2 Paoly taratasiny ho an'ny Korintianina

2 Corinthians 1

1:1 Paul, Apostolin'i Kristy Jesosy noho ny sitrapon'Andriamanitra, ary Timoty, ny rahalahy iray, 'ny fiangonan' Andriamanitra, izay any Korinto, amin'ny olona masina rehetra izay any Akaia rehetra:
1:2 Anie ny fahasoavana sy ny fiadanana ho aminareo avy amin'Andriamanitra Raintsika sy Jesosy Kristy Tompo.
1:3 Isaorana anie Andriamanitra, Rain'i Jesosy Kristy Tompontsika, ny Rain'ny famindram-po sady Andriamanitry ny fampiononana rehetra,.
1:4 Izy Nampahery antsika amin'ny fahoriantsika rehetra, ka dia koa isika dia mety ho afaka hampionona ireo izay na inona na inona karazana fahoriana, ny alalan 'ny fananarana izay izahay koa dia efa namporisika' Andriamanitra.
1:5 Fa toy ny fijalian'i Kristy be dia be ao anatintsika, dia tahaka izany koa, amin'ny alalan'i Kristy, no nampitombo ny fampiononana.
1:6 Noho izany, raha ao anatin'ny fahoriana izahay, dia noho ny fananarana sy ny famonjena, na raha any fampiononana, dia noho ny fampiononana, na raha Ampirisihina, dia noho ny fananarana sy ny famonjena, izay miteraka fiaretana ny faharetana ihany ny filan'ny nofo izay miaritra ihany koa.
1:7 Ho tahaka izany anie ny fanantenanay anareo ho mafy orina, satria fantatrareo fa, toy ny mpandray anjara ianao ao amin'ny fijaliana, toy izany koa no ianao ho mpandray anjara eo amin'ny fampiononana.
1:8 For we do not want you to be ignorant, rahalahy, about our tribulation, which happened to us in Asia. For we were weighed down beyond measure, beyond our strength, so that we became weary, even of life itself.
1:9 But we had within ourselves the response to death, so that we would not have faith in ourselves, but in God, who raises the dead.
1:10 He has rescued us, and he is rescuing us, from great peril. Izy no, we hope that he will continue to rescue us.
1:11 And you are assisting, with your prayers for us, so that from many persons, by that which is a gift in us, thanks may be given through many persons, because of us.
1:12 For our glory is this: the testimony of our conscience, which is found in simplicity of heart and in sincerity toward God. And it is not with worldly wisdom, but in the grace of God, that we have conversed with this world, and more abundantly toward you.
1:13 For we write nothing else to you other than what you have read and understood. And I hope that you will continue to understand, hatramin 'ny farany.
1:14 And just as you have acknowledged us in our role, that we are your glory, so also you are ours, unto the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.
1:15 And with this confidence, I wanted to come to you sooner, so that you might have a second grace,
1:16 and through you to pass into Macedonia, and to return to you again from Macedonia, and so be led by you on my way to Judea.
1:17 Avy eo, although I had intended this, did I act lightly? Or in the things that I consider, do I consider according to the flesh, so that there would be, with me, Eny na dia No?
1:18 Nefa mahatoky Andriamanitra, toy izany ny teny, izay napetrako teo anoloanareo, tsy, ao aminy, Eny na dia No.
1:19 Fa ny Zanak 'Andriamanitra, Jesoa Kristy, Izay notorinay teo aminareo izahay, ny alalan 'ny tenako sy Sylvanus sy Timoty, Tsy Eny, ary No; saingy fotsiny ao aminy Eny.
1:20 Fa na inona na inona fampanantenana dia avy amin'Andriamanitra dia, ao aminy, Eny. Izany no antony, koa, alalany: Amen an'Andriamanitra noho ny voninahitra.
1:21 Ary ny Iray izay manamafy anay miaraka aminareo ao amin'i Kristy, ary iza no nanosotra antsika, Andriamanitra.
1:22 Ary efa voaisy tombo-kase antsika, ary efa nametraka ny antoky ny Fanahy ao am-pontsika.
1:23 But I call God as a witness to my soul, that I was lenient with you, in that I did not return to Corinth:
1:24 not because we have dominion over your faith, but because we are assistants of your joy. For by faith you stand.

