Paul's 2nd Letter to Timothy

2 Timothy 1

1:1 Paul, ib tug Thwj Tim ntawm Yexus Khetos los ntawm Vajtswv lub siab nyiam, in accord with the promise of the life which is in Christ Jesus,
1:2 mus rau Timaute, most beloved son. Hlub, txoj kev hlub tshua, kev sib haum xeeb, los ntawm Vajtswv Leej Txiv thiab los ntawm Yexus Khetos peb tus Tswv.
1:3 I give thanks to God, whom I serve, as my forefathers did, with a pure conscience. For without ceasing I hold the remembrance of you in my prayers, hnub thiab hmo ntuj,
1:4 desiring to see you, recalling your tears so as to be filled with joy,
1:5 calling to mind the same faith, which is in you unfeigned, which also first dwelt in your grandmother, Lois, and in your mother, Eunice, thiab kuj, I am certain, in you.
1:6 Vim hais tias ntawm no, Kuv ntuas nej mus rau revive lub kev tshav ntuj ntawm Vajtswv, uas yog nyob rau hauv koj los ntawm lub imposition ntawm kuv ob txhais tes.
1:7 Rau Vajtswv tsis tau muab peb ib tug ntsuj plig ntawm kev ntshai, tab sis ntawm virtue, thiab ntawm txoj kev hlub, thiab ntawm nws tus kheej-khi.
1:8 Thiab yog li ntawd, tsis poob ntsej muag rau zaj lus tim khawv ntawm peb tus Tswv, los yog kuv, nws raug txim. Es tsis txhob, koom tes nrog cov Txoj Moo Zoo nyob rau hauv accord nrog cov virtue ntawm Vajtswv,
1:9 who has freed us and has called us to his holy vocation, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given to us in Christ Jesus, before the ages of time.
1:10 And this has now been made manifest by the illumination of our Savior Jesus Christ, who certainly has destroyed death, and who has also illuminated life and incorruption through the Gospel.
1:11 Ntawm txoj Moo Zoo no, I have been appointed a preacher, and an Apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles.
1:12 Vim li no, I also suffer these things. But I am not confounded. For I know in whom I have believed, and I am certain that he has the power to preserve what was entrusted to me, unto that day.
1:13 Tuav rau hauv lub zoo ntawm lub suab lo lus uas koj tau hnov ​​los ntawm kuv nyob rau hauv txoj kev ntseeg thiab kev hlub uas yog nyob rau hauv Yexus Khetos.
1:14 Zov lub zoo muab rau koj los ntawm tus Vaj Ntsuj Plig, uas nyob hauv peb.
1:15 Know this: that all those who are in Asia have turned away from me, among whom are Phigellus and Hermogenes.
1:16 May the Lord have mercy on the house of Onesiphorus, because he has often refreshed me, and he has not been ashamed of my chains.
1:17 Es tsis txhob, when he had arrived in Rome, he anxiously sought me and found me.
1:18 May the Lord grant to him to obtain mercy from the Lord in that day. And you know well in how many ways he has ministered to me at Ephesus.

