Ch 10 標記

標記 10

10:1 和上升, 佢喺嗰度到猶太區以外的約旦. , 再次, 人群聚集在他面前。. 就好似佢習慣做嘅咁, 他又教佢哋.
10:2 和接近, 法利賽人質問他, 測試佢: "男人解僱佢老婆係合法嗎??"
10:3 但在回應, 佢對佢哋講, "摩西教你咩?"
10:4 佢哋話, "摩西允許寫離婚法案, 並解僱佢。
10:5 但耶穌回答說: "是由于你的心臟硬度, 佢寫嘅教訓你.
10:6 但由創作嘅開始, 上帝使他們成為男性和女性.
10:7 由於呢, 一個人將離開他的父親和母親, 佢會緊緊抓住他的妻子.
10:8 兩個人將是一體的肉體. 所以, 佢地而家, 不是兩個, 但一個肉體.
10:9 因此, 神嘅加入, 唔好俾人分開。
10:10 , 再次, 喺房度, 佢嘅門徒質問佢同樣嘅事。.
10:11 佢對佢哋講: "鬼遣散他的妻子, 同另一個結婚, 對佢犯通姦罪.
10:12 如果妻子解散佢老公, 嫁給了另一個, 佢犯了通姦罪。
10:13 佢哋帶畀佢嘅小朋友們, 所以, 佢可能會掂佢哋. 但門徒告誡那些帶佢哋嚟嘅人.
10:14 但當耶穌見到呢個, 他冒犯了, 佢對佢哋講: "由細嘅人嚟搵我", 唔好禁止佢地. 因為呢啲係神嘅國.
10:15 阿門我對你說, 邊個唔像小孩一樣接受上帝的國度, 唔埋佢。
10:16 並擁抱他們, 並奠定咗佢隻手喺佢哋身上, 佢祝福佢哋.
10:17 當他離開的路上, 某一, 走嚟跪喺佢面前, 問佢, "好先生, 我應該點做, 咁我先可以保證永生的生命?"
10:18 耶穌對他說,, "點解叫我好? 除了一個神, 冇人係好嘅。.
10:19 你知道戒律: "不要通姦". 唔殺. 唔偷. 唔好講假證詞. 唔好老點. 你尊敬的父親和母親。
10:20 但在回應, 佢同佢講, "老師, 所有這些我由我嘅青年觀察。
10:21 咁耶穌, 凝視着他, 愛佢, 佢同佢講: "有一件事是你缺乏. 去, 賣掉你嘅嘢, 給窮人, 然後你會喺天堂擁有寶藏. , 嚟, 跟住我.
10:22 但他悲傷地離開了, 一直好傷心嘅字. 因為佢有好多身家.
10:23 同耶穌, 環顧四周, 對佢講嘅門徒, "有財富的人進入神的國度有幾難?!"
10:24 門徒對佢說話感到驚訝。. 但耶穌, 再次答, 對佢哋講: "細仔, 對那些信銀嘅人進入神的國度有幾難?!
10:25 駱駝透過針的眼是容易的, 比富人進入上帝的王國。
10:26 佢哋更想知, 係佢地自己話, "誰, 然之後, 可以 keep?"
10:27 同耶穌, 凝視住佢哋, 說: "男人係冇可能嘅"; 但唔與上帝. 因為與神所有的事情是可能的。
10:28 And Peter began to say to him, "看哪, we have left all things and have followed you.”
10:29 In response, 耶穌說: "阿門, 我對你說, There is no one who has left behind house, or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, or children, or land, for my sake and for the Gospel,
10:30 who will not receive one hundred times as much, now in this time: houses, and brothers, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and land, with persecutions, and in the future age eternal life.
10:31 But many of the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.”
10:32 Now they were on the way ascending to Jerusalem. And Jesus went ahead of them, and they were astonished. And those following him were afraid. , 再次, taking aside the twelve, he began to tell them what was about to happen to him.
10:33 “For behold, we are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of man will be handed over to the leaders of the priests, and to the scribes, and the elders. And they will condemn him to death, and they will hand him over to the Gentiles.
10:34 And they will mock him, and spit on him, and scourge him, and put him to death. And on the third day, he will rise again.”
10:35 And James and John, 西庇太的子孫, drew near to him, 說, "老師, we wish that whatever we will ask, you would do for us.”
10:36 但佢對佢哋講, “What do you want me to do for you?"
10:37 佢哋話, “Grant to us that we may sit, one at your right and the other at your left, in your glory.”
10:38 But Jesus said to them: “You do not know what you are asking. Are you able to drink from the chalice from which I drink, or to be baptized with the baptism with which I am to be baptized?"
10:39 But they said to him, “We can.” Then Jesus said to them: "其實, you shall drink from the chalice, from which I drink; and you shall be baptized with the baptism, with which I am to be baptized.
10:40 But to sit at my right, or at my left, is not mine to give to you, but it is for those for whom it has been prepared.”
10:41 And the ten, upon hearing this, began to be indignant toward James and John.
10:42 但耶穌, calling them, 對佢哋講: “You know that those who seem to be leaders among the Gentiles dominate them, and their leaders exercise authority over them.
10:43 But it is not to be this way among you. 而, whoever would become greater shall be your minister;
10:44 and whoever will be first among you shall be the servant of all.
10:45 所以, 好, the Son of man has not come so that they would minister to him, but so that he would minister and would give his life as a redemption for many.”
10:46 And they went to Jericho. And as he was setting out from Jericho with his disciples and a very numerous multitude, Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, a blind man, sat begging beside the way.
10:47 And when he had heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and to say, "耶穌, 大衛的兒子, take pity on me.”
10:48 And many admonished him to be quiet. But he cried out all the more, “Son of David, take pity on me.”
10:49 同耶穌, standing still, instructed him to be called. And they called the blind man, 對佢講: “Be at peace. 出現. He is calling you.”
10:50 And casting aside his garment, he leapt up and went to him.
10:51 和響應, 耶穌對他說, “What do you want, that I should do for you?” And the blind man said to him, "大師, that I may see.”
10:52 Then Jesus said to him, "去, your faith has made you whole.” And immediately he saw, and he followed him on the way.