چوڌري 9 لوقا

لوقا 9

9:1 Then calling together the twelve Apostles, he gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases.
9:2 And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the infirm.
9:3 ۽ اھو انھن کي چيو ته: “You should take nothing for the journey, neither staff, nor traveling bag, nor bread, nor money; and you should not have two tunics.
9:4 And into whatever house you shall enter, lodge there, and do not move away from there.
9:5 And whoever will not have received you, upon departing from that city, shake off even the dust on your feet, as a testimony against them.”
9:6 And going forth, they traveled around, through the towns, evangelizing and curing everywhere.
9:7 Now Herod the tetrarch heard about all the things that were being done by him, but he doubted, because it was said
9:8 by some, “For John has risen from the dead,” yet truly, by others, “For Elijah has appeared,” and by still others, “For one of the prophets from of old has risen again.”
9:9 And Herod said: “I beheaded John. ته پوء, who is this, about whom I hear such things?” And he sought to see him.
9:10 And when the Apostles returned, they explained to him all the things that they had done. And taking them with him, he withdrew to a deserted place apart, which belongs to Bethsaida.
9:11 But when the crowd had realized this, اھي کيس پٺيان. And he received them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God. And those who were in need of cures, he healed.
9:12 Then the day began to decline. And drawing near, the twelve said to him: “Dismiss the crowds, تان ته, by going into the surrounding towns and villages, they may separate and find food. For we are here in a deserted place.”
9:13 پر هن کين چيو ته, “You give them something to eat.” And they said, “There is with us no more than five loaves and two fish, unless perhaps we are to go and buy food for this entire multitude.”
9:14 Now there were about five thousand men. So he said to his disciples, “Have them recline to eat in groups of fifty.”
9:15 And they did so. And they caused them all to recline to eat.
9:16 ان کان پوء, taking the five loaves and the two fish, he gazed up to heaven, and he blessed and broke and distributed them to his disciples, in order to set them before the crowd.
9:17 ۽ اهي سڀ کاڌي ۽ مطمئن هئا. And twelve baskets of fragments were taken up, which were left over from them.
9:18 ۽ اهو ائين آهي ته, جڏهن هن کي اڪيلو ٿڪجي پيو, سندس شاگرد به ساڻس گڏ هئا, ۽ اھو انھن کان پڇيو, چوڻ: "جي multitudes ڪير چوندا آھن ڇا ته آء آهيان?"
9:19 پر انھن جو چوڻ آهي جي جواب ۾: "جان جو بيپٽسٽ. پر ڪجهه الياس جو چوڻ آهي. اڃان بيشڪ, ٻين جو چوڻ آهي ته اڳ کان ئي نبين جو هڪ وري وڌيو آهي. "
9:20 ان کان پوء هن کين چيو ته, "پوء جيڪو توهان چوندا آھن ڇا ته آء آهيان?" ان جي جواب ۾, شمعون پطرس چيو, "خدا جو مسيح."
9:21 پوء انھن کي sharply ڳالهائڻ, هن چيو ته انهن کي ٻڌائڻ لاء هر ڪنهن کي هن ٻڌايو نه,
9:22 چوڻ, "انسان جي پٽ لاء ڪيترن ئي شين جو شڪار هجڻ ضروري آهي, ۽ بزرگن ۽ عالمن جي اڳواڻن ۽ لکندڙن جي رد ڪيو وڃي, ۽ قتل ڪيو وڃي ٿو, ۽ وري ٽئين ڏينهن عروج تي. "
9:23 ان کان پوء هن چيو ته هر هڪ کي چيو ته: "جيڪڏهن ڪنهن مون کان پوء اچڻ تي راضي آهي: کيس پاڻ انڪار گھرجي, ۽ هر روز سندس پار وٺي, ۽ منھنجي تابعداري ڪريو.
