מלאכי 1

1:1 The burden of the word of the Lord to Israel by the hand of Malachi.
1:2 I have loved you, אמר ה ', ואתה אומר, “In what way have you loved us?” Was not Esau brother to Jacob, אמר ה '? And have I not loved Jacob,
1:3 but held hatred for Esau? And I have set his mountains in solitude, and his inheritance with the serpents of the desert.
1:4 But if Idumea will say, “We have been destroyed, but when we return, we will build up what has been destroyed,” thus says the Lord of hosts: They will build up, and I will destroy. And they will be called “The limits of impiety,"ו, “The people with whom the Lord has been angry, even to eternity.”
1:5 And your eyes will see. ואתה אומר, “May the Lord be magnified beyond the limits of Israel.”
1:6 The son honors the father, and the servant his master. אם, לכן, I am Father, where is my honor? And if I am Master, where is my fear? says the Lord of hosts to you, O priests, who despise my name. ואתה אומר, “In what way, have we despised your name?"
1:7 You offer polluted bread upon my altar, ואתה אומר, “In what way, have we polluted you?” In that you say, “The table of the Lord has been despised.”
1:8 If you offer the blind for sacrifice, is this not evil? And if you offer the lame and the sick, is this not evil? Offer it to your leader, if he will be pleased with it, or if he will accept your face, אמר ה 'צבאות.
1:9 ועכשיו, beseech the face of God, so that he may have mercy on you (for by your hand has this been done) אם, in any way, he might accept your faces, אמר ה 'צבאות.
1:10 Who is there among you that would close the doors and enflame my altar without pay? I have no favor in you, אמר ה 'צבאות. And I will not accept a gift from your hand.
1:11 ל, מזריחת השמש אפילו ההגדרה שלה, my name is great among the Gentiles, and in every place, a clean oblation is being sacrificed and offered to my name. For my name is great among the Gentiles, אמר ה 'צבאות.
1:12 And you have polluted it, in that you say, “The table of the Lord has been contaminated; and that which is placed upon it is contemptible, compared with the fire that devours it.”
1:13 ואתה אומר, “Behold our labor,” and you have exhaled it away, אמר ה 'צבאות. And you brought in by plunder the lame, and the sick, and brought it in as a gift. How can I receive this from your hand, אמר ה '?
1:14 Cursed is the deceitful, who holds in his flock a male, ו, when making a vow, offers in sacrifice that which is feeble to the Lord. For I am a great King, אמר ה 'צבאות, and my name is dreadful among the Gentiles.

מלאכי 2

2:1 ועכשיו, O priests, this command is to you.
2:2 If you will refuse to listen, and if you will refuse to take it to heart, so as to give glory to my name, אמר ה 'צבאות, I will send destitution upon you, and I will curse your blessings; כן, I will curse them. For you have not taken it to heart.
2:3 הנה, I will cast forth an arm to you, and I will scatter across your face the dung of your solemnities, and it will take you to itself.
2:4 And you will know that I sent you this commandment, so that my covenant might be with Levi, אמר ה 'צבאות.
2:5 My covenant was with him for life and peace. And I gave him fear, and he feared me, and he was afraid before the face of my name.
2:6 The law of truth was in his mouth, and iniquity was not found on his lips. He walked with me in peace and integrity, and he turned away many from iniquity.
2:7 For the lips of the priests will keep knowledge, and they will request the law from his mouth, because he is an angel of the Lord of hosts.
2:8 But you have withdrawn from the way, and you have scandalized very many in the law. You have nullified the covenant of Levi, אמר ה 'צבאות.
2:9 בגלל זה, I also have made you contemptible and debased to all the people, just as you have not served my ways, and you have accepted a face in the law.
2:10 Is there not one Father of us all? Did not one God create us? למה, לאחר מכן, does each one of us despise his brother, violating the covenant of our fathers?
2:11 Judah has transgressed, and abomination has been committed in Israel and in Jerusalem. For Judah has contaminated the sanctified of the Lord, וזה מצא חן בעיניו, and has held the daughter of a strange god.
2:12 The Lord will drive away the man who has done this, both the teacher and the disciple, from the tabernacles of Jacob and from those offering a gift to the Lord of hosts.
2:13 And you have done this repeatedly: you have covered the altar of the Lord with tears, with weeping and bellowing, to such an extent that I no longer have respect towards the sacrifice, nor do I accept any appeasement that is from your hands.
2:14 ואתה אומר, “What is the reason for this?” It is because the Lord has been a witness between you and the wife of your youth, whom you have despised. Yet she was your partner, and the wife of your covenant.
2:15 Did not One make her, and is she not the remainder of his spirit? And what does one seek, except offspring of God? אז, preserve your spirit, and do not despise the wife of your youth.
2:16 If you would hold hatred, dismiss her, אמר ה ', אלוהים של ישראל. But iniquity will cover his garment, אמר ה 'צבאות. Preserve your spirit, and do not be willing to despise.
2:17 You have wearied the Lord with your speeches, ואתה אומר, “In what way, have we wearied him?” In that you say, “Everyone who does evil is good in the sight of the Lord, and such as these please him,” or certainly, “Where is the God of judgment?"