2 Corinthians 2

2:1 But I determined this within myself, not to return again to you in sorrow.
2:2 For if I make you sorrowful, then who is it that can make me glad, except the one who is made sorrowful by me?
2:3 Ary noho izany, I wrote this same thing to you, so that I might not, when I arrive, add sorrow to sorrow for those with whom I ought to rejoice, having confidence in you in all things, so that my joy may be entirely yours.
2:4 For with much tribulation and anguish of heart, I wrote to you with many tears: not so that you would be sorrowful, but so that you might know the charity that I have more abundantly toward you.
2:5 But if anyone has brought sorrow, he has not sorrowed me. Na izany aza, for my part, this is so that I might not burden all of you.
2:6 Let this rebuke be sufficient for someone like this, for it has been brought by many.
2:7 Koa dia, ny mifanohitra, you should be more forgiving and consoling, lest perhaps someone like this may be overwhelmed with excessive sorrow.
2:8 Noho io, I beg you to confirm your charity toward him.
2:9 It was for this reason, koa, that I wrote, so that I might know, by testing you, whether you would be obedient in all things.
2:10 But anyone whom you have forgiven of anything, I also forgive. Ary avy eo, koa, anyone I have forgiven, if I have forgiven anything, it was done in the person of Christ for your sakes,
2:11 so that we would not be circumvented by Satan. For we are not ignorant of his intentions.
2:12 And when I had arrived at Troas, because of the Gospel of Christ, and a door had opened to me in the Lord,
2:13 I had no rest within my spirit, because I was not able to find Titus, ny anadahiko. Noho izany, saying goodbye to them, I set out for Macedonia.
2:14 Fa isaorana anie Andriamanitra, who always brings triumph to us in Christ Jesus, and who manifests the fragrance of his knowledge through us in every place.
2:15 For we are the sweet fragrance of Christ for God, both with those who are being saved and with those who are perishing.
2:16 To the one, Azo antoka fa, the fragrance is of death unto death. But to the other, the fragrance is of life unto life. And concerning these things, who is so suitable?
2:17 For we are not like many others, adulterating the Word of God. Fa raha tokony, we speak with sincerity: from God, eo anoloan 'Andriamanitra, and in Christ.

2 Corinthians 3

3:1 Must we begin again to commend ourselves? Or are we in need (as some are) of epistles of commendation for you, or from you?
3:2 You are our Epistle, written in our hearts, which is known and read by all men.
3:3 It has been made manifest that you are the Epistle of Christ, ministered by us, and written down, not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God, and not on tablets of stone, but on the fleshly tablets of the heart.
3:4 Ary manana finoana toy izany, amin'ny alalan'i Kristy, amin'Andriamanitra.
3:5 Tsy ampy fa izahay dia mieritreritra na inona na inona ny tenantsika, toy ny hoe na inona na inona avy amintsika. Fa ny adequacy dia avy amin'Andriamanitra.
3:6 Ary efa nanao antsika sahaza mpitory ny Testamenta Vaovao, fa tsy amin'ny soratra, fa ao amin'ny Fanahy. Fa ny soratra mahafaty, fa ny Fanahy no mahavelona.
3:7 Fa raha ny fanompoana nitondra fahafatesana, voasokitra tamin'ny taratasy teo vato, dia amin'ny voninahitra, (loatra ka ny Zanak'Isiraely dia tsy afaka hijery tsara eo amin'ny tavan'i Mosesy, noho ny voninahitry ny tavany) na dia fanompoana izany dia tsy mahomby,
3:8 Ahoana no mety ny fanompoana nitondra ny fanahy, fa tsy ho amin'ny voninahitra bebe kokoa?
3:9 Fa raha ny fanompoana nitondra ny fanamelohana, no momba voninahitra, betsaka kokoa ny fanompoana mitondra ny fahamarinana be voninahitra.
3:10 Ary tsy nisy nanome voninahitra amin'ny alalan'ny iray voninahitra lehibe indrindra, na dia natao malaza amin'ny fomba manokana.
3:11 Fa raha vonjimaika na dia izay manana ny voninahiny, dia izay maharitra manan-dia voninahitra lehibe kokoa.
3:12 Noho izany, having such a hope, we act with much confidence,
3:13 and not as Moses did, in placing a veil over his face, so that the sons of Israel would not gaze intently at his face. This was ineffective,
3:14 for their minds were obtuse. Ary, na dia mandraka androany, the very same veil, in the readings from the Old Testament, remains not taken away (anefa, ao amin'i Kristy, it is taken away).
3:15 Fa na dia hatramin'ny androany, raha vakina ny tenin'i Mosesy, Mbola misy lamba manarona, mpifehy ny fony.
3:16 Fa rehefa Ho efa niova fo ho an'ny Tompo, Ary ny efitra lamba dia hesorina.
3:17 Ary ny Fanahy no Tompo. Ary na aiza na aiza ny Fanahin 'ny Tompo no, misy fahafahana.
3:18 Na izany aza tena, antsika rehetra, rehefa tsy misarom-boaly faly mijery ny voninahitry ny tavan'ny Tompo, dia niova tarehy hahazo izany endrika izany, avy amin'ny voninahitra ka ho amin'ny iray hafa. Ary izany dia nataony 'ny Fanahin' ny Tompo.

