Daily သတင်းစာဖတျရှုပွီး

ဇွန်လ 24, 2018

Nativity of St. John the Baptist

ကျဟရှောယ 49: 1- 6

49:1 အာရုံစိုက်, you islands, and listen closely, you far away peoples. The Lord has called me from the womb; ငါ့အမိ၏ဝမ်းထဲကပင်, he has been mindful of my name.
49:2 And he has appointed my mouth as a sharp sword. In the shadow of his hand, he has protected me. And he has appointed me as an elect arrow. In his quiver, he has hidden me.
49:3 And he has said to me: “You are my servant, ဣသရ. သင်၌အဘို့, I will glory.”
49:4 ထိုအခါငါကပြောသည်: “I have labored toward emptiness. I have consumed my strength without purpose and in vain. ထို့ကြောင့်, my judgment is with the Lord, and my work is with my God.”
49:5 နှင့်ယခု, ထာဝရဘုရားမိန့်တော်မူ, who formed me from the womb as his servant, so that I may bring back Jacob to him, for Israel will not be gathered together, but I have been glorified in the eyes of the Lord and my God has become my strength,
49:6 and so he has said: “It is a small thing that you should be my servant so as to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and so as to convert the dregs of Israel. အကယ်, I have offered you as a light for the Gentiles, so that you may be my salvation, even to the furthest regions of the earth.”

တမန်တော်ဝတ္ထု 13: 22- 26

13:22 And having removed him, he raised up for them king David. And offering testimony about him, ဟုသူကပြောသည်, ‘I have found David, ယေရှဲ၏သား, to be a man according to my own heart, who will accomplish all that I will.’
13:23 From his offspring, according to the Promise, God has brought Jesus the Savior to Israel.
13:24 John was preaching, before the face of his advent, a baptism of repentance to all the people of Israel.
13:25 ထိုအခါ, when John completed his course, he was saying: ‘I am not the one you consider me to be. ကှ္ဂျကှ္ဂျများအတွက်, one arrives after me, the shoes of whose feet I am not worthy to loosen.’
13:26 Noble brothers, sons of the stock of Abraham, and those among you who fear God, it is to you the Word of this salvation has been sent.

လုကာ 1: 57- 66, 80

1:57 အခုတော့ဧလိရှဗက်ကလေးမွေးဖွားပေးစေခြင်းငှါအဘို့အချိန်ကိုရောက်လာ, သူမသားကိုဘွားလေ၏.
1:58 နှင့်သူမ၏အိမ်နီးချင်းများနှင့်ဆွေမျိုးသခင်ဘုရားသူမ၏နှင့်အတူမိမိသနားခြင်းကရုဏာတော်ကိုချီးမြှင့်ခဲ့ကွောငျးကိုကွား, ဒါသူတို့သူမ၏ချီးကျူး.
1:59 ထိုအကြောင့်ဖြစ်ပျက်, အဋ္ဌမနေ့၌, သူတို့ကယောက်ျားလေးရေဖျားလှီးခြင်းကိုရောက်ရှိလာ, သူတို့ကမိမိအဘ၏နာမတော်အားဖြင့်သူ့ကိုခေါ်တော်, ဇာခရိ.
1:60 နှင့်တုန့်ပြန်, မိမိအမိကိုပြောပါတယ်: "မဒါ. အဲဒီအစား, သူဆရာယောဟနျဟုခေါ်ဝေါ်ခြင်းကိုခံရကြလတံ့။ "
1:61 ထိုသူတို့ကသူမ၏ဖို့ပြောပါတယ်, "ဒါပေမယ့်ကနာမဖြင့်သမုတ်သောသူသည်သင်၏ဆွေမျိုးသားချင်းများအကြားအဘယ်သူမျှမရှိ၏။ "
1:62 ထိုအခါသူတို့ကသူ့ဖခင်အားနိမိတ်လက္ခဏာတို့ကိုဖန်ဆင်းတော်, သူ့ကိုဟုခေါ်တွင်စေချင်တယ်အရာကိုအဖြစ်.
1:63 ထိုအခါအရေးအသားတက်ဘလက်တောင်းဆို, သူရေးသားခဲ့သည်, ဟုဆို: "သူ့အမည်ဖြစ်တယ်။ ဆရာယောဟနျက" ထိုသူအပေါင်းတို့သည်အံ့ဩ.
1:64 ထိုအခါ, မှာတခါ, မိမိနှုတ်ကိုဖွင့်လှစ်ခဲ့သည်, နှင့်သူ၏လျှာကိုဖြေလျော့, သူကပွောဆိုခဲ့, ကောင်းကြီးမင်္ဂလာကိုဘုရားသခငျ.
1:65 ထိုအကွောကျရှံ့သောသူတို့၏အိမ်နီးချင်းအားလုံးပေါ်မှာလှဲ. ထိုအခါဤစကားအလုံးစုံတို့ကိုယုဒလူအပေါင်းတို့သည်တောင်ပေါ်တစ်လျှောက်လုံးထင်ရှားစေခဲ့.
1:66 ထိုသို့ကြားသိသောသူအပေါင်းတို့သည်မိမိတို့စိတ်နှလုံးထဲမှာသိုထား, ဟုဆို: "သင်သည်ဤသူငယ်သည်ဖြစ်လိမ့်မည်ဘယ်လိုထင်ပါသလဲ?"ထိုအခါအမှန်ပင်, သခင်ဘုရား၏လက်တော်နှင့်အတူရှိ၏.
1:80 And the child grew, and he was strengthened in spirit. And he was in the wilderness, until the day of his manifestation to Israel.

