March 2, 2021

Isaiah 1: 10, 16- 20

1:10Listen to the Word of the Lord, you leaders of the people of Sodom. Listen closely to the law of our God, O people of Gomorrah.
1:16Wash, become clean, take away the evil of your intentions from my eyes. Cease to act perversely.
1:17Learn to do good. Seek judgment, support the oppressed, judge for the orphan, defend the widow.
1:18And then approach and accuse me, says the Lord. Then, if your sins are like scarlet, they shall be made white like snow; and if they are red like vermillion, they shall become white like wool.
1:19If you are willing, and you listen to me, then you will eat the good things of the land.
1:20But if you are not willing, and you provoke me to anger, then the sword will devour you. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.

Matthew 23: 1- 12

23:1Then Jesus spoke to the crowds, and to his disciples,
23:2saying: “The scribes and the Pharisees have sat down in the chair of Moses.
23:3Therefore, all things whatsoever that they shall say to you, observe and do. Yet truly, do not choose to act according to their works. For they say, but they do not do.
23:4For they bind up heavy and unbearable burdens, and they impose them on men’s shoulders. But they are not willing to move them with even a finger of their own.
23:5Truly, they do all their works so that they may be seen by men. For they enlarge their phylacteries and glorify their hems.
23:6And they love the first places at feasts, and the first chairs in the synagogues,
23:7and greetings in the marketplace, and to be called Master by men.
23:8But you must not be called Master. For One is your Master, and you are all brothers.
23:9And do not choose to call anyone on earth your father. For One is your Father, who is in heaven.
23:10Neither should you be called teachers. For One is your Teacher, the Christ.
23:11Whoever is greater among you shall be your minister.
23:12But whoever has exalted himself, shall be humbled. And whoever has humbled himself, shall be exalted.