2 Corinthians 4

4:1 Noho izany, satria manana izany fanompoana izany, ary in araka izay efa nahazo famindram-po ho an'ny tenantsika, isika dia tsy ho tsy mahay.
4:2 For we renounce dishonorable and hidden acts, not walking by craftiness, nor by adulterating the Word of God. Fa tsy, by the manifestation of truth, we commend ourselves to the conscience of each man before God.
4:3 Fa raha ny Filazantsara dia tamin'ny fomba miafina, dia miafina amin'izay ho very.
4:4 Ny amin'izay, ny andriamanitr'ity tontolo izao no manajamba ny sain'ny tsy mino, ka ny fahazavan'ny filazantsaran'ny voninahitr'i Kristy,, Izay endrik'Andriamanitra 'Andriamanitra, tsy hamirapiratra ao aminy.
4:5 Fa isika tsy mitory momba ny tenantsika, fa momba an'i Jesosy Kristy Tompontsika. Fotsiny izahay amin'ny alalan'i Jesosy ny mpanomponao.
4:6 Fa Andriamanitra, izay nilaza ny mazava hamirapiratra avy ao amin'ny haizina, no nampahazava ny fahazavana ao am-pontsika, mba hanazava ny fahalalana ny famirapiratan'ny 'Andriamanitra, teo imason'i Kristy Jesosy.
4:7 Fa izahay manana izao rakitra izao amin'ny vilany tany, ka dia inona no mety ho tena ambony mikasika ny herin 'Andriamanitra, fa tsy ho avy amintsika.
4:8 Amin'ny zava-drehetra, miaritra fahoriana, nefa isika tsy amin'ny tebiteby. Isika tery, nefa isika tsy mandatsaka ny.
4:9 Miaritra fanenjehana, nefa isika tsy nilaozan'ny. Azera izahay, nefa tsy ho faty.
4:10 Isika ve mitondra manodidina ny hampijalian-tena 'i Jesoa ao amin' ny vatantsika, ka ny fiainan'i Jesosy koa haseho ao amin'ny vatantsika.
4:11 Fa izahay izay velona dia mbola natolotra ho faty noho ny amin'i Jesosy, ka ny fiainan'i Jesosy koa haseho ao amin'ny nofonay mety maty.
4:12 Noho izany, ny fahafatesana no miasa ao amintsika, ary ny fiainana no miasa ao aminareo.
4:13 Fa izahay manana ny Fanahy dia iray ihany ny finoana. Ary araka ny voasoratra, "Nino aho, ary noho izany antony izany no niteny,"Tahaka izany koa isika mino, ary noho izany antony izany, izahay koa miteny.
4:14 Fa fantatsika fa ny iray, izay nanangana an'i Jesosy dia hanangana antsika koa miaraka amin'i Jesosy ka hametraka anay miaraka aminareo.
4:15 Dia toy izany no, rehetra ho anareo, mba fahasoavana, be amin'ny alalan'ny maro amin'ny fisaorana, Mety tonga be ho an'ny voninahitr'Andriamanitra.
4:16 Izany no antony, we are not insufficient. But it is as though our outer man is corrupted, while our inner man is renewed from day to day.
4:17 For though our tribulation is, amin'izao fotoana, brief and light, it accomplishes in us the weight of a sublime eternal glory, tafahoatra.
4:18 And we are contemplating, not the things that are seen, but the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are temporal, whereas the things that are not seen are eternal.

2 Corinthians 5

5:1 For we know that, when our earthly house of this habitation is dissolved, we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in heaven.
5:2 And for this reason also, we groan, desiring to be clothed from above with our habitation from heaven.
5:3 If we are so clothed, then we will not be found to be naked.
5:4 Ary koa, we who are in this tabernacle groan under the burden, because we do not want to be stripped, but rather to be clothed from above, so that what is mortal may be absorbed by life.
5:5 Now the One who accomplishes this very thing in us is God, who has given us the pledge of the Spirit.
5:6 Noho izany, matoky mandrakariva isika, satria fantatrareo fa, isika raha mbola eo amin'ny tena, isika amin'ny fivahiniana masina ao amin'ny Tompo.
5:7 Fa mandeha noho ny finoany, fa tsy amin'ny hitan'ny maso.
5:8 Koa matoky isika, ary manana ny sitrapo ho amin'ny fivahiniana masina tao amin'ny tena, mba ho fanomezana ho an'ny Tompo.
5:9 Ary dia toy izany no miady, na tsy eo na ankehitriny, hampifaly azy.
5:10 Fa tsy maintsy ho antsika ny ho hita eo amin'ny fitsaran'i Kristy, ka dia samy mba mandray ny tokony ho zava-momba ny tena, araka ny fitondran-tenany, na tsara izany na ratsy.
5:11 Noho izany, having knowledge of the fear of the Lord, we appeal to men, but we are made manifest before God. Yet I hope, koa, that we may be made manifest in your consciences.
5:12 We are not commending ourselves again to you, but rather we are presenting you with an opportunity to glory because of us, when you deal with those who glory in face, and not in heart.
5:13 For if we are excessive in mind, it is for God; but if we are sober, it is for you.
5:14 Fa ny fitiavan'i Kristy Mampirisika antsika tamin'ny, amin'ny fandinihana ity: fa raha misy maty ho an'ny rehetra, dia efa maty rehetra.
5:15 Ary maty ho an'ny rehetra i Kristy, hany ka na dia ireo izay velona ankehitriny, mba tsy ho velona ho an'ny tenany, fa ho an'ilay efa maty ho azy ireo sy izay nitsangana indray.
5:16 Ary noho izany, manomboka izao, fantatsika tsy misy olona araka ny nofo. Ary na izahay dia nahafantatra an'i Kristy araka ny nofo, nefa ankehitriny dia mahalala azy toy izany intsony.
5:17 Koa raha misy olom-baovao ao amin'i Kristy, inona no fahiny no efa nodimandry. Indro, ny zava-drehetra dia efa natao vaovao.
5:18 Fa izany rehetra avy amin'Andriamanitra, Izay nampihavana antsika taminy amin'ny alalan'i Kristy, ary Izay nanome anay ny fanompoana fampihavanana.
5:19 Fa tokoa Andriamanitra ao amin'i Kristy, nampihavana izao tontolo izao ho an'ny tenany, tsy mamaly ny azy ny fahotany. Ary efa napetrany ao amintsika ny teny fampihavanana.
5:20 Noho izany, isika dia iraka solon'i Kristy, ka dia Andriamanitra no nananatra alalantsika. Mananatra anareo izahay noho ny amin'i Kristy: mihavana amin'Andriamanitra.
5:21 Fa Andriamanitra nanao azy izay tsy nahalala ota ho ota hamonjy antsika, mba hahafahantsika ho tonga ny fahamarinan 'Andriamanitra ao aminy.

