your arm, enduring persecution by unusual waters, and by hailstorms, and by rain storms, and being consumed by fire.
16:17 For there was something extraordinary in water, which extinguishes all things; it has prevailed more than fire; for the world is the defender of the just.
16:18 در واقع, at a certain time, the fire was subdued, so as not to burn away the animals, which were sent against the impious; و به طوری که, in seeing this, they might know that they are suffering persecution by the judgment of God.
16:19 و, at another time, fire burned, beyond its own power, in the midst of water, and it flared up from all around, so as to destroy the nations of an unjust land.
16:20 Instead of these things, you nourished your people with the food of angels, و, having prepared bread from heaven, you served them without labor that which holds within itself every delight and the sweetness of every flavor.
16:21 For your nature showed your sweetness, which you hold within your sons, and serving the will of each one, it was converted to what each one preferred.
16:22 But snow and ice held back the strength of fire, and did not melt, so that they might know that fire, burning in the hail and flashing in the rain, destroyed the fruits of the enemies.
16:23 Yet it was also the case, so that the just might be nourished, that fire had even been deprived of its own power.
16:24 For the creature serving you, the Creator, grows red hot in the midst of the conflict against the unjust, and yet it subsides for the benefit of those who trust in you.
16:25 از آنجا که این, and at that time, having been transfigured in all things, your grace was diligently serving as the nursemaid of all things, according to the will of those who long for you,
16:26 so that your sons, whom you loved, ای خداوند, might know that it is not the fruits of nature which feed men, but your word, which preserves those who believe in you.
16:27 For that which could not be destroyed by fire, was immediately melted when warmed by a few rays of the sun,
16:28 so that it might be clear to all that it is right to come before the sun to bless you, and to adore you at the dawning of the light.
16:29 For the hope of the ungrateful will melt away like the winter’s ice and will disperse like overflowing water.

خرد 17

17:1 For your judgments, ای خداوند, are great, and your words are indescribable. بنابراین, undisciplined souls have wandered astray.
17:2 برای, while they managed to convince the unjust, so as to obtain dominion over the holy nation, they themselves were fettered with chains of darkness and of endless night, enclosed in their houses, fugitives of everlasting providence, lying in ruins.
17:3 و, while they thought to escape notice in their secret sins, they were scattered under a dark veil of oblivion, being horribly afraid, and having been disturbed with great astonishment.
17:4 For neither did the cave which enclosed them preserve them from fear, because descending noises disturbed them, and the sorrowful persons appearing to them intensified their fear.
17:5 و, در واقع, even fire had no strength to provide them light, nor could the clear flames of the stars illuminate that horrible night.
17:6 Yet there appeared to them a sudden fire, filled with fear; و, having been struck with the fear of that face which is unseen, they considered those things which they did see to be worse,
17:7 و, having been ridiculed, the illusions were removed from their arts along with their contemptuous rebuke of glorious wisdom.
17:8 در واقع, those who promised to drive away fears and disturbances from a languishing soul, though they were filled with derision, were themselves languishing in fear.
17:9 و, even if nothing unnatural disturbed them, yet being agitated by the passing of animals and the hissing of snakes, they died of fear, denying what they themselves saw even in the air, which no one thinks to be able to escape.
17:10 برای, while there may be apprehension with wickedness, it gives testimony to condemnation, for a troubled conscience always forecasts harshness.
17:11 For fear is nothing else but unfaithfulness to thinking helpful things.
17:12 و, while expectation is driven from within, the cause of this is supposing that one is great in knowledge, and as a result, conflict excels.
17:13 Yet those who were truly powerless that night, being overcome by both the vilest and the deepest hell, were sleeping the same sleep,
17:14 sometimes stirred up by the fear of unnatural things, other times sinking down in disgrace of soul, for a sudden and unexpected fear overcame them.
17:15 پس از آن, if any among them had fallen away, he was kept in a prison without bars which had been left open.
17:16 For if a farmer, or a shepherd, or a worker in a field of labor were suddenly overcome, he endured an inescapable necessity.
17:17 For they were all bound together with one chain of darkness. Or if there were a whistling wind, or the sweet sound of birds among the thick tree branches, or the force of water rushing excessively,
17:18 or the strong noise of rocks crashing down, or the scattering of playful animals having been seen, or the strong voice of bellowing beasts, or the resounding of the highest mountain echo, these things made them sink down because of fear.
17:19 For the whole world was enlightened with a clear light, and none were being hindered in their labors.
17:20 اما پس از آن, the heavy night was placed over the sun for them, an image of that darkness which was about to overcome them. Yet they were more grievous to themselves than was the darkness.

