December 30, 2011, Reading

The Book of Sirach   3: 2-7, 12-14

3:2 Sons, listen to the judgment of your father, and act accordingly, so that you may be saved.
3:3 For God has honored the father in the sons, and, when seeking the judgment of the mother, he has confirmed it in the children.
3:4 He who loves God will plead with him on behalf of sins, and will keep himself away from sin, and will be heeded in the prayers of his days.
3:5 And, like one who stores up treasure, so also is he who honors his mother.
3:6 He who honors his father will find happiness in his own children, and he will be heeded in the day of his prayer.
3:7 He who honors his father will live a long life. And he who obeys his father will be a refreshment to his mother.
3:12 Do not boast in the disgrace of your father; for his shame is not your glory.
3:13 For the glory of a man is from the honor of his father, and a father without honor is a discredit to the son.
3:14 Son, support your father in his old age, and do not grieve him in his life.


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