Paul's 1st Letter to Timothy

1 Timothy 1

1:1 Paul, Rasul Yesus Kristus dening panguwasa saka Gusti Allah, Pamarta kita lan Gusti Yésus Kristus pangarep-arep kita,
1:2 Timothy, putra kinasih ing iman. Grace, sih, lan tentrem-rahayu, saka Allah Sang Rama lan saka Gusti Yésus Kristus, Gusti kita.
1:3 Now I asked you to remain at Ephesus, while I went into Macedonia, so that you would speak strongly against certain ones who have been teaching a different way,
1:4 against those who have been paying attention to fables and endless genealogies. These things present questions as if they were greater than the edification that is of God, which is in faith.
1:5 Now the goal of instruction is charity from a pure heart, and a good conscience, and an unfeigned faith.
1:6 Certain persons, wandering away from these things, have been turned aside to empty babbling,
1:7 desiring to be teachers of the law, but understanding neither the things that they themselves are saying, nor what they are affirming about these things.
1:8 But we know that the law is good, if one makes use of it properly.
1:9 Knowing this, that the law was not set in place for the just, but for the unjust and the insubordinate, for the impious and sinners, for the wicked and the defiled, for those who commit patricide, matricide, or homicide,
1:10 for fornicators, for males who sleep with males, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine,
1:11 which is in accord with the Gospel of the glory of the blessed God, the Gospel which has been entrusted to me.
1:12 Aku menehi thanks kanggo wong sing wis paring kakuwatan marang aku, Kristus Yesus, Gusti kita, amarga wis dianggep kula setya, manggonke kula ing pelayanan,
1:13 sanadyan sadurunge aku nyenyamah, lan nganiaya a, lan contemptuous. Nanging banjur aku dijupuk rahmating Allah. Kanggo aku wis tumindak ignorantly, ing pracaya.
1:14 Lan sih-rahmat, Gusti kita wis Anggoné nemen, karo iman lan katresnan kang ana ing Sang Kristus Yesus.
1:15 Iku ngomong setya, lan pantes nampi dening everyone, sing Gusti Yésus Kristus teka nang jagat kéné kanggo nggawa keslametan kanggo wong-wong dosa, supaya dakwartakaké, iya page.
1:16 Nanging ana alesan sing aku dijupuk sih, supaya ing kula minangka page, Sang Kristus Yesus bakal nampilake kabeh sabar, kanggo instruction sing bakal pretyaya marang Dèkné marang urip langgeng.
1:17 Supaya banjur, King abad, kanggo langgeng, siro, Gusti Allah dhewekan, kudu diluhurké selawas-lawasé. Amin.
1:18 This precept I commend to you, my son Timothy, in accord with the prophets who preceded you: that you serve among them like a soldier in a good war,
1:19 holding to faith and good conscience, against those who, by rejecting these things, have made a shipwreck of the faith.
1:20 Among these are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have handed over to Satan, so that they may learn not to blaspheme.

1 Timothy 2

2:1 Lan aku nyuwun, pisanan kabeh, kanggo nggawe panyuwun, shalat, pandonga, lan pamuji sokur kanggo kabeh wong,
2:2 kanggo raja, lan kanggo kabeh sing ana ing tengger-tengger, supaya kita bisa mimpin gesang sepi lan tranquil ing kabeh sadulur lan murni.
2:3 Kanggo iki apik lan ditrima ing ngarsane Gusti Allah, Pamarta kita,
2:4 sing kepengin kabeh wong kanggo disimpen lan teka ing pengakon saka bebener.
2:5 Ora ana siji Gusti Allah, lan siji mediator Gusti Allah lan wong, wong Kristus Yesus,
2:6 sing maringi piyambakipun minangka tebusan kanggo kabeh, minangka paseksi ing wektu sing tepat sawijining.
2:7 Saka menèh, Aku wis diangkat dadi juru pawarta lan Rasul, (Aku nganggo bebener, Aku ora ngapusi) minangka guru ing bangsa-bangsa liya, ing iman lan ing bebener.
2:8 Mulane, Aku pengin wong ndedonga ing saben panggonan, ngunggahké tangané murni, tanpa nesu utawa dissension.
2:9 Kajaba uga, women should be dressed fittingly, adorning themselves with compunction and restraint, and not with plaited hair, nor gold, nor pearls, nor costly attire,
2:10 but in a manner proper for women who are professing piety by means of good works.
2:11 Let a woman learn in silence with all subjection.
2:12 For I do not permit a woman to teach, nor to be in authority over a man, but to be in silence.
2:13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve.
2:14 And Adam was not seduced, but the woman, having been seduced, was in transgression.
2:15 Yet she will be saved by bearing children, if she has continued in faith and love, and in sanctification accompanied by self-restraint.

