February 25, 2017

Sirarch 17: 1- 15

17:1 God created man from the earth, and he made him according to his own image.
17:2 And he returned him again to it, and he clothed him with virtue according to himself.
17:3 He gave him the number and time of his days, and he gave him authority over all the things that are upon the earth.
17:4 He placed the fear of him over all flesh, and he had dominion over wild beasts and flying things.
17:5 He created from him a helper, similar to himself. He gave them counsel, and language, and sight, and hearing, and a heart, in order to think. And he filled them with the discipline of understanding.
17:6 He created within them the knowledge of the spirit. He filled their heart with understanding, and he showed them both good and evil.
17:7 He set his eye upon their hearts, to reveal to them the greatness of his works,
17:8 so that they might highly praise the name of sanctification, and give glory to his wonders, so that they might declare the greatness of his works.
17:9 In addition, he gave them discipline and the law of life, as their inheritance.
17:10 He established an eternal covenant with them, and he revealed to them his justice and judgments.
17:11 And their eye saw the greatness of his honor, and their ears heard the honor of his voice, and he said to them: “Beware of all iniquity.”
17:12 And he commanded each one concerning his neighbor.
17:13 Their ways are always in his sight; they are not hidden from his eyes.
17:14 Over each and every people, he has appointed a ruler.
17:15 And Israel was made to be the manifest portion of God.

Mark 10: 13- 16

10:13 And they brought to him the little children, so that he might touch them. But the disciples admonished those who brought them.
10:14 But when Jesus saw this, he took offense, and he said to them: “Allow the little ones to come to me, and do not prohibit them. For of such as these is the kingdom of God.
10:15 Amen I say to you, whoever will not accept the kingdom of God like a little child, will not enter into it.”
10:16 And embracing them, and laying his hands upon them, he blessed them.