September 27, 2012, Reading

The Book of Ecclesiastes   1: 2-11

1:2 Ecclesiastes said: Vanity of vanities! Vanity of vanities, and all is vanity!
1:3 What more does a man have from all his labor, as he labors under the sun?
1:4 A generation passes away, and a generation arrives. But the earth stands forever.
1:5 The sun rises and sets; it returns to its place, and from there, being born again,
1:6 it circles through the south, and arcs toward the north. The spirit continues on, illuminating everything in its circuit, and turning again in its cycle.
1:7 All rivers enter into the sea, and the sea does not overflow. To the place from which the rivers go out, they return, so that they may flow again.
1:8 Such things are difficult; man is not able to explain them with words. The eye is not satisfied by seeing, nor is the ear fulfilled by hearing.
1:9 What is it that has existed? The same shall exist in the future. What is it that has been done? The same shall continue to be done.
1:10 There is nothing new under the sun. Neither is anyone able to say: “Behold, this is new!” For it has already been brought forth in the ages that were before us.
1:11 There is no remembrance of the former things. Indeed, neither shall there be any record of past things in the future, for those who will exist at the very end.


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