2 Corinthians 6

6:1 Fa, ho toy ny fanampiana ho anao, mananatra anareo izahay tsy handray ny fahasoavan'Andriamanitra foana.
6:2 Fa hoy izy: "Tamin'ny dia fotoana tsara, I nanaraka anao; ary tamin'ny andro famonjena, No nanampiako anao. "Indro, ankehitriny no fotoana tsara; indro, ankehitriny no andro famonjena.
6:3 Enga anie isika tsy hanome fanafintohinana na iza na iza, ka dia ny fanompoana mba tsy hoharatsiratsina.
6:4 Fa amin'ny zavatra rehetra, dia aoka isika mampiseho ny tenanay ho mpanompon'Andriamanitra amin'ny faharetana be: amin'ny alalan'ny fahoriana, olana, sy ny fahoriana;
6:5 na dia teo aza ny ratra, am-ponja, sy ny fikomiana; amin'ny asa mafy, mailo, sy ny fifadian-kanina;
6:6 ny fahadiovam-pitiavana, fahalalana, sy ny fahari-po; in mahafinaritra, ao amin'ny Fanahy Masina, ary ny fitiavana tsy mihatsaravelatsihy amin'ny;
6:7 amin'ny teny fahamarinana, ny herin 'Andriamanitra, ary ny fiadian'ny fahamarinana ho amin'ny ankavanana sy any amin'ny ankavia;
6:8 amin'ny alalan'ny voninahitra sy ny fahafaham-boninahitra, na dia eo aza ny tatitra tsara sy ny ratsy, tahaka ny mpamitaka na hita na ny fahamarinana-mpilaza ny hoavy, na niraharaha na niaiky;
6:9 toy ny ho faty nefa tena velona; toy ny hoe hofaizako nefa tsy resy;
6:10 tahaka ny malahelo, nefa faly mandrakariva; tahaka ny malahelo, nefa mampiroborobo maro; toy ny hoe manana na inona na inona, ary manana ny zavatra rehetra.
6:11 Our mouth is open to you, O Corinthians; our heart is enlarged.
6:12 You are not narrowed by us, but it is by your own inner selves that you are narrowed.
6:13 But since we have the same recompense, (I am speaking as if to my own sons), ianao, koa, should be enlarged.
6:14 Do not choose to bear the yoke with unbelievers. For how can justice be a participant with iniquity? Or how can the fellowship of light be a participant with darkness?
6:15 And how can Christ join together with Belial? Or what part do the faithful have with the unfaithful?
6:16 And what consensus does the temple of God have with idols? For you are the temple of the living God, just as God says: “I will dwell with them, and I will walk among them. Ary Izaho ho Andriamaniny, ary izy ho oloko.
6:17 Noho io, you must depart from their midst and be separate, hoy Jehovah. And do not touch what is unclean.
6:18 Then I will accept you. And I will be a Father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty.”

