July 8, 2012, First Reading

The Book of the Prophet Ezekial    2: 2-5

2:2 And after this was spoken to me, the Spirit entered into me, and he set me on my feet. And I heard him speaking to me,
2:3 and saying: “Son of man, I am sending you to the sons of Israel, to an apostate nation, which has withdrawn from me. They and their fathers have betrayed my covenant, even to this day.
2:4 And those to whom I am sending you are sons with a hard face and an unyielding heart. And you shall say to them: ‘Thus says the Lord God.’
2:5 Perhaps it may be that they will hear, and perhaps they may be quieted. For they are a provoking house. And they shall know that there has been a prophet in their midst.


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