Ch 6 प्रेरित

प्रेषितहरूको प्रेरित 6

6:1 ती दिनहरुमा, चेलाहरूले संख्या वृद्धि थियो, हिब्रूहरूलाई विरुद्ध युनानी एक गनगन त्यहाँ देखापर्यो, किनभने आफ्नो विधवा दैनिक सेवा मा घृणा संग उपचार गरियो.
6:2 र त बाह्र, चेलाहरूले को भीड सँगै कल, भने: “It is not fair for us to leave behind the Word of God to serve at tables also.
6:3 त्यसैले, भाइहरूले, search among yourselves for seven men of good testimony, filled with the Holy Spirit and with wisdom, whom we may appoint over this work.
6:4 यद्यपि साँच्चै, we will be continually in prayer and in the ministry of the Word.”
6:5 And the plan pleased the entire multitude. And they chose Stephen, a man filled with faith and with the Holy Spirit, and Philip and Prochorus and Nicanor and Timon and Parmenas and Nicolas, a new arrival from Antioch.
6:6 These they set before the sight of the Apostles, and while praying, they imposed hands on them.
6:7 And the Word of the Lord was increasing, and the number of disciples in Jerusalem was multiplied exceedingly. And even a large group of the priests were obedient to the faith.
6:8 त्यसपछि स्टीफन, अनुग्रह र fortitude भरिएको, मानिसहरू बीचमा ठूलो संकेत चिन्हहरू गढा.
6:9 तर केही व्यक्तिहरूलाई, तथाकथित Libertines को सभाघरमा देखि, को Cyrenians को र, को Alexandrians को र, र सिलिसिया देशहरू हुँदै र एशिया थिए गर्नेहरूको उठेर स्टीफन संग विवादको थिए.
6:10 तर तिनीहरू उहाँले बताइरहेका थिए जो संग छैन बुद्धि र आत्मा प्रतिरोध गर्न सक्षम थिए.
6:11 Then they suborned men who were to claim that they had heard him speaking words of blasphemy against Moses and against God.
6:12 And thus did they stir up the people and the elders and the scribes. And hurrying together, they seized him and brought him to the council.
6:13 And they set up false witnesses, जसले यसो भने: “This man does not cease to speak words against the holy place and the law.
6:14 For we have heard him saying that this Jesus the Nazarene will destroy this place and will change the traditions, which Moses handed down to us.”
6:15 And all those who were sitting in the council, उसलाई gazing, saw his face, as if it had become the face of an Angel.