Ch 12 ג'ון

ג'ון 12

12:1 Then six days before the Passover, Jesus went to Bethania, where Lazarus had died, whom Jesus raised up.
12:2 And they made a dinner for him there. And Martha was ministering. ובאמת, Lazarus was one of those who were sitting at table with him.
12:3 And then Mary took twelve ounces of pure spikenard ointment, very precious, and she anointed the feet of Jesus, and she wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the ointment.
12:4 Then one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, who was soon to betray him, אמר,
12:5 “Why was this ointment not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the needy?"
12:6 עכשיו הוא אמר את זה, not out of concern for the needy, but because he was a thief and, since he held the purse, he used to carry what was put into it.
12:7 אבל ישו אמר: “Permit her, so that she may keep it against the day of my burial.
12:8 For the poor, you have with you always. But me, you do always not have.”
12:9 Now a great multitude of the Jews knew that he was in that place, and so they came, not so much because of Jesus, but so that they might see Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead.
12:10 And the leaders of the priests planned to put Lazarus to death also.
12:11 For many of the Jews, because of him, were going away and were believing in Jesus.
12:12 אז, on the next day, the great crowd that had come to the feast day, when they had heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem,
12:13 took branches of palm trees, and they went ahead to meet him. And they were crying out: “Hosanna! אשרי מי שמגיע בשם ה ', מלך ישראל!"
12:14 And Jesus found a small donkey, and he sat upon it, just as it is written:
12:15 "אל תפחד, בת ציון. הנה, your king arrives, sitting on the colt of a donkey.”
12:16 At first, his disciples did not realize these things. But when Jesus was glorified, then they remembered that these things were written about him, and that these things happened to him.
12:17 And so the crowd that had been with him, when he called Lazarus from the tomb and raised him from the dead, עדות מוצעת.
12:18 בגלל זה, מדי, the crowd went out to meet him. For they heard that he had accomplished this sign.
12:19 לכן, the Pharisees said among themselves: “Do you see that we are accomplishing nothing? הנה, the entire world has gone after him.”
12:20 עכשיו היו גויים מסוימים בקרב מי עלה, כך שהם עלולים לסגוד ביום חג.
12:21 לכן, אלה פנו פיליפ, שהיה מן הצידה של גליל, והם עתרו לו, אומר: "אֲדוֹנִי, אנחנו רוצים לראות את ישו."
12:22 פיליפ הלך וסיפר אנדרו. הבא, אנדרו פיליפ אמר ישו.
12:23 ויען ישוע אותם באומרו: "השעה מגיעה כאשר בן אדם יהא מהולל.
12:24 אָמֵן, אָמֵן, אני אומר לכם, אלא אם גרגר החיטה נופל על הקרקע ומת,
12:25 הוא נשאר לבד. אבל אם הוא מת, זה מניב פירות הרבה. מי שאוהב את חייו, תאבד אותו. ומי ששונא את חייו בעולם הזה, ומשמר אותו אל חיי נצח.
12:26 אם מישהו אינו מטעה אותי, לתת לו ללכת בעקבות אותי. ואיפה אני, גם שם הראש שלי יהיה. אם מישהו שירת אותי, האבא שלי יכבד אותו.
12:27 עכשיו נשמתי מוטרדת. ומה שאני צריך לומר? אב, תציל אותי שעה זו? אבל זה מסיבה זו הגעתי שעה זו.
12:28 אב, להלל את השם שלך!" ואז קול מן השמים, "יש לי ופיארו אותה, ואני אפאר אותו שוב."
12:29 לכן, הקהל, אשר עמד ליד ושמע אותו, אמר כי זה היה כמו רעם. אחרים אומרים, "An Angel דיבר איתו."
12:30 ישו הגיב ואמר: "קול זה בא, לא למעני, אבל למענכם.
12:31 עכשיו זה שיקול דעת של העולם. עכשיו יהיה הנסיך של העולם הזה להיות לנדות.
12:32 וכשאני כבר הרים מהאדמה, אני אצייר את כל הדברים לעצמי."
12:33 (עכשיו הוא אמר את זה, המסמל איזה סוג של מוות הוא ימות.)
12:34 The crowd answered him: “We have heard, from the law, that the Christ remains forever. And so how can you say, ‘The Son of man must be lifted up?’ Who is this Son of man?"
12:35 לכן, ישו אמר להם: “For a brief time, the Light is among you. Walk while you have the Light, so that the darkness may not overtake you. But whoever walks in darkness does not know where is he going.
12:36 While you have the Light, believe in the Light, so that you may be sons of the Light.” Jesus spoke these things, and then he went away and hid himself from them.
12:37 And although he had done such great signs in their presence, they did not believe in him,
12:38 so that the word of the prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled, האומר: "אדון, who has believed in our hearing? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?"
12:39 בגלל זה, they were not able to believe, for Isaiah said again:
12:40 “He has blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart, so that they may not see with their eyes, ולהבין עם הלב שלהם, ו יומר: and then I would heal them.”
12:41 These things Isaiah said, when he saw his glory and was speaking about him.
12:42 עם זאת, באמת, many of the leaders also believed in him. But because of the Pharisees, they did not confess him, so that they would not be cast out of the synagogue.
12:43 For they loved the glory of men more than the glory of God.
12:44 But Jesus cried out and said: “Whoever believes in me, does not believe in me, but in him who sent me.
12:45 And whoever sees me, sees him who sent me.
12:46 I have arrived as a light to the world, so that all who believe in me might not remain in darkness.
12:47 And if anyone has heard my words and not kept them, I do not judge him. For I did not come so that I may judge the world, but so that I may save the world.
12:48 Whoever despises me and does not accept my words has one who judges him. The word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him on the last day.
12:49 For I am not speaking from myself, but from the Father who sent me. He gave a commandment to me as to what I should say and how I should speak.
12:50 And I know that his commandment is eternal life. לכן, the things that I speak, just as the Father has said to me, so also do I speak.”