February 6, 2013, Reading

The Letter to the Hebrews   12: 4-7, 11-15

12:4 For you have not yet resisted unto blood, while striving against sin.
12:5 And you have forgotten the consolation which speaks to you like sons, saying: “My son, do not be willing to neglect the discipline of the Lord. Neither should you become weary, while being rebuked by him.”
12:6 For whomever the Lord loves, he chastises. And every son whom he accepts, he scourges.
12:7 Persevere in discipline. God presents you to himself as sons. But what son is there, whom his father does not correct?
12:8 But if you are without that discipline in which all have become sharers, then you are of adultery, and you are not sons.
12:9 Then, too, we have certainly had the fathers of our flesh as instructors, and we reverenced them. Should we not obey the Father of spirits all the more, and so live?
12:10 And indeed, for a few days and according to their own wishes, they instructed us. But he does so to our benefit, so that we may receive his sanctification.
12:11 Now every discipline, in the present time, does not seem a gladness, of course, but a grief. But afterwards, it will repay a most peaceful fruit of justice to those who become trained in it.
12:12 Because of this, lift up your lazy hands and your lax knees,
12:13 and straighten the path of your feet, so that no one, being lame, may wander astray, but instead may be healed.
12:14 Pursue peace with everyone. Pursue sanctity, without which no one shall see God.
12:15 Be contemplative, lest anyone lack the grace of God, lest any root of bitterness spring up and impede you, and by it, many might be defiled,


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