Paul's 1st Letter to Timothy

1 Timoti 1

1:1 Bulus, wani manzon Almasihu Yesu da ikon Allah Mai Cetonmu, da kuma na Almasihu Yesu abin begenmu,
1:2 wa Timothawus, ƙaunataccen ɗana a cikin bangaskiya. Grace, rahama, da zaman lafiya, daga Allah Uba, da Almasihu Yesu Ubangijinmu.
1:3 Now I asked you to remain at Ephesus, while I went into Macedonia, so that you would speak strongly against certain ones who have been teaching a different way,
1:4 against those who have been paying attention to fables and endless genealogies. These things present questions as if they were greater than the edification that is of God, which is in faith.
1:5 Now the goal of instruction is charity from a pure heart, and a good conscience, and an unfeigned faith.
1:6 Certain persons, wandering away from these things, have been turned aside to empty babbling,
1:7 desiring to be teachers of the law, but understanding neither the things that they themselves are saying, nor what they are affirming about these things.
1:8 But we know that the law is good, if one makes use of it properly.
1:9 Knowing this, that the law was not set in place for the just, but for the unjust and the insubordinate, for the impious and sinners, for the wicked and the defiled, for those who commit patricide, matricide, or homicide,
1:10 for fornicators, for males who sleep with males, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine,
1:11 which is in accord with the Gospel of the glory of the blessed God, the Gospel which has been entrusted to me.
1:12 Na gode wa wanda ya ƙarfafa ni,, Almasihu Yesu Ubangijinmu, saboda ya dauke ni aminci, ajiye ni a ma'aikatar,
1:13 ko a baya na kasance mai yin sabo, da tsananta, kuma raina. Amma sai na samu rahamar Allah. Gama na da aka jahilta, kãfirci.
1:14 Kuma haka Alherin Ubangijinmu ya yi yawa, ƙwarai, tare da bangaskiya, da kuma ƙaunar da yake a cikin Almasihu Yesu.
1:15 Yana da wani aminci maganarsu, kuma ma'abutanta yarda da kowa da kowa, cewa Almasihu Yesu ya shigo wannan duniya ya kawo ceto ga mãsu laifi, daga wanda nake farko.
1:16 Amma don haka da zan samu rahama, sabõda haka, a gare ni kamar yadda farko, Almasihu Yesu zai nuna maka duk haƙuri, ga wa'azi daga mãsu yin ĩmãni da shi zuwa gare rai madawwami.
1:17 Haka nan kuma, to Sarkin zamanai, ga m, ganuwa, Kadaitaccen Allah, zama daraja da daukaka har abada abadin. Amin.
1:18 This precept I commend to you, my son Timothy, in accord with the prophets who preceded you: that you serve among them like a soldier in a good war,
1:19 holding to faith and good conscience, against those who, by rejecting these things, have made a shipwreck of the faith.
1:20 Among these are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have handed over to Satan, so that they may learn not to blaspheme.

1 Timoti 2

2:1 Kuma don haka, ina roƙonka ka, na farko, don yin addu'a, salla, ro, kuma godiya ga dukan mutane,
2:2 domin sarakunan, kuma domin dukan waɗanda suke a tuddan, domin mu iya kai a shiru da kuma natsuwa rai a duk taƙawa, kuma farjinsu.
2:3 Domin wannan abu ne mai kyau da kuma m, a wurin Allah Mai Cetonmu,
2:4 wanda yake so dukkan mutane su sami ceto su kuma zo a wani amincewa daga gaskiya.
2:5 Gama akwai Allah ɗaya, kuma daya matsakanci Allah da na mutane, da mutumin Almasihu Yesu,
2:6 wanda ya ba da kansa a matsayin mai fansa ga dukan, a matsayin shaida a kan fuskarta lokaci.
2:7 Daga wannan shaida, Ina da aka nada mai wa'azi, da Manzo, (Na yi magana da gaskiya, Ba na karya) kamar yadda wani malamin al'ummai, a cikin bangaskiya, da gaskiya kuma.
2:8 Saboda haka, Ina so mutane su yi addu'a a cikin kowane wuri, dagawa sama m hannayensu, ba tare da fushi ko fitina.
2:9 Haka nan ma, women should be dressed fittingly, adorning themselves with compunction and restraint, and not with plaited hair, nor gold, nor pearls, nor costly attire,
2:10 but in a manner proper for women who are professing piety by means of good works.
2:11 Let a woman learn in silence with all subjection.
2:12 For I do not permit a woman to teach, nor to be in authority over a man, but to be in silence.
2:13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve.
2:14 And Adam was not seduced, but the woman, having been seduced, was in transgression.
2:15 Yet she will be saved by bearing children, if she has continued in faith and love, and in sanctification accompanied by self-restraint.

