October 3, 2012, Reading

The Book of Job   9: 1-12, 14-16

9:1 And Job, responding, said:
9:2 Truly, I know that it is so, and that man cannot be justified compared with God.
9:3 If he chooses to contend with him, he is not able to respond to him once out of a thousand times.
9:4 He is understanding in heart and mighty in strength; who has resisted him and yet had peace?
9:5 He has moved mountains, and those whom he overthrew in his fury did not know it.
9:6 He shakes the earth out of its place and its pillars tremble.
9:7 He commands the sun and it does not rise, and he closes the stars as if under a seal.
9:8 He alone extends the heavens, and he walks upon the waves of the sea.
9:9 He fashions Arcturus, and Orion, and Hyades, and the interior of the south.
9:10 He accomplishes great and incomprehensible and miraculous things, which cannot be numbered.
9:11 If he approaches me, I will not see him; if he departs, I will not understand.
9:12 If he suddenly should question, who will answer him? Or who can say, “Why did you do so?”
9:14 what am I then, that I should answer him and exchange words with him?
9:15 And if I now have any justice, I will not respond, but will beseech my judge.
9:16 And if he should listen to me when I call, I would not believe that he had heard my voice.


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