2 Corinthians 7

7:1 Noho izany, having these promises, tena malala, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of the flesh and of the spirit, perfecting sanctification in the fear of God.
7:2 Consider us. We have injured no one; we have corrupted no one; we have defrauded no one.
7:3 I am not saying this to your condemnation. For we have told you before that you are in our hearts: to die together and to live together.
7:4 Great is my confidence in you. Great is my glorying over you. I have been filled with consolation. I have a superabundant joy throughout all our tribulation.
7:5 Avy eo, koa, when we had arrived in Macedonia, our flesh had no rest. Fa tsy, we suffered every tribulation: exterior conflicts, interior fears.
7:6 But God, who consoles the humble, consoled us by the arrival of Titus,
7:7 and not only by his arrival, but also by the consolation with which he was consoled among you. For he brought to us your desire, your weeping, your zeal for me, so that I rejoiced all the more.
7:8 For though I made you sorrowful by my epistle, I do not repent. And if I did repent, but only for a time, having realized that the same epistle made you sorrowful,
7:9 now I am glad: not because you were sorrowful, but because you were sorrowful unto repentance. For you became sorrowful for God, so that you might not suffer any harm from us.
7:10 For the sorrow that is according to God accomplishes a repentance which is steadfast unto salvation. But the sorrow that is of the world accomplishes death.
7:11 So consider this same idea, being sorrowful according to God, and what great solicitude it accomplishes in you: including protection, and indignation, and fear, and desire, and zeal, and vindication. Amin'ny zava-drehetra, you have shown yourselves to be uncorrupted by this sorrow.
7:12 Ary noho izany, though I wrote to you, it was not because of him who caused the injury, nor because of him who suffered from it, but so as to manifest our solicitude, which we have for you before God.
7:13 Noho izany, we have been consoled. But in our consolation, we have rejoiced even more abundantly over the joy of Titus, because his spirit was refreshed by all of you.
7:14 And if I have gloried in anything to him about you, I have not been put to shame. Fa, just as we have spoken all things to you in truth, so also our glorying before Titus has been the truth.
7:15 And his feelings are now more abundant toward you, since he remembers the obedience of you all, and how you received him with fear and trembling.
7:16 I rejoice that in all things I have confidence in you.

2 Corinthians 8

8:1 And so we are making known to you, rahalahy, the grace of God that has been given in the churches of Macedonia.
8:2 For within a great experience of tribulation, they have had an abundance of joy, and their profound poverty has only increased the richness of their simplicity.
8:3 And I bear witness to them, that they were willing to accept what was in accord with their ability, and even what was beyond their ability.
8:4 For they were begging us, with great exhortation, for the grace and the communication of the ministry that is with the saints.
8:5 And this is beyond what we had hoped, since they gave themselves, first of all to the Lord, and then also to us, ny alalan 'ny sitrapon' Andriamanitra,
8:6 so much so that we petitioned Titus, that in the same manner as he had begun, he would also complete in you this same grace.
8:7 Fa, toy ny amin'ny zava-drehetra ny itomboanareo amin'ny finoana sy amin 'ny teny sy ny fahalalana rehetra, ary solicitude, ary na dia bebe kokoa izany ao amin'ny fiantrana anay, toy izany koa ianao mba hitomboanareo amin'izao fahasoavana izao.
8:8 Miteny aho, not commanding. But through the solicitude of others, I approve of the good character of your charity.
8:9 Fa fantatrareo ny fahasoavan'i Jesosy Kristy Tompontsika, fa na dia nanan-karena, dia tonga malahelo noho ny aminareo, ka ny alahelony, mety hampanan-karena.
8:10 Ary momba izany, I give my counsel. For this is useful to those of you who, only a year earlier, had just begun to act, or even to be willing to act.
8:11 Noho izany, truly now, accomplish this in deed, amin'izay mba, in the same manner as your willing mind is prompted, you may also act, out of that which you have.
8:12 For when the will is prompted, it receives according to what that person has, not according to what that person does not have.
8:13 Ary tsy ny olon-kafa dia tokony ho afaka, raha raiki-tahotra ianao, fa tokony hisy ny fitoviana.
8:14 Ao amin'izao andro ankehitriny izao, Aoka ny be manome ny mila, ka ary ny haben'ny haren'ireo koa hanefa izay ilaina, mba mba hisy ny fitoviana, araka ny voasoratra:
8:15 "Bebe kokoa izy amin'ny tsy nanana be loatra; ary izy amin'ny tsy tsy nanana kely loatra. "
8:16 Fa isaorana anie Andriamanitra, who has granted to the heart of Titus, this same solicitude for you.
8:17 Fa tokoa, he accepted the exhortation. But since he was more solicitous, he went to you of his own free will.
8:18 And we have even sent with him a brother whose praise accompanies the Gospel throughout all the churches.
8:19 Ary tsy izany ihany fa, but he was also chosen by the churches to be a companion for our sojourn in this grace, which is ministered by us with our determined will, to the glory of the Lord.
8:20 So let us avoid this, lest anyone disparage us over the abundance that is ministered by us.
8:21 For we provide for what is good, tsy eo imason'ny 'Andriamanitra, but also in the sight of men.
8:22 And we have also sent with them our brother, whom we have proven to be frequently solicitous in many matters. But now there is a greater solicitousness, which is greatly entrusted to you;
8:23 and whether it concerns Titus, who is a companion to me and a helper to you, or whether it concerns our brothers, the Apostles of the churches, it is to the glory of Christ.
8:24 Noho izany, in the sight of the churches, show them the proof of your charity and of our glorying about you.

