November 3, 2013, First Reading

Wisdom   11: 22-12:2

11:22 Though many are strong, you alone always overcome. And who will withstand the strength of your arm?
11:23 For, like a tiny grain on a scale, just so is the world before you, and like a drop dew before dawn, which descends upon the earth.
11:24 But you are merciful to all, because you can do all, and you dismiss the sins of man because of repentance.
11:25 For you love all things that are, and you hate nothing of the things you have made; for you would not have created or established anything that you hated.
11:26 For how could anything endure, except by your will? Or what, having been called by you not to exist, would be preserved?
11:27 Yet you spare all things, because they are yours, O Lord, who loves souls.

Wisdom 12

12:1 O how good and gracious, Lord, is your spirit in all things!
12:2 Therefore, those who wander afield, you correct, and, as to those who sin, you counsel them and admonish them, so that, having abandoned malice, they may believe in you, O Lord.

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