ဇွန်လ 23, 2018

Second Chronicles 24: 17- 25

24:17 ထိုအခါ, after Jehoiada passed away, the leaders of Judah entered and reverenced the king. And he was enticed by their obsequiousness, and so he acquiesced to them.
24:18 And they abandoned the temple of the Lord, သူတို့ရဲ့ဘိုးဘေးတို့၏ဘုရားသခင်, and they served sacred groves and graven images. And wrath came upon Judah and Jerusalem because of this sin.
24:19 And he sent prophets to them, so that they might return to the Lord. And though they were offering testimony, they were not willing to listen to them.
24:20 And so the Spirit of God clothed Zechariah, the son of Jehoiada the priest. And he stood in the sight of the people, သူကထိုသူတို့အားပြောဆို: “Thus says the Lord God: Why have you transgressed the precept of the Lord, though it was not to your benefit, and why have you abandoned the Lord, so that he would then abandon you?"
24:21 And gathering together against him, they stoned him, beside the place of the king, in the atrium of the house of the Lord.
24:22 And king Joash did not remember the mercy with which Jehoiada, သူ၏ဖခင်, had treated him; instead he put to death his son. And as he was dying, ဟုသူကပြောသည်: “May the Lord see and take account.”
24:23 And when a year had turned, the army of Syria ascended against him. And they went to Judah and Jerusalem. And they put to death all the leaders of the people. And they sent all the spoils to the king of Damascus.
24:24 And although certainly there had arrived a very small number of Syrians, the Lord delivered into their hands an immense multitude. For they had forsaken the Lord, သူတို့ရဲ့ဘိုးဘေးတို့၏ဘုရားသခင်. လည်း, against Joash they executed disgraceful judgments.
24:25 And upon departing, they left him greatly debilitated. Then his servants rose up against him, in vengeance for the blood of the son of Jehoiada the priest. And they killed him on his bed, သော်သေလေ၏. And they buried him in the City of David, but not in the sepulchers of the kings.

