January 17, 2013, Reading

The Letter to the Hebrews   3: 7-14

3:7 Because of this, it is just as the Holy Spirit says: “If today you hear his voice,
3:8 harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, the very day of temptation, in the desert,
3:9 where your fathers tested me, even though they had seen and examined my works for forty years.
3:10 For this reason, I was enraged against this generation, and I said: They always wander astray in heart. For they have not known my ways.
3:11 So it is as I swore in my wrath: They shall not enter into my rest!”
3:12 Be cautious, brothers, lest perhaps there may be, in any of you, an evil heart of unbelief, turning aside from the living God.
3:13 Instead, exhort one another every day, while it is still called ‘today,’ so that none of you may become hardened through the falseness of sin.
3:14 For we have been made participants in Christ. This is only so, if we firmly retain the beginning of his substance, even unto the end.


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