1 Timoti 3

3:1 Yana da wani aminci maganarsu: Idan wani namiji ya kasance yanã nufin episcopate, ya yi nufin mai kyau aiki.
3:2 Saboda haka, shi wajibi ne ga wani bishop a bayan zargi, mijin daya matarsa, sober, basira, m, kamun kai, m, malami,
3:3 ba mashayi, ba combative amma kange, ba m, ba rõwa;
3:4 amma wani mutum wanda take kaiwa gidansa da, da ciwon yara suke ƙarƙashin da dukan farjinsu.
3:5 Domin idan wani mutum bai san yadda za a kai gidansa, yadda zai kula da Church of Allah?
3:6 Dole ne ya zama mai sabon tuba, kada, ana murna da girman kai, ya fada karkashin hukunci na shaidan.
3:7 Kuma wajibi ne a gare shi kuma ya yi kyau shaida daga waɗanda suke a waje, don haka abin da ya iya ba fada bata sunnan da tarkon shaidan.
3:8 Hakazalika, dattijan dole zama masu kamun kai, ba sau biyu tongued, ba da aka ba da yawa giya, ba bi shafe riba,
3:9 rike da asirin bangaskiya da lamiri mai tsabta.
3:10 Kuma waɗannan abubuwa ya kamata a tabbatar da farko, sa'an nan kuma suka may ministan, kasancewa ba tare da laifi.
3:11 Hakazalika, mata dole ne masu kamun kai, ba masu yanke ba, sober, aminci a dukan abin da.
3:12 Dattijan ya zama mijin daya matarsa, mutanen da suka kai kansu yara da nasu gidajen da.
3:13 Ga waɗanda suka hidima da kyau zai saya wa kansu wani kyau matsayi, da yawa amincewa ga bangaskiyarsu wanda yake ga Almasihu Yesu.
3:14 Ina rubuto maka waɗannan abubuwa., tare da fatan cewa, zan zo a gare ka nan da nan.
3:15 Amma, idan ina jinkirta, ya kamata ka sani da iri a cikin abin da shi wajibi ne su gudanar da kanka a cikin Haikalin Allah, wanda shine Church of Allah Rayayye, al'amudin kuma kafuwar gaskiya.
3:16 Kuma shi ne a fili girma, wannan asiri taƙawa, wanda aka bayyana shi da jiki, wanda aka barata a cikin Ruhu, wanda ya bayyana ga Mala'iku, wanda aka yi wa al'ummai wa'azinsa, wanda an yi ĩmãni a duniya, wanda aka dauka up a daukaka.

1 Timoti 4

4:1 Now the Spirit has clearly said that, in the end times, some persons will depart from the faith, paying attention to spirits of error and the doctrines of devils,
4:2 speaking lies in hypocrisy, and having their consciences seared,
4:3 prohibiting marriage, abstaining from foods, which God has created to be accepted with thanksgiving by the faithful and by those who have understood the truth.
4:4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing is to be rejected which is received with thanksgiving;
4:5 for it has been sanctified by the Word of God and by prayer.
4:6 By proposing these things to the brothers, you will be a good minister of Christ Jesus, nourished by words of faith, and by the good doctrine that you have secured.
4:7 But avoid the silly fables of old women. And exercise yourself so as to advance in piety.
4:8 For the exercise of the body is somewhat useful. But piety is useful in all things, holding the promise of life, in the present and in the future.
4:9 This is a faithful saying and worthy of full acceptance.
4:10 For this reason we labor and are maligned: because we hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, most especially of the faithful.
4:11 Instruct and teach these things.
4:12 Bari babu wanda ya raina ƙuruciyarka, amma zama wani misali daga cikin aminci a kalma, a halayyar, da sadaka, a cikin bangaskiya, a farjinsu.
4:13 Har sai na zo, halarci zuwa karatu, da yin gargaɗi, da kuma rukunan.
4:14 Kada su kasance a shirye don sakaci da alherin da yake cikin ku, wanda aka ba ka ta wurin annabci zuwa, tare da danniyan daga hannun aikin firist.
4:15 Yin zuzzurfan tunani a kan wadannan abubuwa, don haka da cewa ka ci gaba na iya zama bayyananne zuwa duk.
4:16 Kula da kanka da kuma don koyaswa. Bi wadannan abubuwa. Domin a cikin yin haka, za ka ceci kanka da waɗanda suke saurare zuwa gare ku.