သန့်ရှင်းသောဧဝံဂေလိတရားကိုမဿဲအဆိုအရ 6: 24-34

6:24 No one is able to serve two masters. For either he will have hatred for the one, and love the other, or he will persevere with the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.
6:25 ဒါကြောင့်ငါသည်သင်တို့အားဆင့်ဆိုရမည်မှာ, do not be anxious about your life, as to what you will eat, nor about your body, as to what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?
6:26 Consider the birds of the air, how they neither sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of much greater value than they are?
6:27 And which of you, by thinking, is able to add one cubit to his stature?
6:28 And as for clothing, why are you anxious? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither work nor weave.
6:29 သို့သော်လည်းငါသည်သင်တို့အားဆင့်ဆိုရမည်မှာ, that not even Solomon, in all his glory, was arrayed like one of these.
6:30 So if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and cast into the oven tomorrow, how much more will he care for you, O little in faith?
6:31 ထို့ကြောင့်, do not choose to be anxious, ဟုဆို: ‘What shall we eat, and what shall we drink, and with what shall we be clothed?''
6:32 For the Gentiles seek all these things. Yet your Father knows that you need all these things.
6:33 ထို့ကြောင့်, seek first the kingdom of God and his justice, and all these things shall be added to you as well.
6:34 ထို့ကြောင့်, do not be anxious about tomorrow; for the future day will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its evil.”

ဇွန်လ 22, 2018

ဒုတိယအဓမ္မရာဇဝင် 11: 1- 4, 9- 18, 20

11:1 အမှန်ဆိုသည်ကား,, Athaliah, the mother of Ahaziah, seeing that her son was dead, rose up and put to death all the royal offspring.
11:2 But Jehosheba, the daughter of king Joram, the sister of Ahaziah, taking Jehoash, the son of Ahaziah, stole him away from the midst of the sons of the king who were being killed, out of the bedroom, with his nurse. And she hid him from the face of Athaliah, so that he would not be killed.
11:3 And he was with her for six years, hidden in the house of the Lord. But Athaliah reigned over the land.
11:4 ထိုအခါ, in the seventh year, Jehoiada sent for and took centurions and soldiers, and he brought them to himself in the temple of the Lord. And he formed a pact with them. And taking an oath with them in the house of the Lord, he revealed to them the son of the king.

11:9 And the centurions acted in accord with all the things that Jehoiada, ယဇ်ပုရောဟိတ်, had instructed them. And taking each one of their men who would enter on the Sabbath, with those who would depart on the Sabbath, they went to Jehoiada, ယဇ်ပုရောဟိတ်.
11:10 And he gave to them the spears and weapons of king David, which were in the house of the Lord.
11:11 And they stood, each one having his weapons in his hand, before the right side of the temple, all the way to the left side of the altar and of the shrine, surrounding the king.
11:12 And he led forth the son of the king. And he placed the diadem on him, and the testimony. And they made him king, and they anointed him. And clapping their hands, သူတို့ကဆိုပါတယ်: “The king lives!"
11:13 Then Athaliah heard the sound of the people running. And entering to the crowd at the temple of the Lord,
11:14 she saw the king standing upon a tribunal, ထုံးစံအတိုငျး, and the singers and trumpets near him, and all the people of the land rejoicing and sounding the trumpets. And she tore her garments, and she cried out: “Conspiracy! Conspiracy!"
11:15 But Jehoiada gave orders to the centurions who were over the army, သူကထိုသူတို့အားပြောဆို: “Lead her away, beyond the precinct of the temple. And whoever will have followed her, let him be struck with the sword.” For the priest had said, “Do not allow her to be killed in the temple of the Lord.”
11:16 And they laid hands on her. And they pushed her through the way by which horses enter, beside the palace. And she was killed there.
11:17 Then Jehoiada formed a covenant between the Lord, and the king and the people, so that they would be the people of the Lord; and between the king and the people.
11:18 And all the people of the land entered the temple of Baal, and they tore down his altars, and they thoroughly crushed the statues. လည်း, they killed Mattan, the priest of Baal, before the altar. And the priest placed guards in the house of the Lord.

11:20 And all the people of the land rejoiced. And the city was quieted. But Athaliah was slain with the sword at the house of the king.

သန့်ရှင်းသောဧဝံဂေလိတရားကိုမဿဲအဆိုအရ 6: 19-23

6:19 Do not choose to store up for yourselves treasures on earth: where rust and moth consume, and where thieves break in and steal.
6:20 အဲဒီအစား, store up for yourselves treasures in heaven: where neither rust nor moth consumes, and where thieves do not break in and steal.
6:21 သင်တို့၏ဘဏ္ဍာသည်အဘယ်မှာရှိဘို့, there also is your heart.
6:22 The lamp of your body is your eye. သင့်ရဲ့မျက်စိအကြိုးပွုဖြစ်တယ်ဆိုရင်, သင့်ရဲ့ခန်ဓာကိုယျတစျခုလုံးအလင်းနှင့်ပြည့်စုံပါလိမ့်မည်.
6:23 But if your eye has been corrupted, your entire body will be darkened. If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great will that darkness be!