خرد 18

18:1 But your saints were your greatest light, and they heard your voice, but did not see your form. And because they themselves did not also suffer the same things, they praised you greatly.
18:2 And those who were wounded before, gave thanks, because they were no longer being wounded, and because they had petitioned for this gift, that there would be this difference.
18:3 از آنجا که این, they had a burning column of fire as a guide on the unknown way, and you displayed a harmless sun of a good hospitality.
18:4 The others, در واقع, deserved to be deprived of the light and to endure a prison of darkness, who watched for an opportunity to imprison your sons, by whom the incorruptible light of the law was beginning to be given to future generations.
18:5 When they thought to kill the babes of the just, one son having been exposed and set free, to their disgrace, you took away a multitude of their sons and destroyed them all together in a mighty water.
18:6 برای آن شب قبل توسط پدران ما شناخته شده بود, به طوری که, دانستن حقیقت از سوگند که در آن اعتماد کرده بود, آنها ممکن است در روح خود را آرام تر.
18:7 با این حال مردم خود را نه تنها نجات از فقط دریافت, بلکه تخریب ناعادلانه.
18:8 چرا که همانطور که دشمنان ما شما زخمی, این کار همچنین به شما تا حد زیادی اعتماد به نفس ما را فراخوانی.
18:9 برای فقط کودکان از خوبی مخفیانه ارائه شد قربانی, و در شرایط آنها قانون، عدالت را, به طوری که هر دو خوب و بد خواهد بود قادر به دریافت عدالت, و به طوری که شما در حال حاضر ممکن شعار خود را به پدر تایید.
18:10 از سویی دیگر, a dissimilar voice was resounding from the enemies, and a lamentable wailing was heard for the children who were being cried over.
18:11 But the same punishment afflicted the servant with the master, and the common man endured the same as the king.
18:12 بنابراین, all were the same, with one name for death, and the dead were innumerable. For neither were the living sufficient to bury the dead, زیرا, with a single effort, their most illustrious nation was exterminated.
18:13 For they would not believe anything because of the drugs; then truly, at the beginning, when the extermination of the firstborn happened, they pledged the people to belong to God.
18:14 برای, هنگامی که یک سکوت آرام همه چیز احاطه, و هنگامی که این دوره از شب بود عبور وسط سفر خود را,
18:15 کلمه متعال خود از آسمان از تاج و تخت سلطنتی خود را به پایین افتاده, به عنوان یک جنگجو شدید در میان زمین از نابودی,
18:16 به عنوان یک شمشیر تیز حمل اقتدار حقیقی خود را, و ایستاده, پر از همه چیز با مرگ, و, ایستاده بر روی زمین, رسیده تمام راه را تا به لمس آسمان.
18:17 پس از آن, incessant visions of nightmares disturbed them, and unexpected fears overcame them.
18:18 And another was thrown down elsewhere half-alive; و به همین ترتیب, by means of that which was dying, the cause of death was revealed.
18:19 For the visions that disturbed them had forewarned of these things, lest they should perish and not know why they suffered these evils.
18:20 در عین حال, در آن زمان, the trial of death touched even the just, and there was a disturbance of the multitude in the wilderness, but your wrath did not continue for long.
18:21 For a blameless man, prospering, is to be entreated for your people, bringing forth the shield of your service, through prayer and incense, making prayerful supplication, he withstands anger, and so establishes an end to the necessary difficulty, revealing that he is your servant.
18:22 Yet he outlasted the disturbance, not by virtue of the body, nor by force of arms, اما, with a word, he subdued those who were troubling him, commemorating the oaths and covenant of the parents.
18:23 For when they were now fallen down dead by heaps one upon another, he stood between them and cut off their attack, and he divided those who controlled the path to the living.
18:24 برای, within the garment of shame which he held, the world was all together, and the great deeds of the parents were engraved on four orders of stones, and your majesty was engraved on the crown of his head.
18:25 Yet he who was exterminating yielded even to those he frightened. For one trial of wrath was sufficient.

