October 25, 2013, Gospel

Letter to the Romans   7: 18-25

7:18 For I know that what is good does not live within me, that is, within my flesh. For the willingness to do good lies close to me, but the carrying out of that good, I cannot reach.
7:19 For I do not do the good that I want to do. But instead, I do the evil that I do not want to do.
7:20 Now if I do what I am not willing to do, it is no longer I who am doing it, but the sin which lives within me.
7:21 And so, I discover the law, by wanting to do good within myself, though evil lies close beside me.
7:22 For I am delighted with the law of God, according to the inner man.
7:23 But I perceive another law within my body, fighting against the law of my mind, and captivating me with the law of sin which is in my body.
7:24 Unhappy man that I am, who will free me from this body of death?
7:25 The grace of God, by Jesus Christ our Lord! Therefore, I serve the law of God with my own mind; but with the flesh, the law of sin.


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