ဇွန်လ 21, 2018

Sirach 48: 1- 14

48:1 And the prophet Elijah arose like a fire, and his word burned like a torch.
48:2 He brought a famine upon them, and those who provoked him in their envy became few. For they could not bear the precepts of the Lord.
48:3 သခင်ဘုရား၏နှုတ်ကပတ်တရားအားဖြင့်, he closed the heavens, and he brought down fire from heaven three times.
48:4 ဒီလိုမျိုး, Elijah was magnified in his wondrous works. So who can say that he is similar to you in glory?
48:5 He raised up a dead man from the grave, from the fate of death, by the word of the Lord God.
48:6 He threw down kings unto perdition, and he easily shattered their power and boasting from his bed.
48:7 He heeded the judgment at Sinai, and the judgments of punishment at Horeb.
48:8 He anointed kings unto repentance, and he chose the prophets who would follow after him.
48:9 He was received into a whirlwind of fire, into a swift chariot with fiery horses.
48:10 He is written in the judgments of the times, so as to lessen the wrath of the Lord, to reconcile the heart of the father to the son, and to restore the tribes of Jacob.
48:11 Blessed are those who saw you, and who were adorned with your friendship.
48:12 For we live only in our life, and after death, our name will not be the same.
48:13 မုချ, Elijah was covered by the whirlwind, and his spirit was completed in Elisha. လက်ထက်တော်၌, he was not fearful of the ruler, and no power defeated him.
48:14 No word overwhelmed him, and after death, his body prophesied.

သန့်ရှင်းသောဧဝံဂေလိတရားကိုမဿဲအဆိုအရ 6: 7-15

6:7 And when praying, do not choose many words, as the pagans do. For they think that by their excess of words they might be heeded.
6:8 ထို့ကြောင့်, do not choose to imitate them. For your Father knows what your needs may be, even before you ask him.
6:9 ထို့ကြောင့်, you shall pray in this way: Our Father, ကောင်းကင်ဘုံ၌ရှိတော်မူသောသူသည်: May your name be kept holy.
6:10 သင်၏နိုင်ငံသည်လာနိုင်ပါစေ. May your will be done, as in heaven, so also on earth.
6:11 Give us this day our life-sustaining bread.
6:12 And forgive us our debts, as we also forgive our debtors.
6:13 And lead us not into temptation. But free us from evil. အာမင်.
6:14 For if you will forgive men their sins, your heavenly Father also will forgive you your offenses.
6:15 But if you will not forgive men, neither will your Father forgive you your sins.

ဇွန်လ 20, 2018

ဒုတိယအဓမ္မရာဇဝင် 2: 1, 6- 14

2:1 အခုတော့ကြောင့်ဖြစ်ပျက်, when the Lord willed to lift up Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind, Elijah and Elisha were going out of Gilgal.