מלאכי 3

3:1 הנה, אני שולח מלאך שלי, והוא יכין את הדרך לפני פניי. ולאחריה את Sovereign, מי אתם מחפשים, ומלאך עדות, מי שאתה רוצה, יגיע לרקתו. הנה, הוא מתקרב, אמר ה 'צבאות.
3:2 ומי תוכל לשקול את יום כניסתו שלו, ומי יעמוד איתן על מנת לראות אותו? כי הוא כמו אש הזיקוק, וכמו של עשב פולר.
3:3 והוא יהיה יושב זיקוק וטיהור כסף, והוא יהיה לטהר את בני לוי, והוא יאסוף אותם כמו זהב וכסף כמו, והם יציעו קורבנות אל אדון צדק.
3:4 והקרבת יהודה ושל ירושלים תשמח ה ', בדיוק כמו בימים של דורות העבר, וכפי בשנים העתיקות.
3:5 And I will approach you in judgment, and I will be a swift witness against evil-doers, and adulterers, and perjurers, and those who cheat the hired hand in his wages, the widows and the orphans, and who oppress the traveler, and who have not feared me, אמר ה 'צבאות.
3:6 כי אני ה ', and I do not change. ואת, the sons of Jacob, have not been consumed.
3:7 ל, from the days of your fathers, you have withdrawn from my ordinances and have not kept them. Return to me, and I will return to you, אמר ה 'צבאות. ואתה אומר, “In what way, shall we return?"
3:8 If a man will afflict God, then you greatly afflict me. ואתה אומר, “In what way, do we afflict you?” In tithes and in first-fruits.
3:9 And you have been cursed with privation, and you greatly afflict me, even your entire people.
3:10 Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, and let there be food in my house. And test me about this, אמר ה ', as to whether I will not open to you the floodgates of heaven, and pour out to you a blessing, all the way to abundance.
3:11 And I will rebuke for your sakes the devourer, and he will not corrupt the fruit of your land. Neither will the vine in the field be barren, אמר ה 'צבאות.
3:12 And all nations will call you blessed. For you will be a desirable land, אמר ה 'צבאות.
3:13 המילים שלך אספו כוח עליי, אמר ה '.
3:14 ואתה אומר, "מה יש לנו דיברנו נגדך?"יש לך אמר, "הוא העמל לשווא המשרת את אלוהים,"ו, "מה יתרון הוא זה שיש לנו כל הזמן המצוות, ושיש לנו הלכנו בצער בעיני יהוה צבאות?
3:15 לכן, עכשיו אנחנו קוראים מבורכים יהירים, כאילו מי שעובד כפירה כבר בנוי, וכאילו הם מתפתים אלוהים ונשמרו ".
3:16 אז מי שחושש אלוהים דיבר, כל אחד עם שכנתו. ולורד לב ונענה. וספר הזיכרון נכתב בראייתו, למי שחושש מהלורד ועבור אלה הרואים את השם שלו.
3:17 והם יהיו חזקה המיוחדים שלי, אמר ה 'צבאות, ביום שאני פועל. ואני אחסוך להם, בדיוק כפי שאדם חוסך בנו המשמש אותו.
3:18 ואתה יהיה המיר, ואתה תראה את ההבדל בין הצודק והכופר, ובין מי שעובד את ה 'ומי שלא משרתים אותו.

מלאכי 4

4:1 ל, הנה, היום יגיע, נדלק כמו כבשן, וכל יהיר וכל אלו הפועלים impiously יהיו זיפים. וכבר ביום מתקרב יוסיף שמן למדורה אותם, אמר ה 'צבאות; זה ישאיר להם לא שורש, ולא נבט.
4:2 אבל לכם, החוששים שמי, שמש הצדק תקום, ובריאות תהיינה כנפיו. ואתה תצא ומזנק כמו השוקיים של העדר.
4:3 And you will trample the impious, while they will be ashes under the sole of your foot, ביום שאני פועל, אמר ה 'צבאות.
4:4 Remember the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded him on Horeb for all Israel, the precepts and the judgments.
4:5 הנה, אני אשלח לכם את אליה הנביא, לפני הגעתו של היום הגדול והנורא של ה '.
4:6 והוא יהפוך את לב אבות על בנים, והלב של בנים על אבותם, פן אבוא להכות את כדור הארץ עם לצנינים.