Ch 20 Luke

Luke 20

20:1 Ary nony fa, on one of the days when he was teaching the people in the temple and preaching the Gospel, ny mpitarika ny mpisorona, ary ny mpanora-dalàna, gathered together with the elders,
20:2 and they spoke to him, nanao hoe:: “Tell us, by what authority do you do these things? Na, who is it that has given you this authority?"
20:3 Ary ho setrin'ny, Hoy Jesosy taminy:: “I will also question you about one word. Mamaly ahy:
20:4 Ny batisan'i Jaona, was it from heaven, or of men?"
20:5 So they discussed it among themselves, nanao hoe:: "Raha hoy isika:, 'Avy any an-danitra,Dia hataony hoe, 'Koa nahoana no tsy nino azy?'
20:6 But if we say, ‘Of men,’ the whole people will stone us. For they are certain that John was a prophet.”
20:7 And so they responded that they did not know where it was from.
20:8 Ary hoy Jesosy taminy:, "Ary tsy hilaza aminareo izay fahefana anaovako izao zavatra izao."
20:9 Then he began to tell the people this parable: “A man planted a vineyard, and he loaned it to settlers, and he was on a sojourn for a long time.
20:10 And in due time, he sent a servant to the farmers, so that they would give to him from the fruit of the vineyard. And they beat him and drove him away, empty-handed.
20:11 And he continued to send another servant. But beating him and treating him with contempt, they likewise sent him away, empty-handed.
20:12 And he continued to send a third. And wounding him also, they drove him away.
20:13 Then the lord of the vineyard said: 'Inona ny tokony hataoko? I will send my beloved son. Perhaps when they have seen him, they will respect him.’
20:14 And when the settlers had seen him, they discussed it among themselves, nanao hoe:: ‘This one is the heir. Let us kill him, so that the inheritance will be ours.’
20:15 And forcing him outside of the vineyard, dia namono azy. What, avy eo, will the lord of the vineyard do to them?"
20:16 “He will come and destroy those settlers, and he will give the vineyard to others.” And upon hearing this, hoy ireo taminy:, “Let it not be.”
20:17 Avy eo, mijery azy ireo, hoy izy:: “Then what does this mean, which is written: ‘The stone which the builders have rejected, the same has become the head of the corner?'
20:18 Everyone who falls on that stone will be shattered. And anyone upon whom it falls will be crushed.”
20:19 Ary ny lohan'ny mpisorona, ary ny mpanora-dalàna, were seeking to lay hands on him in that same hour, but they feared the people. For they realized that he had spoken this parable about them.
20:20 And being attentive, they sent traitors, who would pretend that they were just, so that they might catch him in his words and then hand him over to the power and authority of the procurator.
20:21 Ary izy ireo nanontany azy, nanao hoe:: "Mpampianatra, we know that you speak and teach correctly, and that you do not consider anyone’s status, fa mampianatra ny làlan'Andriamanitra araka ny marina.
20:22 Is it lawful for us to pay the tribute to Caesar, na tsia?"
20:23 But realizing their deceitfulness, dia hoy izy taminy: "Nahoana no maka fanahy ahy?
20:24 Show me a denarius. Whose image and inscription does it have?"Ho valin'izany, hoy ireo taminy:, "An'i Kaisara."
20:25 Ary noho izany, dia hoy izy taminy: “Then repay the things that are Caesar’s, to Caesar, and the things that are God’s, to God.”
20:26 And they were not able to contradict his word before the people. And being amazed at his answer, dia nangina.
20:27 Ary ny sasany tamin'ny Sadoseo, izay milaza fa tsy misy fitsanganana amin'ny maty, nanatona azy. Ary izy ireo nanontany azy,
20:28 nanao hoe:: "Mpampianatra, Mosesy nanoratra ho antsika: Raha misy manan-drahalahy maty dia, manana-bady, ary raha tsy manan-janaka, Ary ny rahalahiny dia tokony haka azy ho vady, ary tokony hanangana taranaka ny rahalahiny.
20:29 Ary dia nisy fito mirahalahy. Ary ny zokiny nampaka-bady, dia maty izy tsy misy zanany.
20:30 Ary ny manaraka nanambady azy, ary izy koa maty tsy zazalahy.
20:31 Ary ny fahatelo nanambady azy, ary toy izany koa ny fito, ary tsy nasiany miangana na aoriana misy zanany, ary samy maty.
20:32 Last rehetra, dia maty koa ravehivavy.
20:33 Amin'ny fitsanganan'ny maty, avy eo, vadin'iza moa ravehivavy? Fa tokoa fito rehetra nanana azy ho vady. "
20:34 Ary noho izany, Hoy Jesosy taminy:: "Ny zanaky ny manambady taona ity ary hampakarina.
20:35 Na izany aza tena, ireo izay ho mendrika ny natao izany taona, ary ny fitsanganana amin 'ny maty, dia tsy manambady, ary aza maka vady.
20:36 Fa mety tsy ho faty intsony. Fa izy, fa mitovy amin'ny anjely, ary izy ireo dia zanak 'Andriamanitra, satria izy ireo zanaky ny fitsanganana amin'ny maty.
20:37 Fa ao amin'ny marina, ny maty no hitsangana indray, tahaka an'i Mosesy koa dia naneho afa-tsy ny kirihitra, fony izy niantso ny Tompo: 'Ny Andriamanitr'i Abrahama, ary ny Andriamanitr'i Isaka, ary Andriamanitr'i Jakoba. '
20:38 Ary toy izany koa Izy tsy mba Andriamanitry ny maty, fa an'ny velona. Fa dia velona ho azy. "
20:39 Ary ny sasany tamin'ny mpanora-dalàna, ho setrin'ny, hoy izy taminy:, "Mpampianatra, Marina izay nolazainao. "
20:40 Ary izy ireo tsy sahy nanontany azy momba ny na inona na inona.
20:41 Fa hoy Izy taminy:: “How can they say that the Christ is the son of David?
20:42 Even David himself says, in the book of Psalms: 'Jehovah nilaza tamin'ny Tompoko, sit at my right hand,
20:43 mandra-nasiako ny fahavalonao ho fitoeran-tongotrao ny. '
20:44 Noho izany, David calls him Lord. So how can he be his son?"
20:45 Now in the hearing of all the people, hoy izy tamin'ny mpianany:
20:46 “Be cautious of the scribes, who choose to walk in long robes, and who love greetings in the marketplace, ary ny seza aloha eo amin'ny synagoga, and the first places at table during feasts,
20:47 who devour the houses of widows, feigning long prayers. These will receive the greater damnation.”