2 Corinthians 9

9:1 Ankehitriny, concerning the ministry that is done toward the saints, it is not necessary for me to write to you.
9:2 For I know your willing mind. I glory about you, ny amin'izany, to the Macedonians. For Achaia has also been prepared, for the past year. And your example has inspired very many others.
9:3 Now I have sent the brothers, so that what we glory about concerning you might be not be empty in this matter, mba (as I have explained) you may be prepared.
9:4 Raha tsy izany, if the Macedonians arrive with me and find you unprepared, isika (not to mention you) would be ashamed in this matter.
9:5 Noho izany, I considered it necessary to ask the brothers to go to you in advance and to prepare this blessing as promised, and in this way, you may be ready as a blessing, not as an excess.
9:6 Fa hoy izaho izany: Na iza na iza mamafy kely dia hijinja kely. Ary izay mamafy amin'ny fitahiana dia hijinja ihany koa avy amin'ny fitahiana:
9:7 samy fanomezana, araka izay tapa-kevitra tao am-pony, tsy avy amin'ny malahelo, na amin'ny adidy. Fa Andriamanitra tia mpanome amim-pifaliana.
9:8 Ary Andriamanitra mahay mampitombo ny fahasoavana rehetra ao aminareo, amin'izay mba, foana manana izay ilainao amin'ny zavatra rehetra, mba hitombo ho amin'ny asa tsara rehetra,
9:9 araka ny voasoratra: "Manao fanomezana be dia be, dia nanome ho an'ny malahelo; ny rariny mbola amin'ny taona ho mandrakizay. "
9:10 Ary izay mpanompo voa ho an'ny mpamafy dia hanatitra anao mofo hohaniko, ary hahamaro ny taranakao, ary hampitombo ny fitomboan'ny ny vokatry ny rariny.
9:11 Koa dia, having been enriched in all things, you may abound in all simplicity, which works thanksgiving to God through us.
9:12 For the ministration of this office not only supplies whatever the saints need, but also abounds through many thanksgivings in the Lord.
9:13 Ary noho izany, through the evidence of this ministry, you glorify God by the obedience of your confession in the Gospel of Christ, and by the simplicity of your communion with them and with everyone,
9:14 and they offer prayers for you, being solicitous about you, because of the excellent grace of God within you.
9:15 Thanks be to God for his ineffable gift.

2 Corinthians 10

10:1 But I myself, Paul, am begging you, through the meekness and modesty of Christ. I am certainly, by appearances, lowly among you, yet I have confidence in you, even while I am absent.
10:2 So I am petitioning you, lest I be bold, when present, with that bold confidence that I am considered to have by certain ones who judge us as if we were walking according to the flesh.
10:3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not battle according to the flesh.
10:4 For the weapons of our battles are not carnal, yet still they are powerful with God, unto the destruction of fortifications: tearing down every counsel
10:5 and height that extols itself contrary to the wisdom of God, and leading every intellect into the captivity of obedience to Christ,
10:6 and standing ready to repudiate every disobedience, when your own obedience has been fulfilled.
10:7 Consider the things that are in accord with appearances. If anyone trusts that by these things he belongs to Christ, let him reconsider this within himself. For just as he belongs to Christ, so also do we.
10:8 And if I were even to glory somewhat more about our authority, which the Lord has given to us for your edification, and not for your destruction, I should not be ashamed.
10:9 But let it not be said that I am scaring you by means of epistles.
10:10 Fa hoy izy ireo: “His epistles, tokoa, are weighty and strong. But his bodily presence is weak, and his speech is contemptible.”
10:11 Let someone like this realize that whatever we are in word through epistles, while absent: we are much the same in deed, while present.
10:12 For we would not dare to interpose or compare ourselves with certain ones who commend themselves. But we measure ourselves by ourselves, and we compare ourselves with ourselves.
10:13 Dia toy izany no, we will not glory beyond our measure, but rather according to the measure of the limit which God has measured out to us, a measure which extends even to you.
10:14 For we are not overextending ourselves, as if we are not able to reach as far as you are able. For we have gone even as far as you have in the Gospel of Christ.
10:15 We are not glorying immeasurably over the labors of others. Fa tsy, we hold on to the hope of your growing faith, so as to be magnified in you, according to our own limits, but in abundance,
10:16 and even so as to evangelize in those places that are beyond you, not in order to glory in the measure of others, but rather in those things which have already been prepared.
10:17 But whoever glories, let him glory in the Lord.
10:18 For it is not he who commends himself who is approved, but rather he whom God commends.