2 Timothy 2

2:1 Thiab raws li rau koj, kuv tus tub, be strengthened by the grace which is in Christ Jesus,
2:2 and by the things which you have heard from me through many witnesses. These things encourage faithful men, who shall then be suitable to teach others also.
2:3 Labor like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.
2:4 No man, acting as a soldier for God, entangles himself in worldly matters, so that he may be pleasing to him for whom he has proven himself.
2:5 Ces, heev, whoever strives in a competition is not crowned, unless he has competed lawfully.
2:6 The farmer who labors ought to be the first to share in the produce.
2:7 Understand what I am saying. For the Lord will give you understanding in all things.
2:8 Be mindful that the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the offspring of David, has risen again from the dead, raws li kuv txoj Moo Zoo.
2:9 I labor in this Gospel, even while chained like an evildoer. But the Word of God is not bound.
2:10 I endure all things for this reason: for the sake of the elect, yog li ntawd lawv, heev, may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus, with heavenly glory.
2:11 Nws yog ib tug hais tias: that if we have died with him, we will also live with him.
2:12 If we suffer, we will also reign with him. If we deny him, he will also deny us.
2:13 If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful: he is not able to deny himself.
2:14 Insist on these things, testifying before the Lord. Do not be contentious about words, for this is useful for nothing but the subversion of listeners.
2:15 Be solicitous in the task of presenting yourself before God as a proven and unashamed worker who has handled the Word of Truth correctly.
2:16 But avoid profane or empty talk. For these things advance one greatly in impiety.
2:17 And their word spreads like a cancer: among these are Hymenaeus and Philetus,
2:18 who have fallen away from the truth by saying that the resurrection is already complete. And so they have subverted the faith of certain persons.
2:19 But the firm foundation of God remains standing, having this seal: the Lord knows those who are his own, and all who know the name of the Lord depart from iniquity.
2:20 Tab sis, in a large house, there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also those of wood and of clay; and certainly some are held in honor, but others in dishonor.
2:21 If anyone, ces, will have cleansed himself from these things, he shall be a vessel held in honor, sanctified and useful to the Lord, prepared for every good work.
2:22 Yog li ntawd ces, flee from the desires of your youth, tsis tau tiag tiag, pursue justice, txoj kev ntseeg, vam thiab cia siab, sib hlub sib txhawb, thiab kev thaj yeeb, along with those who call upon the Lord from a pure heart.
2:23 But avoid foolish and undisciplined questions, for you know that these produce strife.
2:24 For the servant of the Lord must not be contentious, but instead he must be meek toward everyone, teachable, patient,
2:25 correcting with self-restraint those who resist the truth. For at any time God may give them repentance, so as to recognize the truth,
2:26 and then they may recover from the snares of the devil, by whom they are held captive at his will.

2 Timothy 3

3:1 And know this: that in the last days perilous times will press near.
3:2 Men will be lovers of themselves, greedy, self-exalting, khav, blasphemers, tsis mloog niam txiv, ungrateful, wicked,
3:3 tsis hlub, without peace, false accusers, unchaste, cruel, without kindness,
3:4 traitorous, reckless, self-important, loving pleasure more than God,
3:5 even having the appearance of piety while rejecting its virtue. Thiab yog li ntawd, avoid them.
3:6 For among these are ones who penetrate houses and lead away, like captives, foolish women burdened with sins, who are led away by means of various desires,
3:7 always learning, yet never achieving knowledge of the truth.
3:8 And in the same manner that Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so also will these resist the truth, men corrupted in mind, reprobates from the faith.
3:9 But they will not advance beyond a certain point. For the folly of the latter shall be made manifest to all, just as that of the former.
3:10 But you have fully comprehended my doctrine, instruction, purpose, txoj kev ntseeg, longsuffering, love, ua siab ntev,
3:11 persecutions, afflictions; such things as happened to me at Antioch, at Iconium, and at Lystra; how I endured persecutions, and how the Lord rescued me from everything.
3:12 And all those who willingly live the piety in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.
3:13 But evil men and deceivers will advance in evil, erring and sending into error.
3:14 Tsis tau tiag tiag, koj yuav tsum nyob twj ywm nyob rau hauv cov tej yam uas koj tau kawm thiab uas tau raug muab rau koj. Rau koj paub los ntawm leej twg koj tau kawm lawv.
3:15 Thiab, los ntawm koj kiag, koj tau paub cov dawb huv vaj lug kub, uas yog tau qhia koj mus rau txoj kev cawm seej, los ntawm txoj kev ntseeg uas yog nyob rau hauv Yexus Khetos.
3:16 Tag nrho cov vaj, tau los ntawm Vajtswv los tshoov, yog pab tau rau cov kev qhia, rau reproof, rau kev kho, thiab rau kev qhia ntawv nyob rau hauv kev ncaj ncees,
3:17 yog li ntawd tus txiv neej ntawm Vajtswv tej zaum yuav zoo meej, tau kev kawm rau txhua txhua zoo ua hauj lwm.

