Ch 28 Matthew

Matthew 28

28:1 Now on the morning of the Sabbath, when it began to grow light on the first Sabbath, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the sepulcher.
28:2 U behold, a great earthquake occurred. For an Angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and as he approached, he rolled back the stone and sat down on it.
28:3 Now his appearance was like lightning, and his vestment was like snow.
28:4 Imbagħad, out of fear of him, the guards were terrified, and they became like dead men.
28:5 Then the Angel responded by saying to the women: "Tibżax. For I know that you are seeking Jesus, who was crucified.
28:6 Huwa mhux hawn. For he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where the Lord was placed.
28:7 U mbagħad, go quickly, and tell his disciples that he has risen. U behold, he will precede you to Galilee. Hemm inti għandhom jaraw lilu. dan, I have told you beforehand.”
28:8 And they went out of the tomb quickly, with fear and in great joy, running to announce it to his disciples.
28:9 U behold, Jesus met them, qal, “Hail.” But they drew near and took hold of his feet, and they adored him.
28:10 Mbagħad Ġesù qalilhom: "Tibżax. Mur, announce it to my brothers, so that they may go to Galilee. There they shall see me.”
28:11 U meta kienu telqu, behold, some of the guards went into the city, and they reported to the leaders of the priests all that had happened.
28:12 And gathering together with the elders, having taken counsel, they gave an abundant sum of money to the soldiers,
28:13 qal: “Say that his disciples arrived at night and stole him away, while we were sleeping.
28:14 And if the procurator hears about this, we will persuade him, and we will protect you.”
28:15 Imbagħad, having accepted the money, they did as they were instructed. And this word has been spread among the Jews, anke din il-ġurnata.
28:16 Issa ħdax-dixxipli marru fuq biex Galilija, biex il-muntanji fejn Ġesù kien maħtur minnhom.
28:17 U, jara lilu, huma worshipped lilu, iżda dawk ċerti ddubitat.
28:18 U Ġesù, tpinġija ħdejn, tkellem lilhom, qal: "Awtorità Kollha tkun ingħatat lili fis-sema u fuq l-art.
28:19 Għalhekk, mur raba 'u jgħallmu-nazzjonijiet kollha, baptizing lilhom fl-isem tal-Missier u tal-Iben u tal-Ispirtu s-Santu,
28:20 jgħallimhom biex josservaw dak kollu li jien qatt kmanda inti. U behold, I am dejjem miegħek, anke sal-konsumazzjoni tal-età. "