December 5, 2013, Reading

Isaiah    16: 1-6

26:1 In that day, this canticle will be sung in the land of Judah. Within it will be set the city of our strength: Zion, a savior, a wall with a bulwark. 26:2 Open the gates, and let the just people who guard the truth enter. 26:3 The old error has gone away. You will serve peace: peace, for we have hoped in you. 26:4 You have trusted in the Lord for all eternity, in the Lord God almighty forever. 26:5 For he will bend down those living in the heights. He will bring low the lofty city. He will lower it, even to the ground. He will tear it down, even to the dust. 26:6 The foot will tread it down: the feet of the poor, the steps of the indigent. 


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