2:6 Then Elijah said to him: “Remain here. For the Lord has sent me as far as the Jordan.” And he said, "သခင်အသက်ရှင်တော်မူသည်အတိုင်း, သင်တို့၏ဝိညာဉ်အသက်တာအဖြစ်, I will not forsake you.” And so, the two of them continued on together.
2:7 And fifty men from the sons of the prophets followed them, and they stood opposite them, at a distance. But the two of them were standing above the Jordan.
2:8 And Elijah took his cloak, and he rolled it up, and he struck the waters, which were divided into two parts. And they both went across on dry ground.
2:9 And when they had gone across, Elijah said to Elisha, “Ask what you wish that I may do for you, before I am taken from you.” And Elisha said, "တောင်းပန်ပါတယ်, that twice your spirit may be accomplished in me.”
2:10 ထိုမင်းသည်တုန့်ပြန်: “You have requested a difficult thing. သို့သော်ငြားလည်း, if you see me when I am taken from you, you will have what you requested. But if you do not see, it shall not be.”
2:11 And as they continued on, they were conversing while walking. ထိုအခါ, a fiery chariot with fiery horses divided the two. And Elijah ascended by a whirlwind into heaven.
2:12 Then Elisha saw it, သူအော်ဟစ်: “My father, ငါ့အဖေ! The chariot of Israel with its driver!” And he saw him no more. And he took hold of his own garments, and he tore them into two parts.
2:13 And he picked up the cloak of Elijah, which had fallen from him. And turning back, he stood above the bank of the Jordan.
2:14 And he struck the waters with the cloak of Elijah, which had fallen from him, and they were not divided. နှင့်ဟုသူကဆိုသည်, “Where is the God of Elijah, အခုတောင်မှ?” And he struck the waters, and they were divided here and there. And Elisha went across.

သန့်ရှင်းသောဧဝံဂေလိတရားကိုမဿဲအဆိုအရ 6: 1-6, 16-18

6:1 “Pay attention, lest you perform your justice before men, in order to be seen by them; otherwise you shall not have a reward with your Father, ကောင်းကင်ဘုံ၌ရှိတော်မူသောသူသည်.
6:2 ထို့ကြောင့်, when you give alms, do not choose to sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the towns, so that they may be honored by men. အာမင်ငါသည်သင်တို့အားဆင့်ဆိုရမည်မှာ, they have received their reward.
6:3 But when you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,
6:4 so that your almsgiving may be in secret, and your Father, who sees in secret, will repay you.
6:5 And when you pray, you should not be like the hypocrites, who love standing in the synagogues and at the corners of the streets to pray, so that they may be seen by men. အာမင်ငါသည်သင်တို့အားဆင့်ဆိုရမည်မှာ, they have received their reward.
6:6 သင်တို့မူကား,, when you pray, enter into your room, and having shut the door, pray to your Father in secret, and your Father, who sees in secret, will repay you.
6:16 And when you fast, do not choose to become gloomy, like the hypocrites. For they alter their faces, so that their fasting may be apparent to men. အာမင်ငါသည်သင်တို့အားဆင့်ဆိုရမည်မှာ, that they have received their reward.
6:17 သို့သော်သင်တို့အဘို့အအဖြစ်, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face,
6:18 so that your fasting will not be apparent to men, but to your Father, who is in secret. And your Father, who sees in secret, will repay you.

ဇွန်လ 19, 2018

ပထမဦးစွာဓမ္မရာဇဝင် 21: 17- 29

21:17 Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah, the Tishbite, ဟုဆို:
21:18 "ထလော့, and descend to meet Ahab, ဣသရေလရှင်ဘုရင်သည်, who is in Samaria. အကယ်, he is descending to the vineyard of Naboth, so that he may take possession of it.
21:19 And you shall speak to him, ဟုဆို: ‘Thus says the Lord: You have killed. Moreover you have also taken possession.’ And after this, you shall add: ‘Thus says the Lord: In this place, where the dogs have licked the blood of Naboth, they shall also lick your blood.’ ”
21:20 And Ahab said to Elijah, “Have you discovered me to be your enemy?"ထိုအခါသူကပြောသည်: “I have discovered you to have been sold, so that you would do evil in the sight of the Lord:
21:21 '' ကြှနျုပျသညျ, I will lead evil over you. And I will cut down your posterity. And I will put to death of Ahab whatever urinates against a wall, and whatever is lame, and whatever is last in Israel.
21:22 And I will cause your house to be like the house of Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, and like the house of Baasha, the son of Ahijah. For you have acted so that you provoked me to anger, and so that you caused Israel to sin.’
21:23 And about Jezebel also, the Lord spoke, ဟုဆို: ‘The dogs shall consume Jezebel in the field of Jezreel.
21:24 If Ahab will have died in the city, the dogs will consume him. But if he will have died in the field, the birds of the air will consume him.’ ”
21:25 ဆိုတော့, there was no other person similar to Ahab, who was sold so that he did evil in the sight of the Lord. For his wife, Jezebel, urged him on.
21:26 And he became abominable, so much so that he followed the idols that the Amorites had made, whom the Lord consumed before the face of the sons of Israel.
21:27 ထိုအခါ, when Ahab had heard these words, မိမိအဝတ်ကိုဆုတ်, and he put haircloth on his body, and he fasted, and he slept in sackcloth, and he walked with his head downcast.
21:28 And the word of the Lord came to Elijah, the Tishbite, ဟုဆို:
21:29 “Have you not seen how Ahab has humbled himself before me? ထို့ကြောင့်, since he has humbled himself because of me, I will not lead in the evil during his days. အဲဒီအစား, during the days of his son, I will bring in the evil to his house.”

