September 5, 2015


Colossians 1: 21- 23

1:21 And you, though you had been, in times past, understood to be foreigners and enemies, with works of evil,

1:22 yet now he has reconciled you, by his body of flesh, through death, so as to offer you, holy and immaculate and blameless, before him.

1:23 So then, continue in the faith: well-founded and steadfast and immovable, by the hope of the Gospel that you have heard, which has been preached throughout all creation under heaven, the Gospel of which I, Paul, have become a minister.


Luke 6: 1-5

6:1 Now it happened that, on the second first Sabbath, as he passed through the grain field, his disciples were separating the ears of grain and eating them, by rubbing them in their hands.

6:2 Then certain Pharisees said to them, “Why are you doing what is not lawful on the Sabbaths?”

6:3 And responding to them, Jesus said: “Have you not read this, what David did when he was hungry, and those who were with him?

6:4 How he entered into the house of God, and took the bread of the Presence, and ate it, and gave it to those who were with him, though it is not lawful for anyone to eat it, except the priests alone?”

6:5 And he said to them, “For the Son of man is Lord, even of the Sabbath.”



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