9:24 لاء جيڪو سندس زندگي بچايو ڪيو ويندو, ان کي وڃائي ڇڏيو ويندو. اڃان جيڪو منهنجي خاطر پنهنجي زندگي گم ٿي ويا آهن ڪندو, ان کانسواء ڪندو.
9:25 ان لاء ان کي هڪ انسان ڪيئن سک ٿو, هن چيو ته سڄي دنيا ۾ حاصل ڪرڻ ويا هئا ته, اڃا پاڻ کي وڃائي ڇڏيو, يا پاڻ کي ڏک پھچائڻ ۽ سنئي?
9:26 For whoever will be ashamed of me and of my words: of him the Son of man will be ashamed, when he will have arrived in his majesty and that of his Father and of the holy Angels.
9:27 ۽ اڃا تائين, I tell you a truth: There are some standing here who shall not taste death, until they see the kingdom of God.”
9:28 ۽ اهو ائين آهي ته, اٺ جي باري ۾ ڏينهن انهن لفظن کان پوء, هن پطرس ۽ جيمس ۽ جان ورتي, ۽ هن هڪ جبل تي مدار تي ويٺو, پوء ته هن دعا ٿئي.
9:29 ۽ جڏهن هو ٿڪجي پيو, سندس رضامندي جي ظاهر ۾ بدلايو ويو, ۽ سندس vestment اڇو ٿيو ۽ چمڪندڙ.
9:30 ۽ اتي جو, ٻه ڄڻا ساڻس ڳالهائڻ ويا. ۽ انهن موسى ۽ الياس هئا, شان ۾ ظاهر.
9:31 ۽ اھي سندس وڇوڙي جي گفتگو, جنهن جي هن بيت المقدس تي جي سعادت حاصل ڪري ڇڏي.
9:32 اڃان بيشڪ, پطرس ۽ جن ساڻس گڏ هئا ننڊ جي نازل ڳرو ويا. ۽ ثاني واه, اهي پنهنجي شان ۽ ٻه ڄڻا ساڻس گڏ بيٺل هئا جيڪي ڏٺو.
9:33 ۽ اهو ائين آهي ته, هنن کيس کان جدا ڪيا ويا ته جيئن, پطرس يسوع کي چيو ته: "استاد, اهو سٺو آهي ته اسان هتي ٿيڻ لاء. ۽ پوء, اسان کي ٽي tabernacles ڪرڻ گھرجي: توهان لاء هڪ, ۽ موسى جي لاء هڪ, ۽ الياس لاء هڪ. "هن کي خبر نه ڪيو لاء ته کيس ڇا چوڻ هو.
9:34 ان کان پوء, هن چيو ته انهن شين جو چوڻ هو ته جيئن, هڪ ڪڪر آيو ۽ کين overshadowed. ۽ جيئن انهن جي ڇانو ۾ داخل ڪيا ويا, اهي ڊڄي ويا.
9:35 ۽ هڪ آواز جي ڪڪر کان آيو, چوڻ: "هيء منهنجي محبوب جو پٽ آهي. کيس ٻڌو. "
9:36 ۽ جڏهن ته سنڌ جي آواز سنائي ٿي رهيو هو, عيسي اڪيلو ٿي ملي ويو. ۽ اهي خاموش هئا ۽ ڪو به هڪ کي ٻڌايو, انهن ڏينهن ۾, انهن شين جي ڪنهن به, جنهن انھن کي ڏٺو پئي.
9:37 But it happened on the following day that, as they were descending from the mountain, a great crowd met him.
9:38 ۽ اتي جو, a man from the crowd cried out, چوڻ, "استاد, آء اوھان کي ڀو, look kindly on my son, for he is my only son.
9:39 ۽ اتي جو, a spirit takes hold of him, and he suddenly cries out, and it throws him down and convulses him, so that he foams. And though it tears him apart, it leaves him only with difficulty.
9:40 And I asked your disciples to cast him out, and they were unable.”