မဿဲ 5: 43- 48

5:43 You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor, and you shall have hatred for your enemy.’
5:44 သို့သော်လည်းငါသည်သင်တို့အားဆင့်ဆိုရမည်မှာ: Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. And pray for those who persecute and slander you.
5:45 ဒီလိုမျိုး, you shall be sons of your Father, ကောင်းကင်ဘုံ၌ရှိတော်မူသောသူသည်. He causes his sun to rise upon the good and the bad, and he causes it to rain upon the just and the unjust.
5:46 For if you love those who love you, what reward will you have? Do not even tax collectors behave this way?
5:47 And if you greet only your brothers, what more have you done? Do not even the pagans behave this way?
5:48 ထို့ကြောင့်, be perfect, even as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

ဇွန်လ 18, 2018

ပထမဦးစွာဓမ္မရာဇဝင် 21: 1- 16

21:1 ထိုနောက်မှ, in that time, there was a vineyard of Naboth, ဇရေလမြို့, who was in Jezreel, beside the palace of Ahab, the king of Samaria.
21:2 ထို့ကြောင့်, Ahab spoke to Naboth, ဟုဆို: “Give your vineyard to me, so that I may make for myself a garden of herbs. For it is nearby and is beside my house. And I will give to you, in place of it, a better vineyard. Or if you consider it to be more convenient for you, I will give you the price in silver, whatever it is worth.”
21:3 Naboth responded to him, "ထာဝရဘုရားသည်ငါ့ကိုမသနားတျောမူပါစေသော, lest I give to you the inheritance of my fathers.”
21:4 Then Ahab went into his house, angry and gnashing his teeth over the word that Naboth, ဇရေလမြို့, had spoken to him, ဟုဆို, “I will not give you the inheritance of my fathers.” And casting himself on his bed, he turned away his face to the wall, and he would not eat bread.
21:5 Then Jezebel, သူ၏ဇနီး, သူ့ကိုမှဝငျကွ, သူကလညျး: “What is this matter, by which your soul has been saddened? And why do you not eat bread?"
21:6 And he responded to her: “I spoke to Naboth, ဇရေလမြို့, and I said to him: ‘Give your vineyard to me, and accept money. Or if it pleases you, I will give to you a better vineyard, in place of it.’ And he said, ‘I will not give my vineyard to you.’ ”
21:7 Then Jezebel, သူ၏ဇနီး, သူ့ကိုကပြောပါတယ်: “You are of great authority, and you rule well in the kingdom of Israel. Rise up and eat bread, and be even-tempered. I will give the vineyard of Naboth, ဇရေလမြို့, to you.”
21:8 ဆိုတော့, she wrote letters in the name of Ahab, and she sealed these with his ring. And she sent to those greater by birth, and to the nobles who were in his city and living with Naboth.
21:9 And this was the judgment of the letters: “Proclaim a fast, and cause Naboth to sit among the first rulers of the people.
21:10 And send out two men, sons of Belial, against him. And let them speak the false testimony: ‘He has blasphemed God and king.’ And then lead him away, and stone him, and so let him die.”
21:11 Then his fellow citizens, those greater by birth and the nobles who were living with him in the city, did just as Jezebel had instructed them, and just as it was written in the letters that she had sent to them.
21:12 They proclaimed a fast, and they caused Naboth to sit among the first rulers of the people.
21:13 And bringing forward two men, sons of the devil, they caused them to sit opposite him. And they, acting indeed like diabolical men, spoke testimony against him before the multitude: “Naboth has blasphemed God and king.” For this reason, they led him away, beyond the city, and they put him to death by stoning.
21:14 And they sent to Jezebel, ဟုဆို, “Naboth has been stoned, and he has died.”
21:15 ထိုအခါကြောင့်ဖြစ်ပျက်, when Jezebel had heard that Naboth was stoned and was dead, she said to Ahab: “Rise up and take possession of the vineyard of Naboth, ဇရေလမြို့, who was not willing to acquiesce to you, and to give it to you in exchange for money. For Naboth is not alive, but dead.”
21:16 And when Ahab had heard this, အမည်ရ, that Naboth was dead, he rose up and descended to the vineyard of Naboth, ဇရေလမြို့, so that he might take possession of it.

