Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to defend the Catholic Faith through reason and wit and energy.

By emphasizing how Catholicism is consistent with Scriptures–that seems almost silly for us to write as it seems so obvious–we want to use technology and an appealing site to serve as classic Catholic apologists: to rebut and rebuke poorly-reasoned, anti-Catholic vitriol on the web. (Unfortunately, it exists.)

We hope (and pray) that our efforts will strengthen the faith of readers–both those familiar and those less familiar with Christianity, in general, and Catholicism, in particular.

Our intention is to positively defend and explain Catholicism–rather than attack the attackers. We do not want our methods to alienate or dissuade those seeking the truth and the way–whether they agree with us or not.

In that sense, we hope to fish for men and women seeking God, and we hope to provide this service to the world with very limited resources–much as Jesus provided much with five loaves and 2fish.

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