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Wisdom    7: 22-8:1

7:22 For in her is the spirit of understanding: holy, singular, manifold, subtle, perceptive, lively, chaste, reliable, gracious, loving, good, astute, who forbids nothing beneficial,
7:23 humane, kind, steadfast, trustworthy, secure, having all virtue, watching for all things and grasping all things with a pure and most delicate understanding of spirit.
7:24 For wisdom is more active than all active things, yet she reaches everywhere because of her purity.
7:25 For she is a breath of the virtue of God and a genuine emanation from the purity of the almighty God, and therefore nothing unclean can invade her.
7:26 Indeed, she is the brightness of eternal light, and the unspotted mirror of the majesty of God, and the image of his goodness.
7:27 And though she is one, she can do all things; and, unchanging in herself, she renews all things, and throughout the nations she conveys herself to holy souls, establishing them as friends and prophets of God.
7:28 For God loves none but those who dwell with wisdom.
7:29 For she is more spectacular than the sun, and above the array of all the stars; compared with the light, she is found to be before it.
7:30 Indeed, after her comes night, but wisdom will not be overcome by malice.


Wisdom 8

8:1 Thus, she reaches mightily from one end all the way to the other, and she orders all things sweetly.

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