2 Timothy 4

4:1 Kuv ua tim khawv ua ntej Vajtswv, thiab ua ntej Yexus Khetos, uas yuav txiav txim rau cov neeg ciaj thiab cov neeg tuag los ntawm nws rov qab thiab nws lub nceeg vaj:
4:2 tias koj yuav tsum tshaj tawm txoj lo lus urgently, nyob rau hauv lub caij thiab tawm ntawm lub caij: tu, entreat, rebuke, nrog tag nrho cov siab ntev thiab tej lus qhuab qhia.
4:3 For there shall be a time when they will not endure sound doctrine, tab sis xwb, according to their own desires, they will gather to themselves teachers, with itching ears,
4:4 and certainly, they will turn their hearing away from the truth, and they will be turned toward fables.
4:5 Tab sis raws li rau koj, tiag tiag, yuav tsev, laboring in all things. Do the work of an Evangelist, fulfilling your ministry. Show self-restraint.
4:6 Kuv tabtom twb tau hnav deb, thiab lub sij hawm ntawm kuv xaus presses ze.
4:7 Kuv tau tawm tsam cov zoo sib ntaus. Kuv tau ua kom tiav rau thaum kawg. Kuv tau tseg txoj kev ntseeg.
4:8 Raws li rau qhov seem, ib tug crown ntawm kev ncaj ncees tau raug tshwj tseg rau kuv, ib tug uas tus Tswv, tus xwb kws txiav txim plaub, yuav kav rau kuv nyob rau hauv hnub ntawd, thiab tsis yog rau kuv, tab sis kuj mus rau cov neeg uas saib rau pem hauv ntej rau nws rov qab. Tsuag tsuag rov qab mus rau kuv sai sai.
4:9 For Demas has abandoned me, out of love for this age, and he has departed for Thessalonica.
4:10 Kelexes mus rau Kalatias; Titus rau Dalmatia.
4:11 Lukas ib leeg yog nrog kuv. Noj Mark thiab coj nws nrog koj; rau nws yog pab tau rau kuv nyob rau hauv lub hauj lwm qhuab qhia.
4:12 Tab sis Tikhikus kuv tau xa mus rau lub moos Efexau.
4:13 Thaum koj rov qab, coj nrog koj cov khoom uas kuv tawm nrog Carpus ntawm Troas, thiab cov phau ntawv, tab sis tshwj xeeb tshaj yog cov parchments.
4:14 Alexander lub coppersmith tau qhia rau kuv ntau npaum li cas phem; tus Tswv yuav them rov qab rau nws raws li nws tej hauj lwm.
4:15 Thiab koj yuav tsum tsis txhob rau nws; rau nws tau xav tsis kam peb cov lus.
4:16 Thaum kuv thawj zaug tiv thaiv, tsis muaj ib tug sawv los ntawm kuv, tab sis txhua leej txhua tus uas kuv. Tej zaum nws tsis tau suav tawm tsam lawv!
4:17 Tiam sis tus Tswv sawv nrog kuv thiab ntxiv dag zog rau kuv, yog li ntawd los ntawm kuv tshaj tawm txoj xov yuav tsum accomplished, thiab yog li ntawd tag nrho cov lwm haiv neeg yuav hnov. Thiab kuv twb freed los ntawm lub qhov ncauj ntawm tus tsov ntxhuav.
4:18 Tus Tswv tau tso kuv los ntawm txhua yam kev phem ua hauj lwm, thiab nws yuav ua kom muaj txoj kev cawm seej los ntawm nws saum ntuj ceeb tsheej nceeg vaj. Yuav kom nws tau koob meej mus ib txhis thiab puas tau. Amen.
4:19 Greet Prisca, and Aquila, and the household of Onesiphorus.
4:20 Erastus remained at Corinth. And Trophimus I left sick at Miletus.
4:21 Hurry to arrive before winter. Eubulus, and Pudens, and Linus, and Claudia, and all the brothers greet you.
4:22 May the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Tej zaum grace yuav nrog koj. Amen.