2 Corinthians 11

11:1 I wish that you would endure a small amount of my foolishness, so as to bear with me.
11:2 For I am jealous toward you, with the jealousy of God. And I have espoused you to one husband, offering you as a chaste virgin to Christ.
11:3 But I am afraid lest, as the serpent led astray Eve by his cleverness, so your minds might be corrupted and might fall away from the simplicity which is in Christ.
11:4 For if anyone arrives preaching another Christ, one whom we have not preached; or if you receive another Spirit, one whom you have not received; or another Gospel, one which you have not been given: you might permit him to guide you.
11:5 For I consider that I have done nothing less than the great Apostles.
11:6 For although I may be unskilled in speech, yet I am not so in knowledge. Fa, amin'ny zava-drehetra, we have been made manifest to you.
11:7 Or did I commit a sin by humbling myself so that you would be exalted? For I preached the Gospel of God to you freely.
11:8 I have taken from other churches, receiving a stipend from them to the benefit of your ministry.
11:9 And when I was with you and in need, I was burdensome to no one. For the brothers who came from Macedonia supplied whatever was lacking to me. And in all things, I have kept myself, and I will keep myself, from being burdensome to you.
11:10 The truth of Christ is in me, and so this glorying shall not be broken away from me in the regions of Achaia.
11:11 Why so? Is it because I do not love you? God knows I do.
11:12 But what I am doing, I will continue to do, so that I may take away an opportunity from those who desire an opportunity by which they may glory, so as to be considered to be like us.
11:13 For false apostles, such as these deceitful workers, are presenting themselves as if they were Apostles of Christ.
11:14 And no wonder, for even Satan presents himself as if he were an Angel of light.
11:15 Noho izany, it is no great thing if his ministers present themselves as if they were ministers of justice, for their end shall be according to their works.
11:16 I say again. And let no one consider me to be foolish. Na, farafaharatsiny, accept me as if I were foolish, so that I also may glory a small amount.
11:17 What I am saying is not said according to God, but as if in foolishness, in this matter of glorying.
11:18 Koa satria maro no mirehareha araka ny nofo, Dia mba hirehareha koa.
11:19 For you freely accept the foolish, though you yourselves claim to be wise.
11:20 For you permit it when someone guides you into servitude, even if he devours you, even if he takes from you, even if he is extolled, even if he strikes you repeatedly on the face.
11:21 Miteny araka ny fahafaham-baraka, toy ny hoe malemy izahay mba nety amin'io lafiny io. Ao izany zavatra izany, (Miteny amin'ny fahadalana) raha misy sahy, I sahy koa.
11:22 Izy ireo Hebreo; toy izany koa ny tenako. Izy ireo Isiraelita; toy izany koa ny tenako. Izy ireo no taranak'i Abrahama; toy izany koa ny tenako.
11:23 Izy ireo no ho mpanompon'i Kristy (Miteny toy ny hoe izaho no tsy hendry); Dia toy izany no bebe kokoa aho,: amin'ny asa mafy maro kokoa, amin'ny fatorana maro, miaraka amin'ny ratra tafahoatra, amin'ny matetika mortifications.
11:24 Tamin'ny toe-javatra dimy, Nahazo efa-polo dian-kapoka, latsaka iray, avy amin'ny Jiosy.
11:25 Intelo, Aho nokapohina tamin'ny hazo. Indray mandeha, Notoraham-bato I. Intelo, Vaky sambo aho. Fa ny alina sy ny andro, Tany an-halalin 'ny ranomasina.
11:26 Izaho no nanao dia lavitra matetika, amin'ny alalan'ny rano mampidi-doza, -doza ny jiolahy, -doza avy amin'ny firenena, -doza tamin'ny jentilisa, -doza tao an-tanàna, -doza tany an-efitra, -doza any an-dranomasina, -doza avy amin'ny rahalahy sandoka,
11:27 amin'ny olana sy ny zava, be mailo, tamin'ny hanoanana sy ny hetaheta, amin'ny fifadian-kanina matetika, tamin'ny hatsiaka sy ny fitanjahana,
11:28 ary, Ankoatra ireo zavatra, izay ivelany: misy ny fahazotoana sy ny solicitude isan'andro ho an'ny rehetra ny fiangonana.
11:29 Iza no malemy, ka tsy malemy aho? Iza no nanafintohina, ary Izaho tsy ho may?
11:30 Raha tsy maintsy ho any amin'ny voninahitra, Dia mba hirehareha ny zavatra izay momba ny fahalemeko.
11:31 The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is blessed forever, knows that I am not lying.
11:32 At Damascus, the governor of the nation under Aretas the king, watched over the city of the Damascenes, so as to apprehend me.
11:33 Ary, through a window, I was let down along the wall in a basket; and so I escaped his hands.