1 Timoti 5

5:1 You should not rebuke an old man, but rather plead with him, as if he were your father; with young men, like brothers;
5:2 with old women, like mothers; with young women, in all chastity, like sisters.
5:3 Honor those widows who are true widows.
5:4 But if any widow has children or grandchildren, let her first learn to manage her own household, and to fulfill, bi da bi, her own obligation to her parents; for this is acceptable before God.
5:5 But she who is truly a widow and is destitute, let her hope in God, and let her be urgent in supplications and prayers, dare da rana.
5:6 For she who is living in pleasures is dead, while living.
5:7 And give instruction in this, so that they may be beyond reproach.
5:8 But if anyone has no concern for his own, and especially for those of his own household, he has denied the faith, and he is worse than an unbeliever.
5:9 Let a widow be chosen who is no less than sixty years of age, who was the wife of one husband,
5:10 who has testimony of her good works: whether she has educated children, or has provided hospitality, or has washed the feet of the saints, or has ministered to those suffering tribulation, or has pursued any kind of good work.
5:11 But avoid the younger widows. For once they have flourished in Christ, they will want to marry,
5:12 resulting in damnation, because they have disregarded the primacy of faith.
5:13 And being at the same time also idle, they learn to go from house to house, being not only idle, but also talkative and curious, speaking of things which do not concern them.
5:14 Saboda haka, I want the younger women to marry, to procreate children, to be mothers of families, to provide no ready opportunity for the adversary to speak evil.
5:15 For certain ones have already been turned back to Satan.
5:16 If any among the faithful have widows, let him minister to them and not burden the Church, so that there may be enough for those who are true widows.
5:17 Let priests who lead well be held worthy of twice the honor, especially those who labor in the Word and in doctrine.
5:18 Domin Littafi ce: “You shall not muzzle an ox as it is treading out the grain,"Kuma, “The worker is worthy of his pay.”
5:19 Do not be willing to accept an accusation against a priest, except under two or three witnesses.
5:20 Reprove sinners in the sight of everyone, so that the others may have fear.
5:21 I testify before God and Christ Jesus and the elect Angels, that you should observe these things without prejudgment, doing nothing which shows favoritism to either side.
5:22 You should not be quick to impose hands on anyone, nor should you take part in the sins of outsiders. Keep yourself chaste.
5:23 Do not continue to drink only water, but make use of a little wine, for the sake of your stomach and your frequent infirmities.
5:24 The sins of some men have been made manifest, preceding them to judgment, but those of others are manifested later.
5:25 Hakazalika, ma, good deeds have been made manifest, but even when they are not, they cannot remain hidden.

1 Timoti 6

6:1 Whoever are servants under the yoke, let them consider their masters to be worthy of every honor, lest the name and doctrine of the Lord be blasphemed.
6:2 Kuma waɗanda suka yi imani Masters, kada su raina su, domin su 'yan'uwa ne, amma bauta musu dukan more saboda ana imani da ƙaunataccen, mahalarta wannan
sabis. Koyarwa da kuma gargadi wadannan abubuwa.
6:3 Idan kowa ya koyar da in ba haka ba, kuma ba ya yarda da sahihiyar maganar Ubangijinmu Yesu Almasihu, da kuma cewa rukunan wanda yake daidai da taƙawa,
6:4 sa'an nan ya yi girman kai,, da sanin kome, tukuna languishing tsakiyan da tambayoyi da kuma husuma, da jayayya da kalmomi. Daga wadannan tashi hassada, hujja, sabo, mugunta zato:
6:5 da rikice-rikice na mutanen da suka gurbace a hankali da kuma hana gaskiya, wanda la'akari da riba zama taƙawa.
6:6 Amma taƙawa tare da isar da yake da girma riba.
6:7 Domin mu kawo kome a cikin wannan duniya, kuma babu shakka cewa ba za mu iya yi kome tafi.
6:8 Amma, da ciwon abubuwan gina jiki da kuma wasu irin rufe, ya kamata mu zama abun ciki tare da wadannan.
6:9 Ga wadanda suke so su zama attajirai fall cikin jaraba kuma a cikin tarkon Iblis, kuma a cikin da yawa m da kuma cutarwa zũciyõyinsu, wanda nutse maza a halaka su kuma yi hasarar.
6:10 Domin so shi ne tushen duk Mũnãnan ayyuka. wasu mutane, marmari a cikin wannan hanya, sun ɓace, ɓata daga bangaskiya da kuma sun lauye da kansu a cikin da yawa baƙin.
6:11 Amma ku, Ya mutumin Allah, gudu daga wadannan abubuwa, da gaske bi gaskiya, taƙawa, bangaskiyar, sadaka, haƙuri, tawali'u.
6:12 Yaki da kyau yaki na bangaskiya. Ka kãma da rai madawwami ga abin da kuka yi, an kira, da kuma yin mai kyau shaidar bangaskiya a gaban shaidu masu yawa.
6:13 Na yi muku umurni, a wurin Allah, wanda enlivens dukan kõme, kuma a wurin Almasihu Yesu, wanda ya ba da shaidar mai kyau sana'a a karkashin Buntus Bilatus,
6:14 su kiyaye umarnin, kullum suna, irreproachably, zuwa gare da dawowar Ubangijinmu Yesu Almasihu.
6:15 Domin a kan kari, zai bayyana da albarka kuma kawai Power, Sarkin sarakuna, kuma Ubangijin iyayengiji,
6:16 wanda shi kadai yake riƙe rashin mutuwa, kuma wanda ya yi kawaici a cikin m haske, wanda wani mutum bai gani, kuma bã ko da yake iya ganin, ga wanda yake girmama da kuma madawwamin mulki. Amin.
6:17 Instruct the wealthy of this age not to have a superior attitude, nor to hope in the uncertainty of riches, but in the living God, who offers us everything in abundance to enjoy,
6:18 and to do good, to become rich in good works, to donate readily, to share,
6:19 to gather for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may obtain true life.
6:20 O Timothy, guard what has been deposited with you, avoiding the voice of profane novelties and of opposing ideas, which are falsely called knowledge.
6:21 Certain persons, promising these things, have perished from the faith. Alheri kasance tare da ku. Amin.