Nahum 1

1:1 The burden of Nineveh. The book of the vision of Nahum the Elkoshite.
1:2 God is a rival, and the Lord is avenging. The Lord is avenging, and one who applies wrath. The Lord is avenging with his enemies, and he becomes angry with his adversaries.
1:3 The Lord is patient and great in strength, and those who are not clean, he makes innocent. The Lord is in a tempest, and his way is a whirlwind, and the clouds are dust at his feet.
1:4 He is the one who rebukes the sea, and who dries it up, and who leads all the rivers to the desert. Basan has been weakened, and also Carmel, and the flower of Lebanon has languished.
1:5 The mountains have trembled before him, and the hills have become desolate, and the earth has quaked before his face, both the world and all that dwells in it.
1:6 Who can stand firm before the face of his indignation? And who can continue against the fury of his wrath? His indignation has broken out like a fire, and the rocks have been dissolved before him.
1:7 The Lord is good, and a comforter in the day of tribulation, and he knows those who hope in him.
1:8 And in the flood that passes over, he brings to consummation the end of his place. And darkness shall pursue his adversaries.
1:9 What are you thinking up against the Lord? He will accomplish the consummation. There shall not rise up a double tribulation.
1:10 For just as thorns entwine one another, nên cũng, while they are feasting and drinking together, they will be consumed like stubble that is completely dry.
1:11 Out of you will go forth one who thinks up evil against the Lord, dragging betrayals through his mind.
1:12 Như vậy Chúa phán: If they had been perfect, and many of them so, yet still they would be pruned, and it will cross through them. I have afflicted you, and I shall afflict you no more.
1:13 And now I will shatter his rod from your back, and I will break open your bonds.
1:14 And the Lord will place a commandment over you; nothing more from your name will be sown. From the house of your God, I will order destroyed the graven image and the molten image. I will prepare your grave, because you are not honorable.
1:15 Kìa, over the mountains, the feet of the Evangelizer and the Announcer of peace. Giu-đa, celebrate your festivals and keep your vows. For Belial will never again pass through you; he has completely passed away.

Nahum 2

2:1 ông leo lên, ai sẽ phân tán trước mắt của bạn, người sẽ duy trì phong tỏa. Chiêm ngưỡng đường, củng cố trở lại của bạn, củng cố đức rất nhiều.
2:2 For the Lord has repaid the arrogance of Jacob, just like the arrogance of Israel. For the despoilers have scattered them, and they have corrupted their procreation.
2:3 Các lá chắn của những người mạnh mẽ của anh là lửa, những người đàn ông của chiến tranh nằm trong đỏ tươi. Dây cương của xe là bốc lửa trong ngày chuẩn bị của mình, và các trình điều khiển đã bị thuốc.
2:4 They have become confused on their journey. The four-horse chariots have collided in the streets. Their appearance is like torches, like lightning dashing around.
2:5 He will call to mind his strong ones; they will destroy along their journey. They will quickly ascend its walls, and a shelter will be prepared.
2:6 The gates of the rivers have been opened, and the temple has been pulled down to the ground.
2:7 And the foot soldier has been led away captive, and her handmaids were driven away, mourning like doves, murmuring in their hearts.
2:8 And Nineveh, her waters are like a fish pond. Tuy nhiên, thực sự, they have fled away: “Stand, đứng!” But there is no one who will turn back.
2:9 Despoil the silver, despoil the gold. And there is no end to all the riches of desirable equipment.
2:10 She has been scattered, and cut, and torn apart. And the heart melts, and the knees buckle, and weakness is in every temperament. And the faces of them all are like a black kettle.
2:11 Where is the dwelling place of the lions, and the feeding ground of the young lions, to which the lion went, so as to open a way for the young lion, and so that there would be none to make them afraid?
2:12 The lion seized enough for his young, and killed enough for his lionesses, and he filled his caves with prey, and his den with spoils.
2:13 Kìa, I will come to you, nói Chúa các đạo binh, and I will burn your chariots even to smoke, and the sword will devour your young lions. And I will exterminate your prey from the land, and the voice of your messengers shall no longer be heard.

Nahum 3

3:1 Khốn cho các thành phố của máu, đầy với tất cả các cách thức của những lời dối trá và bạo lực. Tội phạm sẽ không khởi hành từ bạn:
3:2 tiếng nói của roi, và tiếng nói của các bánh xe quay, và các con ngựa hí, và các xe cháy, và lính kỵ người đi xe,
3:3 và của thanh kiếm nhấp nháy và giáo sáng, và của muôn dân thực hiện và phá hoại đau thương. Chẳng có một dấu chấm hết cho những xác chết, và họ sẽ rơi xuống trên xác chết của họ.
3:4 Because of the multitude of fornications of the kept woman, beautiful and pleasing and practicing evil deeds, who sold nations by her fornications, and families by her evil doing:
3:5 thấy, I will come to you, nói Chúa các đạo binh, and I will reveal your shame to your face, and I will show your nakedness to the Gentiles, and your disgrace to kingdoms.
3:6 Và tôi sẽ đúc gớm ghiếc hơn bạn, và tôi sẽ chẳng làm khổ bạn lạm dụng, và tôi sẽ làm một ví dụ của bạn.
3:7 Và đây sẽ là: tất cả những người nhìn thấy bạn, sẽ giật từ bạn, và ông sẽ nói: "Nineveh đã bị tàn phá." Ai sẽ lắc đầu qua bạn? Nơi tôi có thể tìm kiếm sự an ủi cho bạn?
3:8 Are you better than the populous Alexandria, which dwells along the rivers? Waters encircle it: biển, with its riches. The waters are its walls.
3:9 Ethiopia and Egypt were its strength, and there is no limit. Africa and Northern Africa have been your helpers.
3:10 Song le, she has been led away with the transmigration into captivity. Her little ones have been dashed in pieces at the top of every street, and they have cast lots over her celebrities, and all her elite have been fastened together in shackles.
3:11 Vì thế, you also will become inebriated, and you will be despised, and you will seek help from the opposition.
3:12 All your fortresses will be like fig trees with their green figs. If they are shaken violently, they will fall into the mouth of the one who devours.
3:13 Kìa, women are at the center of your people. The gates of your land will be opened wide for your enemies; fire will devour your bars.
3:14 Draw in water because of the blockade; build up your fortresses. Go into the clay and tread; work it to make brick.
3:15 Đó, fire will devour you. You will perish by the sword; it will devour you like the beetle. Gather together like the beetle. Multiply like the locust.
3:16 You have made more negotiations than there are stars in the sky. The beetle has spread out and flown away.
3:17 Your guardians are like locusts, and your little ones are like locusts among locusts, which alight on hedges on a cold day. The sun rose up, and they flew away, and there was no way to know the place where they had been.
3:18 Your shepherds have become drowsy, king Assur. Your princes will be buried. Your people have remained hidden in the mountains, and there is no one to gather them.
3:19 Your destruction is not hidden; your wound is grievous. All who have heard of your fame have clenched their hands over you, because over whom has your wickedness not trampled continually?