November 13, 2013, Reading

Wisdom    6: 1-11

6:1 Wisdom is better than power, and a prudent man is better than a powerful one.

6:2 Therefore, hear, O kings, and understand; learn, you judges of the ends of the earth.

6:3 Listen closely, you who hold the attention of the crowds, and who please yourselves by disturbing the nations.

6:4 For power has been given to you from the Lord and strength from the Most High, who will examine your works and scrutinize your thoughts.

6:5 For, when you were ministers of his kingdom, you did not judge correctly, nor keep the law of justice, nor walk according to the will of God.

6:6 Horribly and quickly he will appear to you, because he will make a severe judgment for those who are in charge.

6:7 For, to the little, great mercy is granted, but the powerful will endure powerful torment.

6:8 For the Lord will not exempt anyone’s character, nor will he stand in awe of anyone’s greatness, because he himself made the little and the great, and he is equally concerned for everyone.

6:9 But a powerful torture pursues the powerful.

6:10 Therefore, O kings, these, my words, are for you, so that you may learn wisdom and not perish. 6:11 For those who have justly preserved justice will be justified, and those who have learned these things will find what to answer. 


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