မဿဲ 5: 38- 42

5:38 You have heard that it was said: ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ 5:39 သို့သော်လည်းငါသည်သင်တို့အားဆင့်ဆိုရမည်မှာ, do not resist one who is evil, but if anyone will have struck you on your right cheek, offer to him the other also.

5:40 And anyone who wishes to contend with you in judgment, and to take away your tunic, release to him your cloak also.

5:41 And whoever will have compelled you for one thousand steps, go with him even for two thousand steps.

5:42 Whoever asks of you, give to him. And if anyone would borrow from you, do not turn away from him.

ဇွန်လ 17, 2018


The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel 17: 22-24

17:22 အရှင်ထာဝရအရှင်ဘုရားသခင်မိန့်တော်မူ၏: “I myself will take from the kernel of the exalted cedar, and I will establish it. I will tear off a tender twig from the top of its branches, and I will plant it on a mountain, lofty and exalted.
17:23 On the sublime mountains of Israel, I will plant it. And it shall spring forth in buds and bear fruit, and it shall be a great cedar. And all the birds will live under it, and every bird will make its nest under the shadow of its branches.
17:24 And all the trees of the regions will know that I, ဘုရားသခင်, have brought low the sublime tree, and have exalted the lowly tree, and have dried up the green tree, and have caused the dry tree to flourish. ငါ, ဘုရားသခင်, have spoken and acted.”


The Second Letter of of Saint Paul to the Corinthians 5: 6-10

5:6 ထို့ကြောင့်, we are ever confident, knowing that, while we are in the body, we are on a pilgrimage in the Lord.
5:7 For we walk by means of faith, and not by sight.
5:8 So we are confident, and we have the good will to be on a pilgrimage in the body, so as to be present to the Lord.
5:9 And thus we struggle, whether absent or present, to please him.
5:10 For it is necessary for us to be manifested before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive the proper things of the body, according to his behavior, ဒါဟာကောင်းသောသို့မဟုတ်ဒုစရိုက်ရှိမရှိ.


သန့်ရှင်းသောဧဝံဂေလိတရားကိုမာကု၏အဆိုအရ 4: 26-34

4:26 နှင့်ဟုသူကဆိုသည်: “The kingdom of God is like this: it is as if a man were to cast seed on the land.
4:27 And he sleeps and he arises, နေ့ညဉ့်. And the seed germinates and grows, though he does not know it.
4:28 For the earth bears fruit readily: first the plant, then the ear, next the full grain in the ear.
4:29 And when the fruit has been produced, immediately he sends out the sickle, because the harvest has arrived.”
4:30 နှင့်ဟုသူကဆိုသည်: “To what should we compare the kingdom of God? Or to what parable should we compare it?
4:31 It is like a grain of mustard seed which, when it has been sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds which are in the earth.
4:32 And when it is sown, it grows up and becomes greater than all the plants, and it produces great branches, so much so that the birds of the air are able to live under its shadow.”
4:33 And with many such parables he spoke the word to them, as much as they were able to hear.
4:34 But he did not speak to them without a parable. Yet separately, he explained all things to his disciples.