9:41 ۽ جواب ۾, عيسي چيو ته: “O unfaithful and perverse generation! How long will I be with you and endure you? Bring your son here.”
9:42 And as he was approaching him, the demon threw him down and convulsed him.
9:43 And Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, and he healed the boy, and he restored him to his father.
9:44 And all were astonished at the greatness of God. And as everyone was wondering over all that he was doing, هن پنهنجي شاگردن کي چيو: “You must set these words in your hearts. For it shall be that the Son of man will be delivered into the hands of men.”
9:45 But they did not understood this word, and it was concealed from them, so that they did not perceive it. And they were afraid to question him about this word.
9:46 هاڻي هڪ خيال انھن ۾ داخل ٿيو, کي انھن جو تمام وڏو هو ته جيئن.
9:47 پر عيسي, سندن دلين جي سوچون perceiving, هڪ ٻار ٿي گذريو آهي ۽ کيس سندس کانسواء بيٺو.
9:48 ۽ اھو انھن کي چيو ته: "جيڪو منهنجو نالو ۾ هن ٻار ملي ويندا, مون کي وصول; ۽ جيڪو مون وسي, کيس وصول ڪري جنھن مون کي موڪليو. جيڪو توهان سڀني مان ئي اطمينان آهي لاء, هڪ ئي وڏو آهي. "
9:49 ۽ موٽ, جان چيو ته: "استاد, اسان کي توهان جي نالي ۾ جيڪي ڪجهه مان ڀوت ڪڍي ورتو آهي ڏٺم. ۽ اسان کيس منع, لاء هن اسان سان گڏ جي تابعداري نه ڪندو آھي. "
9:50 ۽ عيسي کيس چيو ته: "کيس روڪيندا نه ڪريو. جيڪو توهان جي خلاف نه آھي لاء, توهان جي لاء آهي. "
9:51 هاڻي اهو ائين آهي ته, while the days of his dissipation were being completed, he steadfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem.
9:52 And he sent messengers before his face. And going on, they entered into a city of the Samaritans, to prepare for him.
9:53 And they would not receive him, because his face was going toward Jerusalem.
9:54 And when his disciples, جيمس ۽ جان, had seen this, چيائون ته, "پالڻھار, do you want us to call for fire to descend from heaven and consume them?"
9:55 And turning, he rebuked them, چوڻ: “Do you not know of whose spirit you are?
9:56 انسان جو پٽ آيو, not to destroy lives, but to save them.” And they went into another town.
9:57 ۽ اهو ائين آهي ته, اھي واٽ گڏ پنڌ ڪيا ويا ته جيئن, ڪنهن کيس چيو ته, "مون کي توهان جي پيروي ڪندو, جتي ڀي تون وڄين."
9:58 عيسي کيس چيو ته: "Foxes dens آهن, ۽ هوا جي پکين nests آهن. پر انسان جي پٽ پنهنجي سر مٿان نڇاور ڪرڻ ويران بيابان ڪئي آهي. "
9:59 ان کان پوء هن ٻئي کي چيو ته, "مون کي تنھنجي تابعداري ڪر." پر هن چيو ته, "پالڻھار, مون کي پهريون ڀيرو اجازت وڃو ۽ منھنجي پيء کي دفن ڪرڻ لاء. "
9:60 ۽ عيسي کيس چيو ته: "مئن کي سندن مري دفن ڏي. پر توهان وڃو ۽ ڏي خدا جي بادشاھت. "
9:61 ۽ ٻئي چيو ته: "مون کي توهان جي پيروي ڪندو, پالڻھار. پر مون کي پهريون ڀيرو اجازت منھنجي گھر جي جن کي هن بيان کي. "
9:62 عيسي کيس چيو ته, "نه مان جن جي جوت کي پنهنجي هٿ ڪندو, ۽ وري ڏسڻ ۾, خدا جي بادشاھت جي لاء مناسب آهي. "