August 1, 2017


Exodus 33: 7- 11, 34: 5- 9, 28

33:7 Also, Moses took the tabernacle and pitched it beyond the camp at a distance, and he called its name: ‘Tabernacle of the Covenant.’ And all the people, who had any kind of question, went out to the Tabernacle of the Covenant, beyond the camp.

33:8 And when Moses went out to the tabernacle, all the people rose up, and each one stood at the door of his pavilion, and they beheld the back of Moses until he entered the tent.

33:9 And when he had gone into the Tabernacle of the Covenant, the pillar of cloud descended and stood at the door, and he spoke with Moses.

33:10 And all discerned that the pillar of cloud stood at the door of the Tabernacle. And they stood and worshipped at the doors of their tents.

33:11 But the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, just as a man is used to speaking to his friend. And when he returned to the camp, his minister Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, did not withdraw from the Tabernacle.

34:5 And when the Lord had descended in a cloud, Moses stood with him, calling upon the name of the Lord.

34:6 And as he was crossing before him, he said: “The Ruler, the Lord God, merciful and lenient, patient and full of compassion and also truthful,

34:7 who preserves mercy a thousand fold, who takes away iniquity, and wickedness, and also sin; and with you no one, in and of himself, is innocent. You render the iniquity of the fathers to the sons, and also to their descendents to the third and fourth generation.”

34:8 And hurrying, Moses bowed down prostrate to the ground; and worshiping,

34:9 he said: “If I have found grace in your sight, O Lord, I beg you to walk with us, (for the people are stiff-necked) and take away our iniquities and our sin, and so possess us.”

34:28 Therefore, he was in that place with the Lord for forty days and forty nights; he did not eat bread and he did not drink water, and he wrote on the tablets the ten words of the covenant.


The Holy Gospel According to Matthew   13: 36-43

13:36 Then, dismissing the crowds, he went into the house. And his disciples drew near to him, saying, “Explain to us the parable of the weeds in the field.”
13:37 Responding, he said to them: “He who sows the good seed is the Son of man.
13:38 Now the field is the world. And the good seeds are the sons of the kingdom. But the weeds are the sons of wickedness.
13:39 So the enemy who sowed them is the devil. And truly, the harvest is the consummation of the age; while the reapers are the Angels.
13:40 Therefore, just as weeds are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be at the consummation of the age.
13:41 The Son of man shall send out his Angels, and they shall gather from his kingdom all who lead astray and those who work iniquity.
13:42 And he shall cast them into the furnace of fire, where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
13:43 Then the just ones shall shine like the sun, in the kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear.