January 28, 2014, Reading

The Second Book of Samuel   6: 12- 15, 17-19

6:12 And it was reported to king David that the Lord had blessed Obededom, and all that was his, because of the ark of God. Therefore, David went and brought the ark of God, from the house of Obededom, into the city of David with joy. And there were with David seven choirs, and calves for victims.
6:13 And when those who were carrying the ark of the Lord had traveled six steps, he immolated an ox and a ram.
6:14 And David danced with all his ability before the Lord. And David was girded with the linen ephod.
6:15 And David, and all the house of Israel, were leading the ark of the testament of the Lord, with jubilation and the sound of the trumpet.
6:17 And they led in the ark of the Lord. And they set it in its place in the middle of the tabernacle, which David had pitched for it. And David offered holocausts and peace offerings in the sight of the Lord.
6:18 And when he had completed offering holocausts and peace offerings, he blessed the people in the name of the Lord of hosts.
6:19 And he distributed to the entire multitude of Israel, as much to men as to women, to each one: one loaf of bread, and one piece of roasted beef, and fine wheat flour fried with oil. And all the people went away, each one to his own house.


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