خرد 19

19:1 But the impious, all the way to the very end, were overcome by anger without mercy. در واقع, he knew beforehand even their future.
19:2 در عین حال, seeing that they might have repented, so that they would be led by him and be sent forth with great concern, the just sought the impious, while regretting their deeds.
19:3 برای, while the just were still holding grief in their hands and weeping at the tombs of the dead, these others took upon themselves another senseless thought, and they cast out the legislators and pursued them as if they were fugitives.
19:4 For a fitting necessity was leading them to this end, and they were losing the remembrance of those things which had happened, so that what was lacking in the sufferings of the conflict might be completed by the punishment,
19:5 and so that your people, در واقع, might wonderfully pass through, but these others might find a new death.
19:6 برای هر موجودی با توجه به نوع خود را دوباره به عنوان از ابتدا مد افتاده بود, پشتکار خدمت آموزه های خود را, به طوری که کودکان خود را خواهد آسیبی حفظ.
19:7 برای یک ابر تحت الشعاع قرار اردوگاه خود, و جایی که آب قبل از, زمین خشک به نظر می رسد, و در دریای سرخ, راه بدون مانع, و خارج از عمیق بزرگ, سطح میدان فنر تا,
19:8 که از طریق آن تمام ملت گذشت, حفاظت شده توسط دست خود را, دیدن معجزات و عجایب خود را.
19:9 برای آنها مواد غذایی مانند اسب مصرف, و آنها در مورد مثل بره افتاده, ستایش شما, ای خداوند, که آنها را آزاد کرده بود.
19:10 For they were still mindful of those things which had happened during the time of their sojourn, چگونه, instead cattle, the earth brought forth flies, and instead of fish, the river cast up a multitude of frogs.
19:11 و, در آخر, they saw a new kind of bird, چه زمانی, being led by their desire, they demanded a feast of meat.
19:12 برای, to console their loss, the quail came up to them from the sea, and yet troubles overcame the sinners, though they were not without the evidence of what had happened before by the power of lightning, for they suffered justly according to their own wickedness.
19:13 و در واقع, they set up a more detestable inhospitality. قطعا, some have refused to receive unknown foreigners, but these others were drafting good guests into servitude,
19:14 and not only foreigners, but also those who had been under their care, because they were reluctantly sheltering the outsiders.
19:15 Yet whoever had sheltered them with gladness, by making use of the very same justice, they afflicted with the most severe sorrow.
19:16 Yet they were struck with blindness, like someone brought before the gates of justice, so that they were suddenly covered with darkness, and each one was left searching for the threshold of his front door.
19:17 For the elements in themselves are in the process of being changed, just as when the sound of a musical instrument is being altered in quality, yet each one keeps its own sound, from where it is considered to be and according to its fixed appearance.
19:18 For the countryside was transformed by water, and things which were swimming, crossed over the land.
19:19 Fire prevailed in the midst of water, beyond its own power, and the water forgot its quenching nature.
19:20 از سویی دیگر, the flames did not trouble the bodies of the mortal animals walking around, nor did they melt that good food, which is as easily melted as ice. For in all things, ای خداوند, you magnified your people, and honored them, and did not despise them, but at every time and in every place, you assisted them.