2 Corinthians 12

12:1 Raha ilaina (na dia tsy mahasoa tokoa) ka ho amin'ny voninahitra, dia hataoko ho manaraka hilaza ny fahitana sy ny fanambarana avy amin'ny Tompo.
12:2 Mahalala olona anankiray ao amin'i Kristy, izay, mihoatra ny efatra ambin'ny folo taona lasa izay (na tao amin'ny tena, Tsy fantatro, na tsy tao amin'ny tena, Tsy fantatro: Andriamanitra no mahalala), dia Liana tanteraka sy gaga any amin'ny lanitra fahatelo.
12:3 Ary fantatro nisy lehilahy (na tao amin'ny tena, na tsy tao amin'ny tena, Tsy fantatro: Andriamanitra no mahalala),
12:4 Liana tanteraka sy gaga izay ho Paradisa. Ary Jakoba nandre ny teny ny zava-miafina, izay tsy mahazo ny olona miteny.
12:5 Amin'ny anaran'ny olona toy izany, Dia mba hirehareha. Fa amin'ny anaran'ny tenako, Dia tsy hirehareha aho momba ny na inona na inona, afa-tsy ny aretina.
12:6 Fa na dia vonona aho ho any amin'ny voninahitra, Dia tsy ho adala. Fa izaho kosa milaza ny marina. Koa raha hanao izany kely, fandrao misy olona mihevitra ahy dia mety ho mihoatra noho izay hitany amiko, na inona na inona mihoatra noho izay andrenesany ny teniko.
12:7 Ary fandrao ny halehiben'ny ny fanambarana dia tokony hanandratra ahy, nomena ahy ny tena miasa amin'izany ny nofoko: ny anjelin 'i Satana, izay namely ahy imbetsaka.
12:8 Noho io, intelo no nangataka ny Tompo, mba hesorina tsy ho ao aho.
12:9 Ary hoy izy tamiko: "Ny fahasoavako Ampy ho anao. Fa hatsaran-toetra tanteraka amin'ny fahalemena. "Ary dia, -tsitrapo va aho ny hirehareha amin'ny fahalemeko, ka ny hatsaran-toetra 'i Kristy mba ho velona ato anatiko.
12:10 Noho io, Faly aho amin'ny fahalemena: amin'ny fampahoriana, amin'ny zava-tsarotra, amin'ny fanenjehana, amin'ny fahantrana, noho ny amin'i Kristy. Fa rehefa malemy aho, dia amin'izay aho no mahery.
12:11 I have become foolish; you have compelled me. For I ought to have been commended by you. For I have been nothing less than those who claim to be above the measure of Apostles, even though I am nothing.
12:12 And the seal of my Apostleship has been set over you, with all patience, with signs and wonders and miracles.
12:13 For what is there that you have had which is less than the other churches, except that I myself did not burden you? Forgive me this injury.
12:14 Indro, this is the third time I have prepared to come to you, and yet I will not be a burden to you. For I am seeking not the things that are yours, but you yourselves. And neither should the children store up for the parents, but the parents for the children.
12:15 Ary noho izany, very willingly, I will spend and exhaust myself for the sake of your souls, loving you more, while being loved less.
12:16 And so be it. I have not burdened you, fa raha tokony, being astute, I obtained you by guile.
12:17 Kanefa, did I defraud you by means of any of those whom I sent to you?
12:18 I asked for Titus, and I sent a brother with him. Did Titus defraud you? Did we not walk with the same spirit? Did we not walk in the same steps?
12:19 Have you ever thought that we should explain ourselves to you? We speak in the sight of God, ao amin'i Kristy. But all things, tena malala, are for your edification.
12:20 Yet I fear, fandrao, when I have arrived, I might not find you such as I would want, and I might be found by you, such as you would not want. For perhaps there may be among you: fifandirana, fialonana, animosity, dissension, detraction, whispering, self-exaltation, sy ny fikomiana.
12:21 If so, avy eo, when I have arrived, God may again humble me among you. Ary noho izany, I mourn for the many who sinned beforehand, and did not repent, over the lust and fornication and homosexuality, which they have committed.

2 Corinthians 13

13:1 Indro, this is the third time that I am coming to you. By the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word shall stand.
13:2 I have preached when present, and I will preach now while absent, to those who sinned before, ary ho an'izay rehetra ny olon-kafa, satria, when I arrive again, I will not be lenient with you.
13:3 Do you seek evidence that it is Christ who speaks in me, who is not weak with you, but is powerful with you?
13:4 For although he was crucified in weakness, yet he lives by the power of God. And yes, we are weak in him. But we shall live with him by the power of God among you.
13:5 Test yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Examine yourselves. Or do you yourselves not know whether Christ Jesus is in you? But perhaps you are reprobates.
13:6 But I hope you know that we ourselves are not reprobates.
13:7 Now we pray to God that you shall do nothing evil, not so that we may seem to be approved, but so that you may do what is good, even if we seem like reprobates.
13:8 For we cannot do anything against the truth, but only for the truth.
13:9 For we rejoice that we are weak, while you are strong. This is also what we pray for: your perfection.
13:10 Noho izany, I write these things while absent, amin'izay mba, when present, I may not have to act more harshly, according to the authority which the Lord has given to me, for edification and not for destruction.
13:11 Ary ny amin'ny sisa, rahalahy, faly, ho tanteraka, hamporisihana, manana izany saina, anie ny fiadanana. Ary toy izany ny Andriamanitry ny fiadanana sy ny fitiavana, dia ho eo aminareo.
13:12 Mifanaova veloma amin'ny fanorohana masina. Ny olona masina rehetra manao veloma anareo.
13:13 Anie ny fahasoavan'i Jesosy Kristy Tompontsika, ary ny fitiavana 'Andriamanitra, ary ny firaisana amin'ny Fanahy Masina Ho aminareo rehetra. Amen.