သြဂုတ်လ 11, 2018

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Habbukkuk 1: 2-2:4

1:2 ဘယ်လောက်ကြာ, အိုထာဝရဘုရား, ငါအော်ဟစ်ရလိမ့်မည်, သငျတို့သနာမည်မဟုတ်? အကြမ်းဖက်မှုများခံစားနေရပြီးစဉ်သင်တို့အားငါကြွေးကြော်ရကြလိမ့်မည်, သင်တို့ကိုကယ်တင်မည်မဟုတ်?
1:3 အဘယ်ကြောင့်ငါ့ကိုပြစ်မှားသောအပြစ်ကြောင့်နှင့်ဆင်းရဲဒုက္ခကိုထုတ်ဖော်ပြသကြပါပြီ, ငါ့ကိုဆန့်ကျင်ဘက်လုယူသောဥစ္စာနှင့်မတရားမှုကြည့်ဖို့? ထိုအခါတရားသဖြင့်စီရင်ရှိခဲ့, ဒါပေမယ့်အတိုက်အခံကိုပိုမိုအစွမ်းထက်သည်.
1:4 ဒီအတွက်ကြောင့်, the law has been torn apart, and judgment does not persevere to its conclusion. For the impious prevail against the just. ဒီအတွက်ကြောင့်, a perverse judgment is issued.
1:5 Gaze among the nations, နှင့်ကြည့်ရှု. Admire, and be astounded. For a work has been done in your days, which no one will believe when it is told.
1:6 ကှ္ဂျကှ္ဂျများအတွက်, I will raise up the Chaldeans, a bitter and swift people, marching across the width of the earth, to possess tabernacles not their own.
1:7 It is dreadful and terrible. From themselves, judgment and their burden will issue.
1:8 Their horses are more nimble than leopards and swifter than wolves in the evening; their horsemen will spread out. And then their horsemen will approach from far away; they will fly like the eagle, hurrying to devour.
1:9 They will all approach towards the prey; their face is like a burning wind. And they will gather captives together like sand.
1:10 And concerning kings, he will triumph, and sovereign rulers will be his laughingstock, and he will laugh over every fortress, and he will transport a rampart and seize it.
1:11 Then his spirit will be altered, and he will cross over and fall. Such is his strength from his god.
1:12 Have you not existed from the beginning, Lord my God, my holy one, and so we shall not die? သခင်ဘုရားသည်, you have stationed him for judgment, and you have establish that his strength will be swept away.
1:13 Your eyes are pure, you do not behold evil, and you cannot look towards iniquity. Why do you look upon the agents of iniquity, and remain silent, while the impious is devouring one who is more just than himself?
1:14 And you will make men like the fish of the sea and like the creeping things that have no ruler.
1:15 He lifted up everything with his hook. He drew them in with his dragnet, and gathered them into his netting. ဒီကျော်, he will rejoice and exult.
1:16 ဒီအတွက်ကြောင့်, he will offer victims to his dragnet, and he will sacrifice to his netting. For through them, his portion has been made fat, and his meals elite.
1:17 ဒီအတွက်ကြောင့်, ထိုကွောငျ့, he expands his dragnet and will not be lenient in continually putting to death the peoples.

ဟဗက်ကုတျ 2

2:1 I will stand firm during my watch, and fix my position over the fortification. And I will observe carefully, to see what might be said to me and what I might respond to my opponent.
2:2 ထိုသခင်သည်ငါ့ဆီသို့တုန့်ပြန်ပါဟု: ထိုရူပါရုံရေးထားနှင့် tablet ပေါ်မှာရှင်းပြပါ, သူကဖတ်သူကိုသူကတဆင့် run စေခြင်းငှါဒါ.
2:3 အဖြစ်သေးဗျာဒိတ်ရူပါရုံဝေးသောသည်, ထိုသို့အဆုံး၌ပေါ်လာပါလိမ့်မယ်, ထိုသို့အိပ်မည်မဟုတ်. ဒါကြောင့်မည်သည့်နှောင့်နှေးဖော်ပြထားတာ အကယ်., ထိုသို့စောင့်ဆိုင်း. ထိုသို့ရောက်ရှိလာသည်နှင့်ကရောက်လာပါလိမ့်မယ်များအတွက်, ထိုသို့နှောင့်နှေးမညျမဟုတျ.
2:4 အကယ်, မယုံကြည်သောသူမူကား, သူ၏အသက်ဝိညာဉ်ကိုကိုယ်တော်တိုင်အတွင်းလက်ျာဘက်ဖြစ်မည်မဟုတ်; ဒါပေမယ့်သူ့ကိုမိမိယုံကြည်ခြင်းအားဖြင့်အသက်ရှင်လိမ့်မည်သောသူသည်.

မဿဲ 17: 14-20

17:14 And when he had arrived at the multitude, a man approached him, falling to his knees before him, ဟုဆို: "သခင်, take pity on my son, for he is an epileptic, and he suffers harm. For he frequently falls into fire, and often also into water.

17:15 And I brought him to your disciples, but they were not able to cure him.”

17:16 Then Jesus responded by saying: “What an unbelieving and perverse generation! How long shall I be with you? အဘယ်မျှကာလပတ်လုံးငါသည်သင်တို့ကိုသည်းခံရကြမည်? Bring him here to me.”

17:17 And Jesus rebuked him, and the demon went out of him, and the boy was cured from that hour.

17:18 Then the disciples approached Jesus privately and said, “Why were we unable to cast him out?"

17:19 ယေရှုက: “Because of your unbelief. အာမင်ငါသည်သင်တို့အားဆင့်ဆိုရမည်မှာ, မုချ, if you will have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it shall move. And nothing will be impossible for you.

17:20 But this kind is not cast out, except through prayer and fasting.”