ဇွန်လ 16, 2018

ပထမဦးစွာဓမ္မရာဇဝင် 19: 19- 21

19:19 ထို့ကြောင့်, Elijah, setting out from there, found Elisha, the son of Shaphat, plowing with twelve yoke of oxen. And he himself was one of those who were plowing with the twelve yoke of oxen. And when Elijah had gone to him, he cast his mantle over him.
19:20 ထိုခဏ, leaving behind the oxen, he ran after Elijah. နှင့်ဟုသူကဆိုသည်, “I beg you to let me kiss my father and my mother, and then I will follow you.” And he said to him: "Go ကို, and turn back. For what was mine to do, I have done concerning you.”
19:21 ထိုအခါ, turning back from him, he took a pair of oxen, and he slew them. And he cooked the flesh with the plow of the oxen. And he gave it to the people, and they ate. ထ, he went and followed Elijah, and he ministered to him.

မဿဲ 5: 33-37

5:33 နောက်တဖန်အ, you have heard that it was said to the ancients: ‘You shall not swear falsely. For you shall repay your oaths to the Lord.’ 5:34 သို့သော်လည်းငါသည်သင်တို့အားဆင့်ဆိုရမည်မှာ, do not swear an oath at all, မဟုတ်ကောင်းကင်ဘုံ, for it is the throne of God,

5:35 nor by earth, for it is his footstool, nor by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great king.

5:36 Neither shall you swear an oath by your own head, because you are not able to cause one hair to become white or black.

5:37 But let your word ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes,’ and ‘No’ mean ‘No.’ For anything beyond that is of evil.

ဇွန်လ 15, 2018

ပထမဦးစွာဓမ္မရာဇဝင် 19: 9, 11- 16

19:9 And when he had arrived there, he stayed in a cave. ထိုအခါ, the word of the Lord came to him, နှင့်ကလညျး, “What are you doing here, Elijah?"

19:11 သူသညျအထံတော်ကပြောပါတယ်, “Go out and stand on the mount before the Lord.” And behold, the Lord passed by. And there was a great and strong wind, tearing apart the mountains, and crushing the rocks before the Lord. But the Lord was not in the wind. And after the wind, there was an earthquake. But the Lord was not in the earthquake.
19:12 And after the earthquake, there was a fire. But the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire, there was the whisper of a gentle breeze.
19:13 And when Elijah had heard it, he covered his face with his cloak, and going out, he stood at the entrance of the cave. ထိုအခါ, there was a voice to him, ဟုဆို: “What are you doing here, Elijah?” And he responded:
19:14 “I have been very zealous on behalf of the Lord, ကောင်းကင်ဗိုလ်ခြေအရှင်၏ဘုရားသခငျ. For the sons of Israel have forsaken your covenant. They have torn down your altars. They have killed your prophets with the sword. I alone remain. And they are seeking my life, so that they may take it away.”
19:15 ထိုအခါသခင်အားဆို၏: "Go ကို, and return on your way, through the desert, to Damascus. And when you have arrived there, you shall anoint Hazael as king over Syria.
19:16 And you shall anoint Jehu, the son of Nimshi, as king over Israel. But Elisha, the son of Shaphat, who is from Abelmeholah, you shall anoint to be a prophet in your place.

မဿဲ 5: 27- 32

5:27 You have heard that it was said to the ancients: ‘You shall not commit adultery.’
5:28 သို့သော်လည်းငါသည်သင်တို့အားဆင့်ဆိုရမည်မှာ, that anyone who will have looked at a woman, so as to lust after her, has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
5:29 And if your right eye causes you to sin, အမြစ်ကအထဲကနှငျ့သငျကနေပစ်ပယ်. For it is better for you that one of your members perish, than that your whole body be cast into Hell.
5:30 And if your right hand causes you to sin, ကိုဖြတ်နှငျ့သငျကနေပစ်ပယ်. For it is better for you that one of your members perish, than that your whole body go into Hell.
5:31 And it has been said: ‘Whoever would dismiss his wife, let him give her a bill of divorce.’
5:32 သို့သော်လည်းငါသည်သင်တို့အားဆင့်ဆိုရမည်မှာ, that anyone who will have dismissed his wife, except in the case of fornication, causes her to commit adultery; and whoever will have married her who has been dismissed commits adultery.