1 Timothy 3

3:1 Iku ngomong setya: if a man desires the episcopate, he desires a good work.
3:2 Mulane, iku perlu kanggo bishop dadi yèn, ing somahé siji, sober, ngati-ati, grapyak, sarehning, grapyak, guru,
3:3 ora seneng ngombe, ora pemberontak nanging nahan, ora quarrelsome, kapir;
3:4 nanging wong sing ndadékaké omahe dhewe uga, gadhah anak sing sambetaken kaliyan karo kabeh murni.
3:5 Kanggo yen wong ora ngerti carane kanggo mimpin omahe dhewe, carane bakal njupuk care saka Gréja Allah?
3:6 Dheweke ora kudu Ngonversi anyar, supaya aja, kang elated dening bangga, kang bisa tiba ing ukara Iblis.
3:7 Lan iku perlu kanggo wong uga duwe paseksene apik saka wong-wong jaba, supaya wong bisa ora tiba menyang disrepute lan sangsara saka Iblis.
3:8 Kajaba, peladèné pasamuan kudu dadi suci, ora pindho tongued, ora diwenehi kanggo akeh anggur, ora nggayuh MediaWiki kecampuran,
3:9 nyekeli kanggo wewadining pracaya karo swaraning ati kang resik.
3:10 Iku mau kabèh kudu buktiaken pisanan, lan banjur padha bisa mentri, kang ora cacad.
3:11 Kajaba, wanita kudu dadi suci, ora dhemen mitenah, sober, dipracaya ing samubarang kabèh.
3:12 Deacons arep somahé siji, wong-wong sing mimpin anak dhewe lan omah dhewe uga.
3:13 For those who have ministered well will acquire for themselves a good position, and much confidence in the faith which is in Christ Jesus.
3:14 Aku nulis marang kowé iki, kanthi pangarep-arep sing aku bakal teka niliki kowé.
3:15 Nanging, yen aku telat, sampeyan kudu ngerti proses kang perlu kanggo tumindak dhewe ing padalemane Gusti Allah, kang Gréja Gusti Allah sing urip, tugu lan ing madegé saka bebener.
3:16 Lan iku cetha gedhe, misteri iki sadulur, kang dicethakaké ana ing daging, kang kabeneraké ana ing Roh, kang wis ngatingal marang Angels, kang wis kawartakaké marang bangsa-bangsa liya, kang pracaya ing donya, kang wis dijupuk munggah ing kamulyan.

1 Timothy 4

4:1 Now the Spirit has clearly said that, in the end times, some persons will depart from the faith, paying attention to spirits of error and the doctrines of devils,
4:2 speaking lies in hypocrisy, and having their consciences seared,
4:3 prohibiting marriage, abstaining from foods, which God has created to be accepted with thanksgiving by the faithful and by those who have understood the truth.
4:4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing is to be rejected which is received with thanksgiving;
4:5 for it has been sanctified by the Word of God and by prayer.
4:6 By proposing these things to the brothers, you will be a good minister of Christ Jesus, nourished by words of faith, and by the good doctrine that you have secured.
4:7 But avoid the silly fables of old women. And exercise yourself so as to advance in piety.
4:8 For the exercise of the body is somewhat useful. But piety is useful in all things, holding the promise of life, in the present and in the future.
4:9 This is a faithful saying and worthy of full acceptance.
4:10 For this reason we labor and are maligned: because we hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, most especially of the faithful.
4:11 Instruct and teach these things.
4:12 Ayo ana wong kang nyepelekake muda Panjenengan, nanging dadi conto antarane setya ing tembung, ing prilaku, ing charity, ing iman, ing murni.
4:13 Nganti aku teka, rawuh kanggo maca, kanggo pitutur, lan doktrin.
4:14 Aja gelem watak cerobo sih-rahmat kang ana ing kowé, kang diwenehi kanggo sampeyan liwat nabi, karo imposition saka tangan saka priesthood.
4:15 Tapa ing bab iki, supaya proses uga catetan kanggo kabeh.
4:16 Pay manungsa waé kanggo dhewe lan doktrin. Nguber iku iki. Kanggo ing mengkono, sampeyan bakal nyimpen loro dhewe lan wong-wong sing ngrungokake.

