Ch 17 盧克

盧克 17

17:1 耶穌講对门徒: "醜聞冇理由唔發生". 但他嘅悲哀, 佢哋嚟透過邊個!
17:2 如果在他的脖子上放一塊磨石, 將佢掟到海里, 對佢來講就更加好喇, 比引入誤入歧途嘅呢啲僆琼之一.
17:3 注意自己. 如果你哥哥得罪咗你, 糾正佢. 如果他悔改了, 原諒佢.
17:4 如果佢一日對你犯咗七次罪, 一天七次都會回到你身邊, 說, "我很抱歉","就原諒佢啦"
17:5 使徒同耶和華說, "增加我哋嘅信心"
17:6 但上帝說: "如果你有信心, 好似粒芥辣種子, 你可以對這棵桑樹說, ' 被連根拔起, 並被移植到海里。 佢咪會服從你.
17:7 但你地中邊個, 有僕人耕養或者餵牛, 會對佢講, 當他從戰場上回來的時候, 即刻入黎啦 "; 坐下來吃飯,'
17:8 都唔會同佢講: "帶我嘅晚餐; 束腰畀我做牧師, 當我吃喝的時候; 喺呢啲事之後, 你應該吃喝?'
17:9 佢會感激那個僕人嗎?, 做咗佢命令佢做嘅事?
17:10 我唔係噉認為. 也是如此, 當你做所有呢啲已經教你 D 野, 你應該話: "我哋係冇用嘅僕人". 我哋做咗我哋應該做嘅嘢 " "
17:11 碰巧, 當佢去耶路撒冷旅行嘅時候, 他經過撒瑪利亞和加利利中間.
17:12 當他進入某個城鎮時, 十個麻瘋人遇見了他, 佢哋企喺遠處.
17:13 佢哋就提高了聲音, 說, "耶穌, 先生, 可憐我。
17:14 當佢見到佢哋嘅時候, 佢話, "去, 顯示自己的牧師。 事情發生, 因為佢地要去, 它們被清洗乾淨了.
17:15 其中一個, 當佢見到佢被清洗, 返回, 用響亮的聲音放大上帝.
17:16 佢面朝下倒在腳先, 同多謝. 呢個係撒玛利亚人.
17:17 和響應, 耶穌說: "唔係十個做了乾淨? 咁那九個在哪裡呢??
17:18 唔通冇人搵到邊個會回來, 把榮耀獻給神嗎?, 除左呢個鬼佬?"
17:19 佢同佢講: "上升, 走咗出去. 因為你既信心救到你。
17:20 Then he was questioned by the Pharisees: “When does the kingdom of God arrive?” And in response, 佢對佢哋講: “The kingdom of God arrives unobserved.
17:21 所以, they will not say, "看哪, it is here,’ or ‘Behold, it is there.’ For behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”
17:22 耶穌講对门徒: “The time will come when you will desire to see one day of the Son of man, and you will not see it.
17:23 And they will say to you, "看哪, he is here,’ and ‘Behold, he is there.’ Do not choose to go out, and do not follow them.
17:24 For just as lightning flashes from under heaven and shines to whatever is under heaven, so also will the Son of man be in his day.
17:25 But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.
17:26 And just as it happened in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of man.
17:27 They were eating and drinking; they were taking wives and being given in marriage, even until the day that Noah entered the ark. And the flood came and destroyed them all.
17:28 It shall be similar to what happened in the days of Lot. They were eating and drinking; they were buying and selling; they were planting and building.
17:29 然之後, on the day that Lot departed from Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and it destroyed them all.
17:30 According to these things, so shall it be in the day when the Son of man will be revealed.
17:31 In that hour, whoever will be on the rooftop, with his goods in the house, let him not descend to take them. And whoever will be in the field, 同樣, let him not turn back.
17:32 Remember Lot’s wife.
17:33 Whoever has sought to save his life, 會失去它; and whoever has lost it, will bring it back to life.
17:34 我對你說, in that night, there will be two in one bed. One will be taken up, and the other will be left behind.
17:35 Two will be at the grindstone together. One will be taken up, and the other will be left behind. Two will be in the field. One will be taken up, and the other will be left behind.”
17:36 Responding, 佢地對他說, “Where, 主?"
17:37 佢對佢哋講, “Wherever the body will be, in that place also, the eagles shall be gathered together.”