September 7, 2012, Reading

The First Letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians   4: 1-5

4:1 Accordingly, let man consider us to be ministers of Christ and attendants of the mysteries of God.
4:2 Here and now, it is required of attendants that each one be found to be faithful.
4:3 But as for me, it is such a small thing to be judged by you, or by the age of mankind. And neither do I judge myself.
4:4 For I have nothing on my conscience. But I am not justified by this. For the Lord is the One who judges me.
4:5 And so, do not choose to judge before the time, until the Lord returns. He will illuminate the hidden things of the darkness, and he will make manifest the decisions of hearts. And then each one shall have praise from God.


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