1 Timothy 5

5:1 You should not rebuke an old man, but rather plead with him, as if he were your father; with young men, like brothers;
5:2 with old women, like mothers; with young women, in all chastity, like sisters.
5:3 Honor those widows who are true widows.
5:4 But if any widow has children or grandchildren, let her first learn to manage her own household, and to fulfill, in turn, her own obligation to her parents; for this is acceptable before God.
5:5 But she who is truly a widow and is destitute, let her hope in God, and let her be urgent in supplications and prayers, wengi lan dina.
5:6 For she who is living in pleasures is dead, while living.
5:7 And give instruction in this, so that they may be beyond reproach.
5:8 But if anyone has no concern for his own, and especially for those of his own household, he has denied the faith, and he is worse than an unbeliever.
5:9 Let a widow be chosen who is no less than sixty years of age, who was the wife of one husband,
5:10 who has testimony of her good works: whether she has educated children, or has provided hospitality, or has washed the feet of the saints, or has ministered to those suffering tribulation, or has pursued any kind of good work.
5:11 But avoid the younger widows. For once they have flourished in Christ, they will want to marry,
5:12 resulting in damnation, because they have disregarded the primacy of faith.
5:13 And being at the same time also idle, they learn to go from house to house, being not only idle, but also talkative and curious, speaking of things which do not concern them.
5:14 Mulane, I want the younger women to marry, to procreate children, to be mothers of families, to provide no ready opportunity for the adversary to speak evil.
5:15 For certain ones have already been turned back to Satan.
5:16 If any among the faithful have widows, let him minister to them and not burden the Church, so that there may be enough for those who are true widows.
5:17 Let priests who lead well be held worthy of twice the honor, especially those who labor in the Word and in doctrine.
5:18 Kanggo Kitab Suci ngandika: “You shall not muzzle an ox as it is treading out the grain,"Lan, “The worker is worthy of his pay.”
5:19 Do not be willing to accept an accusation against a priest, except under two or three witnesses.
5:20 Reprove sinners in the sight of everyone, so that the others may have fear.
5:21 I testify before God and Christ Jesus and the elect Angels, that you should observe these things without prejudgment, doing nothing which shows favoritism to either side.
5:22 You should not be quick to impose hands on anyone, nor should you take part in the sins of outsiders. Keep yourself chaste.
5:23 Do not continue to drink only water, but make use of a little wine, for the sake of your stomach and your frequent infirmities.
5:24 The sins of some men have been made manifest, preceding them to judgment, but those of others are manifested later.
5:25 Kajaba, banget, good deeds have been made manifest, but even when they are not, they cannot remain hidden.

1 Timothy 6

6:1 Whoever are servants under the yoke, let them consider their masters to be worthy of every honor, lest the name and doctrine of the Lord be blasphemed.
6:2 Nanging wong-wong sing duwe pracaya Master, supaya wong-wong mau ora nyepelekake wong amarga padha-padha sadulur, nanging rodo ngawula kabeh liyane amarga lagi pracaya lan kinasih, peserta saka padha
layanan. Mulang lan padha dakpituturi bab iki.
6:3 Yen sapa mulang digunakake, lan ora idin kanggo tembung swara saka Gusti kita Yésus Kristus, lan doktrin sing kang condhong karo sadulur,
6:4 banjur iku arrogant, ngerti apa-apa, durung languishing di kupeng pitakonan lan padudon tembung. Saka iki njedhul meri, pratelan, pitenah, Kasujanan ala:
6:5 konflik saka wong-wong sing wis rusak ing atine lan sangsoro saka bebener, sing nimbang MediaWiki dadi sadulur.
6:6 Nanging bekti karo dosané iku ngolèhaké kauntungan gedhé.
6:7 Awit aku nggawa apa-apa ing donya iki, lan ora ana sangsi sing kita bisa nggawa apa-apa adoh.
6:8 Nanging, gadhah gizi lan sawetara jenis panutup, kita kudu isi karo iki.
6:9 Sing pengin dadi sugih padha tumiba ing panggodha lan ing kala Iblis lan kathah kepinginan guna lan mbebayani, kang nganti wong ing karusakan lan ing karusakan.
6:10 Kanggo kepinginan punika ROOT kabeh evils. sawetara wong, hungering ing cara iki, wis strayed saka iman lan wis entangled piyambak ing akeh kasusahan.
6:11 nanging sampeyan, O abdining Allah, nyingkiri iku iki, lan saestu nguber kaadilan, sadulur, iman, amal, sabar, kasor.
6:12 Perang ing perang apik saka iman. Njupuk ditahan saka urip langgeng sing wis disebut, lan nggawe Profesi apik iman ing ngarsane akeh saksi.
6:13 Aku ngisi sing, ing ngarsane Gusti Allah, sing enlivens kabeh iku, lan ing ngarsane Sang Kristus Yesus, sing diparingi mirengake opo kang Profesi apik ing Pontius Pilatus,
6:14 kanggo mirsani angger-angger, immaculately, irreproachably, marang bali saka Gusti kita Yésus Kristus.
6:15 Kanggo ing wektu sing tepat, Panjenengané bakal mbukak Power rahayu lan mung, Raja raja lan Gustiné para gusti,
6:16 sing piyambak ngemu pati, lan sing manggon ing cahya ora bisa diliwati, Ora ana wong sing tau weruh, utawa malah bisa kanggo ndeleng, kanggo kang pakurmatan lan pangwasa ing selawasé!. Amin.
6:17 Instruct the wealthy of this age not to have a superior attitude, nor to hope in the uncertainty of riches, but in the living God, who offers us everything in abundance to enjoy,
6:18 and to do good, to become rich in good works, to donate readily, to share,
6:19 to gather for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may obtain true life.
6:20 O Timothy, guard what has been deposited with you, avoiding the voice of profane novelties and of opposing ideas, which are falsely called knowledge.
6:21 Certain persons, promising these things, have perished from the faith. Bisa ngétokké kabetyikané dadi karo sampeyan. Amin.